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master bedroom

our master bedroom is a work in progress. it is somewhat put together, but needs the finishing touches and details that will really make it feel like a cozy, romantic, peaceful spot. we don’t use our room for much more than sleeping, but i do love sleeping and therefore, love being in this room.

i went with a color palatte of grey, white, black, oatmeal, mustard, silver & of course, a little bit of linen {is that too many colors for one room?}


our bed was one of our first purchases when we moved from a 900 square foot home to this larger one. it is king size and A.MA.ZING. i’m pretty sure i sigh every night when i get in.


i bought these bedside tables for my love on his birthday {sweet gift, huh?} and the lamps are from restoration hardware. they are huge and shiny and i love them. and they are dimmer ones, so i appreciate that. i removed my glass of water from the table before photographing, but that is a mainstay. i have to have water at bedtime. sometimes we can’t find our big glasses and then discover that i have 5 on my night stand. apparently, i forget to take them to the dishwasher.



sorry to say, but i really like having a tv in our room {it is clearly not huge, but perfect for the mornings so that i can keep sleeping while the boys lay in bed and watch a kid show}



this poor little bird looks like he’s saying he wants out.


my first embroidery project. i love it. my love tries to hide it. not because he doesn’t like my embroidery, but because it is really small and apparently sort of annoying.



1. hang a chandelier like this one


2. wallpaper the window wall with this gorgeous paper from caskata {it is not wallpaper, just flat gift wrap and appears to be out of production, which makes me sad : but i will find it}


3. purchase this sheet set from dwell studio. when i have $400 to spend on sheets.



4. hang more stuff on the walls.

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there is nothing as wonderful as freshly cut garden flowers in beautiful white pitchers. i have just a teensy bit of flower arranging training, but it feels like art : composing the textures and colors and shapes that please my eye … so i like to play around.


it is fun to walk around the garden and cut what strikes me as beautiful. then i pile up all the cuttings and sort through it to create my little arrangements.


and now, as i’m beginning to play with photography, it is fun to then photograph these beauties {and then play with settings}


full color


or sort of vintage-y faded color

IMG_6858 IMG_6863


perhaps someday i will have a gorgeous cutting garden, but for now, i will enjoy the bounty of my mother-in-law’s.

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one year old

my sweet little niece had her first birthday party this afternoon. my sister has been working like crazy on it and hosted an amazing party. i was able to help with some of the creative stuff {which i always love} and it was fun to make it extra special for her.

the birthday girl {wearing the most adorable tutu made by my mom}

every birthday baby need a bib for the special occasion.
darling, isn’t it?

and, as is tradition for all the grandchildren, my mom made the special birthday cake to be devoured by the i’ve-only-had-sugar-once-before-birthday-girl.

some might think she’s saying ‘all done’

but oh no. not this girl. she was loving that sugar.
{she’s my kind of girl}

yummy food
even yummier sweets
{because what’s a party without candy as the goodie bag?}
apparently these darling monogram shirts {for the boys} and flower pin shirts {for the girls} were not a good enough party favor {as explained by anna, age 7 and ethan, age 5 on two separate occasions} candy bags are a must at any party. just in case you didn’t know.
party hats
the little sweetness with her new “baby be blessed” dolly
i think she likes her
the birthday girl and her mommy
ready for some birthday party swimming {in 62 weather}

it was a great party with so many cute, creative and special details. happy birthday my little niece!

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craft day

i made my first dress a few weeks ago. my dear friend nicole was due with her first baby girl and i was just sure i could make a sweet little dress for her. the dress turned out pretty cute {for a first try} but the best part was this little flower that i made to put on it.three of my favorite people {actually, four, including baby tilly} came over for a little crafting. we had such a nice time visiting and crafting that we’re planning on lots of new projects to do together {bags are coming up next and i can’t wait}

the girls

and look at our finished product. it is darling. we changed the pattern from ruffled edges to just circles and added tons of tulle and it turned out perfectly. i adore this baby’s cheeks.and this is totally off the subject, but i’ve been playing around with our camera settings and learned from mckmama how to take a shot with a blurry background. i tried it out at the park the other day and love the photo.

someday i’m sure he will question me as to why i made him wear salt water sandals, and i will happily reply that although i will agree they are slightly dorky, i do love them on his chunky feet. 

my friend used to work at the design center and has tons of fabric samples. although she was slightly frustrated trying to get all the stripes to line up {perfectionist that she is}, it turned out really great.

here is a cute little one {we love tulle}.

i found the pattern online and then played around with the sizes and number of layers to switch it up a little. a few of my girlfriends liked how they turned out, so we thought we’d have a little flower making party.

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