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super hero birthday party

yesterday was our big birthday party for our little guy. he turned four and loves dressing up as a super hero {as well as leaping from the couch in a single bound}, so, of course a super hero party was the only option.

invitations IMG_8201

one problem: i like to do things ‘non commercially’ if that makes sense. no batman napkins or iron man paper tablecloths for this party. perhaps i’m a little too snobby or perhaps i haven’t figured out that using such items makes party prep SO much easier, but i just can’t go there quite yet.

IMG_9293 IMG_9294

we went with a “create your own super HERO sandwich” meal. lots of toppings and yummy rolls = easy easy easy.


IMG_9284 IMG_9297

i was envisioning an awning striped table cloth and couldn’t find what i wanted, so i decided to make one. i used two $1.50 plastic tablecloths from the party store, cut the yellow one into strips, and double-stick taped onto the white one. then i scalloped the bottom to make it cute.

above the table was a star garland made by cutting stars {with the help of his older brother and his fabulous cutting skills} and taping to a ribbon.  my sister was helping decorate the night before and we laughed that it looked like a superhero circus party, but hey, it was colorful and fun.

IMG_9302 IMG_9307

i wanted polka dot cups and couldn’t find any, so i made these using red plastic cups and white sticker dots.

and, what’s a birthday in our family without grandma making a mini cake? i love how it turned out!

IMG_9341 IMG_9343

we did a piñata {which really is a twisted game, if you ask me. whack the character you like the most? strange.}


for party favors, i made superhero masks for all the kiddos.  i used the template found here.

it was a fun party and most of all, the birthday boy thought it was the “best party ever”.

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