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the wedding

My mom got married yesterday.


{the bride & groom}

It was such a perfect day : the weather cooperated, the park was blooming {SO early for around here}, the family was there and the bride & groom were glowing.

This was a simple wedding, but so classy and special. The ceremony took place in a park in Seattle. The reception at a local restaurant overlooking the Puget Sound. My mom’s dress was this gorgeous silvery grey tiered thing that looked so amazing on her.



{the family}

My sisters and I were the bridesmaids and wore a black dress of our choice.


{me & my beautiful sisters}

I’m so glad all the kids were part of this special day too. Grandma & Grandpa just adore them {as they are equally adored}


{Grandma & Grandpa and all the kids}


{the cousins: caroline, ethan, grant, mason & brady. Missing isabella & audrey and one more to come in May}

Highlights of the day:

IMG_0766 IMG_0777

{my niece, isabella}                                                                                                                                        {my No. 3, #3}


{isabella and her daddy}


{our new family of SIX, oh my}                                                                                                                   {my No. 2, #2}



{best buddies}




IMG_0825 IMG_0827 IMG_0831


{sweet little girl with her new grandpa}

IMG_0872 IMG_0912

{my big sister & family : perhaps the most photogenic people I know}


{how I adore this little two year old whirlwind}

IMG_0892 IMG_0895

{the ring bearers bearing their rings}


{climbing trees}


{See that bruise on my arm? That is from the i.v. that didn’t work while having Audrey. }

It was a wonderful day and will always be a special memory for our family.

Congratulations Mom & Walt

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girly things

I’ve been meaning to write a new blog post, but I have a dilemma:

All I can think about is my precious baby.

Not that she is a bad thing to think about. I’m just thinking maybe no one else wants to hear about her perfect lips and sweet noises and darling hair and teensy feet and :

You get the point.

We love her, though. Not more than I loved each of my boys, just different. We’re a team, me and Audrey. The only girls. My sweet companion. My last baby. I don’t want her to grow and yet I can’t wait to find out who she is. I love our quiet moments in the middle of the night when its just the two of us. She needs me. And oh how I need her.


Isn’t she beautiful?


What a sweet girl.


So in the hopes of not boring you with too many details of our Audrey, here are some other things that inspire me:

tea parties



6a0105349db84f970c0120a8191047970b-350wi il_fullxfull.97241725

smocked dresses



les zigouis cape mushi



You see, I have girly things on my mind.

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a little nursery sneak peak

I thought I was going to have the baby last weekend. I really did. But I didn’t. So we’ve regrouped, spent the week organizing, sewing, painting {not me} and getting set for our big day on friday {I’ll be induced}. It has actually been a really nice last few days and I’ve enjoyed the distraction of working on the baby’s room.

So here’s a sneak peak of the room:

IMG_0346 IMG_0347 IMG_0350 IMG_0351 IMG_0352

And here is what it looks like as of five minutes ago. Hmmm, I’ve got some work to do.


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do not be anxious

This is a journal entry today, just to forewarn you.

I’m ready to have this baby. I think I’ve been ready for the past few weeks, but now I am really ready.  Our bags are packed, the house is freshly vacuumed, thank you notes are written, we may have even decided on a name.  Now, the nursery is far from complete, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that 1. she won’t be sleeping there right away anyway and 2. she wouldn’t know the difference as she won’t be able to see further than a few inches right at the beginning. She’ll get her beautiful room soon and I’m excited about sharing it with all my kind blog-friends.

Anyway, I’m ready. Mentally and most of all physically. Yesterday I layed on the couch for most of the day not feeling very well. Nausea I don’t remember with the boys. Utter exhaustion. Contractions every five minutes for HOURS. But they weren’t getting worse, so I tried not to get too ahead of myself. Then I went to bed, and poof, the contractions are gone. Very disappointing. Actually, the contractions are not completely gone, I just had one.

As I was laying on the couch being the picture of the mom I try not to be {tv on, kids still in pj’s, allowing asking them to play unattended for hours} I was gently reminded of this verse:


And so, as I rested there, I prayed. And gave thanks. And made my request.  And I claim this promise:


I’m thankful for this promise, since what I really need right now is to just rest in the fact that my Father, the Creator of All has perfect timing.  Our baby will be here when the Lord wants her here.

Your answer will come. Your troubles will be resolved. Your needs will be met. IN HIS TIME. So in the meantime, pray, give thanks, make your requests. Then rest. But maybe not on a couch in front of tv all day.

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keeping up the house

I received a question the other day from a reader {and another one the same day from a real life friend} about how I keep my house clean. Now, let me clarify for just a second: my house is not necessarily clean, just picked up.  There is a major difference.  I don’t love cleaning, and a little dust on the furniture doesn’t phase me much. But stuff {toys, papers, random socks} all over drives me crazy.  In no way do I think of myself as a great housekeeper, but I do have a few strategies to keep my surroundings somewhat orderly.

1. B O U N D A R I E S

It sounds so harsh, but the kids need some sort of boundaries or else I would be swallowed by toys.  So legos stay in the playroom, dart guns are only to be shot upstairs {and never at girls – daddy’s best rule ever!}, blankies stay in their beds {in theory}, crayons & art supplies belong in the kitchen.

We keep one basket of blocks in the living room for a quick distraction. Otherwise, all of our toys are kept upstairs {aren’t I friendly?!}.

I want the boys to feel comfortable in our home, but I also want them to realize that not every room is a playroom. For example, they can build forts with the playroom couch cushions, but they know that the living room couch is for sitting.

Of course toys make their way downstairs {particularly by No. 3, who pretty much is my shadow all day long}.  I try not to be too crazy-mom about this, I just make sure they make their way back upstairs by the end of the day {we keep a large basket on the stair landing and throughout the day I toss all the random stuff in it. I would like to say that I empty it often, but really, I just wait until I can’t handle the mess anymore, or we’re having company over}.

2. O R G A N I Z A T I O N

Not a new idea, but it works for us: separate baskets for different categories of toys. One for cars. One for lincoln logs. One for tools.  You get the picture. My husband thinks I’m a little neurotic on this one {why not let the boys just throw all their toys in one big bin? he questions} but I’m convinced keeping things separated makes life much easier for me.  The boys are young, but they generally know that if they want a stuffed animal, they can find it in the soft toy bin. Or if they are searching for a particular batman guy, it is likely in the figurine bin. I think it teaches them about taking care of their things, about sorting and organizing, and it keeps every toy from being dumped out to find that one elusive hot wheel.

3.  U P K E E P

My mother-in-law jokes that every night I go through a maniac clean-up mode. And, she is so right. If the dishes aren’t {mostly} done, the counters cleared, floors picked up and things in their general location, I just can’t relax.  So I make my way around the house putting things in their place.  It only takes a few minutes, but it helps me enjoy the remainder of my evening and is much more pleasant to wake up to a ‘reset’ house.

Do you have any great ideas for keeping your house organized? Or maybe I need some tips on how to keep my house clean! Please share :

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Our family and some friends took a little trip this weekend up to the snow.

Fortunately: we had so much fun

Unfortunately: the snow was crusty & slushy

Fortunately: that really didn’t deter the 15 children in our group from fully enjoying sledding

Unfortunately: I wasn’t able to sled {not that I should have anyway}

Fortunately: the roads were clear and I didn’t have the baby on a mountain pass in a blizzard

Unfortunately: I didn’t have a baby

Fortunately: we ate lots of great food

Unfortunately: we weren’t able to bring the extra ice cream home and it sounds very tasty right now

IMG_0341 IMG_0317 IMG_0320 IMG_0329

Most of all, we are so thankful for such a fun group of friends who are willing to endure the chaos of the many children for the sake of wonderful memories.  For that, we feel very fortunate.

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a winner & a birthday boy

First of all, thank you to all the kind ladies who commented about my beautiful shower.  The invitations were created by my dear friend Rae : aren’t they the most perfect things you’ve ever seen? Keepsake for sure. And it was hosted at my best friend’s gorgeous home and all the food was made by my talented girls.

Now, for the winner of the fancy shoe stationery {I went with a very high-tech form of drawing, as you can see}.

A N D   T H E    W I N N E R    I S : Wendy from The Shabby Nest.  Send me an email and I’ll ship these to you shortly.



Six years ago, right about now, I was laying in my bed starting to cry from the pain of contractions. It was my first time at this labor thing and I had already been sent home from the hospital early that morning, so there was no way I was going to go in only to be sent home again. When you’ve never experienced labor pains, you really have no idea how bad they can get. I figured “it could be worse”, so I stayed in bed, curled up, fighting through the pain while my husband finished out his day at work.  Another hour or so passed and my mother-in-law {a former labor & delivery nurse} came by to see how we were doing.  I mentioned it felt a little like I needed to push and she FREAKED OUT. We raced to the hospital, where I was admitted and realized that I had dilated all the way to 8 cm.  Is this too much information?  I haven’t thought about this in a while!

Anyway, two hours later, my little bundle of everything was born.  My m-i-l jokes that the first thing I said when I saw him was, “He’s so cute. Not all gross like i thought!”.  And he really was. Still is.

He was born just two hours before his daddy’s birthday..

Oh how this little boy has changed our lives. He is sensitive and silly and so completely smart. He is cautious and curious and creative beyond belief. Give him a pencil and paper and he’ll create a masterpiece. Give him a box of legos and he’ll build the most amazing helicopter.

He has his share of quirks: he creates more crumbs than anyone I’ve known. He waits until the very last second to go to the bathroom.  He gets freaked out about minor injuries. He cries a little more than we’d prefer.

But he loves the Lord, loves his family, loves his terribly worn ‘white blankie’.

And we all adore him.


Happy birthday to the most wonderful S.I.X. year old around.

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