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I’ve been known to cry at silly things, so that fact that I got teary watching the most un-sad video alive is not so surprising. But I think today it goes a little deeper. My husband and I had a stupid ‘discussion’ this morning which led me to believe that sometimes we {I} just get way too caught up on things that don’t matter {like bamboo plants}. Anyway: this little video reminded me today to R.E.L.A.X., don’t take myself so seriously, and take a risk : it might make people smile {or, in my case, cry}.

Watch it!

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I love silhouettes. Probably because of their strong graphic nature and the fact that they are typically black & white {you know my love of all things neutral}. I made some silhouette canvases of my kids about a year ago, but now that we have a new one, I thought I’d update them and add in a fourth.


They turned out so well, that I’ve decided to add them to my list of products to sell.


$50 for a 12×12 canvas covered in french book pages with a custom silhouette of your loved one.


please email for more information.

And, in honor of these darling silhouettes, I’ve made some new stationery sets.

simple monogram silhouette

{monogram silhouette}

simple silhouette

{name silhouette}

medallion print silhouette

{medallion silhouette}

silhouette with full name

{full name silhouette}

boys silhouette

{family silhouette}

pink & black silhouette

{dots silhouette}

Each set include 12 note cards with envelopes {3.5×5} for $25

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my favorite spot

I have a favorite little spot in my house. It is probably the most unexpected place for me to call my favorite, but there is just something about it that I love.  It really is just the half wall that separates the stairway from the living room – basically a wall with barely enough space for a table.


But it feels like “me”.

With some of my very favorite things: book pages glued to the wall,


old books, a few of my cherished old bibles, monograms & family photos



Most of all I love the crazy juxtaposition of it all. Take a sleek {yet dusty} glass table against a tattered papered wall, throw in a rustic wire basket and Ryan’s old fire extinguisher and we’ve got that eclectic look I adore.


Do you have a favorite spot in your home that best represents your design style? Please share!

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While not typically a huge purple fan, I realize every year that my favorites flowers all have a touch of purple in them.


the lilac {the most heavenly scent of all time}


purple hydrangeas


chocolate cosmos {okay, maybe not traditional purple, but there’s a little in there}

Perhaps I like it a little more than I thought.

So in honor of my realization that I do, in fact, like purple, I bought some new lavender shoes.


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My little darling is two months old and I’m pretty sure everyone I know is aware of her arrival, but I still wanted to send out birth announcements. These ones were difficult to finalize {perhaps because this is my job and I wanted them to be just right or perhaps because she is the last one I’ll be sending out announcements for}, but I do love how they turned out.


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my baby sister is having a baby

My big sister and I hosted a shower for our little sister last night. She is due with her second little girl in just a few weeks, so it was fun to celebrate with a few of her dearest friends.

While laying in bed fighting off a breast infection a few weeks ago, the theme for the shower came to me:


We wanted everything to be really flowery and springy with a yummy salad, crusty bread, special sweets and time to honor the mommy-to-be.

IMG_1944 IMG_1947 IMG_1949


IMG_1960 IMG_1962

{flower pin favors}






{fresh flowers}

IMG_1974 IMG_1980

{the food}


{me, my sis, mom, and little girl}


And just because I think they are some of the cutest maternity photos, here are a few that were taken last week of my sissy, her husband and the most darling soon-to-be big sister {hope you don’t mind, sis!}

image image image

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it makes a mess to organize

You should have seen my house today. It was a DISASTER. Which is what happens when you start cleaning out closets, taking on projects and not picking up after the family. But I’m making progress on a few of the things I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.


Like organize my fabrics.


And ribbons.

And make a few new spring pillows:

IMG_1927 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1931


I also moved my office downstairs to make room for a lego room {you know your children have a great love of a toy when there is a room dedicated to it}, and rearranged the living room {which meant moving furniture all over the place}.

Things are mostly put back into place downstairs {pictures to come soon}, but you should see upstairs :

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So I was just clicking through some photos from last summer and came across these from our trip to California last June. {I was about three days pregnant and had no idea at the time : how strange to think that Audrey was part of our family even then}. Anyway, I saw these from the fabulous {if not completely odd} farmers market in Santa Cruz and find it interesting that my outfit has a slight resemblance to yesterday’s look.

IMG_6450 IMG_6438 IMG_6440

I guess I do sort of wear the style I like. {This photo reminds me of one in US weekly in the column “Stars: They’re Just Like Us”. It shows celebrities doing the mundane things we all do … pumping gas, eating an ice cream cone, walking the dog. If I were a star this would read: ‘Emily shops at the market with her kids’. For the record, I think it is the dumbest column ever. I once read one where a photographer caught Adam Sandler sneezing and the heading literally said, Adam Sandler sneezes. It is sad that somehow seeing famous people doing normal things makes us normal people feel better about ourselves. And yet, it totally does. Which is why I don’t read US Weekly – unless I happen to see one at my sister’s house and then I just might get really excited and take a peek. Sorry, that was a random tangent}.

In other news, I purchased a second pair of my very favorite jeans on ebay this morning for $15.99. That is about a $100 savings. And they are not even used. Now, if only I could squeeze into them :

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Do you home school? Or know someone who does?

I need some help.

We’ve made the decision to start home schooling next year {for our first grader and pre-k-er}.  I’m excited for many reasons {the schedule, the choice of curriculum, time with my boys, etc.} but I have to admit that setting up a classroom is right there at the top of the list.


I’ve heard someone say that a home school classroom is a waste of space since most of the work migrates to the kitchen table where family activity is anyway. Is this true?  I could see how it may be easier to multitask in the main living area {boys working on class work, me doing little housework tasks in between questions}.


On the other hand, maybe we’d be more on task if we had a delegated space that we could work in.


With all the appropriate supplies within reach.


And in a bright, cheery, classroomy atmosphere.


Any thoughts?

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egg hunts, easter finery and great-grandparents

I like Easter. I like celebrating the resurrection of my Savior, but also the spring weather, the blooming flowers, the emergence of color. I have great memories of our family Easter celebrations. My mom {a talented seamstress} made my sisters and me fancy dresses, but never finished until the night before. I remember waking up on Easter morning to find our dresses hanging finished right outside our bedroom door. Very exciting for three little girls who loved dresses. My dad hid our easter baskets and wrote elaborate clues for each of us girls to find them. We ate baked blueberry french toast and listened to Second Chapter of Acts before heading off to church, then to some enormous family gathering where all my cousins would be wearing equally fancy pastel clothes.  We did egg hunts and ate peeps and smiled a lot. Easter is a good day.

This year, we had two egg hunts to go to. The first was at our neighborhood park.


There are A LOT of kids in our neighborhood, so it is a mad dash to grab the not so subtly hidden eggs.


It’s a little sad to see all the kids in their winter coats and hats on Easter weekend : it was so cold!

After our  neighborhood hunt, we were off to the fire department’s annual celebration. Again, lots of kids {still in winter coats} and more candy than we had from trick-or-treating.





In my mom’s honor, the night before Easter, I made some little embellishments for the kids’ outfits.



I wanted them to all coordinate, so I made some sweet little flowers for boutonnieres, shoes & a headband.


Before I was pregnant, and certainly before I knew I would have a girl, I made this little linen dress.  It was my first attempt at making a dress, and is pretty amaturely sewn, but it really looked sweet on my Audrey-girl and I was so glad she could wear it.




I love that our kids have lots of grandmas & grandpas. My husband’s grandparents came up from California for the holiday and we were so happy to introduce Audrey to them. They adore the boys and are just the kindest, wisest, hard-working people you could meet.


How special to have the oldest patriarch with the newest little one.


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

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me and my girl

We’re six weeks into this thing called ‘raising a daughter’ and I couldn’t be more in love with it all.


The sweet companionship,


the pretty clothes and little headbands,


but most of all, my darling girl.

IMG_1582-1 IMG_1580

She is precious.


And I love being her mommy.

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