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I’ve been known to cry at silly things, so that fact that I got teary watching the most un-sad video alive is not so surprising. But I think today it goes a little deeper. My husband and I had a stupid ‘discussion’ this morning which led me to believe that sometimes we {I} just get way too caught up on things that don’t matter {like bamboo plants}. Anyway: this little video reminded me today to R.E.L.A.X., don’t take myself so seriously, and take a risk : it might make people smile {or, in my case, cry}.

Watch it!

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I love silhouettes. Probably because of their strong graphic nature and the fact that they are typically black & white {you know my love of all things neutral}. I made some silhouette canvases of my kids about a year ago, but now that we have a new one, I thought I’d update them and add in a fourth.


They turned out so well, that I’ve decided to add them to my list of products to sell.


$50 for a 12×12 canvas covered in french book pages with a custom silhouette of your loved one.


please email for more information.

And, in honor of these darling silhouettes, I’ve made some new stationery sets.

simple monogram silhouette

{monogram silhouette}

simple silhouette

{name silhouette}

medallion print silhouette

{medallion silhouette}

silhouette with full name

{full name silhouette}

boys silhouette

{family silhouette}

pink & black silhouette

{dots silhouette}

Each set include 12 note cards with envelopes {3.5×5} for $25

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my favorite spot

I have a favorite little spot in my house. It is probably the most unexpected place for me to call my favorite, but there is just something about it that I love.  It really is just the half wall that separates the stairway from the living room – basically a wall with barely enough space for a table.


But it feels like “me”.

With some of my very favorite things: book pages glued to the wall,


old books, a few of my cherished old bibles, monograms & family photos



Most of all I love the crazy juxtaposition of it all. Take a sleek {yet dusty} glass table against a tattered papered wall, throw in a rustic wire basket and Ryan’s old fire extinguisher and we’ve got that eclectic look I adore.


Do you have a favorite spot in your home that best represents your design style? Please share!

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While not typically a huge purple fan, I realize every year that my favorites flowers all have a touch of purple in them.


the lilac {the most heavenly scent of all time}


purple hydrangeas


chocolate cosmos {okay, maybe not traditional purple, but there’s a little in there}

Perhaps I like it a little more than I thought.

So in honor of my realization that I do, in fact, like purple, I bought some new lavender shoes.


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My little darling is two months old and I’m pretty sure everyone I know is aware of her arrival, but I still wanted to send out birth announcements. These ones were difficult to finalize {perhaps because this is my job and I wanted them to be just right or perhaps because she is the last one I’ll be sending out announcements for}, but I do love how they turned out.


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