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teacher gifts {part three} and some other stuff

First, let’s start with a fun gift idea:

summer scarf

Dana from MADE is a genius at sewing and comes up with such cute and simple projects to make.


She featured this little project right before Mother’s Day and I just knew my mom would love a ruffle-y summer scarf.

All it takes is a half yard of light-weight fabric and some elastic thread. I’ve been reading about elastic thread so I was excited to give it a try.

It was NOT a good experience.


Apparently some sewing machines just don’t do well with elastic thread, and mine is one of them.

But Dana, the dear that she is, gave a second option for those of us with machines that have elastic thread allergies.

A ruffle-y summer scarf made without the evil thread.


I whipped one up for my momma and she loved it {or at least led me to believe that she did :}


So, if your teacher is the type who would wear a summer scarf, if you want to give elastic thread a try {or just go the traditional thread route} and have a few minutes to make your gift, this is a perfect one.

Click HERE for the tutorial.


On a completely different note :

We moved away from Seattle a few years ago to a suburb with expansive houses and teensy yards. There are so many things I love about where we are now {fabulous neighborhood, a new {rodent-free} house that has a dishwasher and doesn’t need a new foundation, the greatest friends} but when I go into the city I realize how much I miss it. For the shopping. And being close to my amazing sisters. But also for the most spectacular old homes and established landscaping.


IMG_2559 IMG_2560 IMG_2563 IMG_2566


I used to be a nanny and would pick up the girls at a preschool that was located across from this brick house. I’ve always wanted a house just like it. While I was in the area today I decided to drive by just to remind myself of what it looked like.


Still in love.


Speaking of love, here are the little girlies having a sweet cousin moment.


How about that for a random post?

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what i wore

So I’ve been linking to lindsey at the pleated poppy on her “what I wear wednesday” because

1. I think it is fun to see what other ladies are wearing

2. it motivates me to get dressed when I know I will be photographing myself each day

I’ve been pretty good this week about taking pictures {except for while on the retreat} and what do you know, there is no “what I wore wednesday”.  Oh well. But, in case it is fun for you to see what I’ve been wearing and it somehow motivates you to get dressed each day, here are my outfits.

IMG_2495 IMG_2447 IMG_2451 IMG_2453 IMG_2457 

and the babe:

IMG_2476 IMG_2484 IMG_2473

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teacher gifts {part two}

I was going to select just one item from The Pleated Poppy, but as I was looking through what Lindsey has in her shop, I decided that any/all of it would be perfect for thanking a teacher.

Here is a little snippet:


 image image

image image


image image

image image


image image


image image

image image


image image

Visit The Pleated Poppy for even more great products.

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teacher gifts {part one}

The school year is {rapidly} coming to an end. And with the close of school comes the need to thank our teachers for their amazing patience, hard work and love that they give to each of their students.

This week I’ll be featuring some products that I think would be perfect for teacher gifts.

Today, let’s start with a little something from my stationery line:

teacher note cards

Select from any of the following or choose a custom design for no extra charge.

Each card is 3.5 x 5 and is printed on heavy weight off-white cardstock.

stripes  a note from simple  modern bird medallion print namebird flag banner frame   P paper scallop scroll frame miss fussier monogram backgroundsimple name with dots

mrs kennedy high tulip 

If you would like to place an order, please email


Stay tuned for more great gift ideas :

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pretty things

I’m back from my retreat and had the most amazing, refreshing, encouraging time. I have much to process, and I’m guessing there will be a few ‘journal-ish’ posts in the next few days.

Have you ever been to a women’s retreat? There are a lot of tears. Good ones, sad ones, freeing ones. I cried some tears for myself and buckets of tears for my sweet friends and, my goodness, do my eyes ache!

So, for now, let’s just look at a few pretty things to soothe these puffy eyes.


house-garden1791 adiaryoflovely Blue-Painted-piece CLX0308MARYLAND08-de house&)home  image117_thumb Living rm G Barber H Beaut picrail1 Picture 42 scan0014

{I am terrible about crediting photos – I just save them in my file and often forget to save the source. I’m working on that :}

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