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Things I love about my momma:
{in no particular order}

:: she is really good at sewing
:: she loves, L.O.V.E.S. her grandchildren
:: there are moms who get their hair wet in a pool and moms who don’t. She’s a get-her-hair-wet, for sure. but even better, she’ll dive off the high dive, given the chance.
:: you can always count on her to bring see’s chocolates to christmas
:: she finds little gifts while traveling about and wraps them up cute
:: she has a love affair with costco, craig’s list and marshalls, and finds some amazing deals: ::when her oven doesn’t act up, her pies are the best
:: she’s always up for an adventure
:: there is no one more enjoyable to watch open a gift, play ‘oh suzanna’ on a harmonica, or eat an ear of corn
:: she is young at heart and young in beauty and is often mistaken for our sister {and she loves it}
::  she married a man who loves her, loves to have fun and loves this {ever-growing} family



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teacher gifts {part three} and some other stuff

First, let’s start with a fun gift idea:

summer scarf

Dana from MADE is a genius at sewing and comes up with such cute and simple projects to make.


She featured this little project right before Mother’s Day and I just knew my mom would love a ruffle-y summer scarf.

All it takes is a half yard of light-weight fabric and some elastic thread. I’ve been reading about elastic thread so I was excited to give it a try.

It was NOT a good experience.


Apparently some sewing machines just don’t do well with elastic thread, and mine is one of them.

But Dana, the dear that she is, gave a second option for those of us with machines that have elastic thread allergies.

A ruffle-y summer scarf made without the evil thread.


I whipped one up for my momma and she loved it {or at least led me to believe that she did :}


So, if your teacher is the type who would wear a summer scarf, if you want to give elastic thread a try {or just go the traditional thread route} and have a few minutes to make your gift, this is a perfect one.

Click HERE for the tutorial.


On a completely different note :

We moved away from Seattle a few years ago to a suburb with expansive houses and teensy yards. There are so many things I love about where we are now {fabulous neighborhood, a new {rodent-free} house that has a dishwasher and doesn’t need a new foundation, the greatest friends} but when I go into the city I realize how much I miss it. For the shopping. And being close to my amazing sisters. But also for the most spectacular old homes and established landscaping.


IMG_2559 IMG_2560 IMG_2563 IMG_2566


I used to be a nanny and would pick up the girls at a preschool that was located across from this brick house. I’ve always wanted a house just like it. While I was in the area today I decided to drive by just to remind myself of what it looked like.


Still in love.


Speaking of love, here are the little girlies having a sweet cousin moment.


How about that for a random post?

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