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the summer boutique

Last night we hosted the summer boutique.


And utterly exhausting!

I have a ton of beautiful photos I can’t wait to share, but I’ll start today with the before & after of our amazing space. 

This was hosted at my sister’s brother & sister-in-law’s house which is so beautifully designed and decorated.  They have this ingenious ‘garage’ space that they use as a playroom for their kids and  an entertaining space for big parties. Needless to say, it is not your average garage. It has wood beams, chair rail, a buffet counter and the most darling ‘bungalow’ guest house above it. I want to live there.  It all opens to a great courtyard with outdoor fireplace, a trellis with roses and a little grassy area surrounded by boxwoods {my favorite}.  It was PERFECT for our event.

Here is the before:



   And here is the after:




Oh, it was such fun.  Thank you to all you sweet ladies {and five men} who made this party a smashing success.  It really was one of my best days. 

But now, I am going to take a nap.

Lots more photos to come :

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I love that my sisters and I all have kids about the same age. There are eight all together with my number one being the first {which means there are eight aged six and under}.  Add in my cousin’s two little ones and it makes for a very crazy family get-togethers!


This morning the two two-year-olds spent some quality time bonding over a bin full of sand.



They are good little buddies.


I can’t wait to see what they are like years from now.

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Yesterday one of my tasks for The Summer Boutique was to make a store sign.  I wanted my sign to look the same as my logo {simple font spaced out wide}, but I also wanted it to look hand painted and old{ish}.

So we started with this old door front:


then printed my logo extra large:


I remembered reading about a technique that mimics carbon paper {I think from Isabella & Max Rooms}. You scribble on the back side of the print-out just overlapping the sides of the letters.



Then place it on the surface you are transferring it to and trace the letter


and when you pull off the paper, you have this:



{the photo-editing software that I use gave me this strange effect, but I think it is sort of artsy and cool, so I didn’t fix it}.

I painted in the letters with a tiny brush and a mildly steady hand and here is what I have:


I think it will work just perfectly.

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