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a little self-induced pressure

Anyone else out there who starts projects and then gets distracted by life and never finishes? It is the story of my life.   And, more specifically, my office. 80% is complete {maybe even more} but it’s that last little bit that I struggle to finish.


So, I’m putting some pressure on myself by telling you all that


on Monday morning.

Which means I better get off this computer and finish up the painting. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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things i like: striped paper straws

I should really title this ‘things I really like’ because I do have a slight obsession right now.


But are these not the most darling drinking straws?


image image image They make any drink more festive.

image image image

image I ordered a few packs for my Summer Boutique to fancy up the clear plastic cups I was using for the lemonade and {lucky me} have a bunch left-over.

image image

I especially love these gray ones, but they were sold out at the time, so I ordered raspberry, blue & green. All VERY cute.



and my little kiddos look awfully cute sipping from them.

I purchased mine from a little shop in Maine called Rock, Paper, Scissors. I’ve never been there, but read on a blog that they had great prices {$3 for a box of 50} verses some Etsy sellers who are charging $12 for 100.


Oh how I adore them.

photos from: flickr,, etsy, me
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sophie la girafe

When Audrey was still just a little teensy thing kicking away in my tummy, we were pretty sure we’d name her Sophia. 


We both loved the name and the meaning {wise} and Sophie is such a sweet nickname.


But for some reason, it didn’t fit our baby girl.


So when Audrey received a gift in the mail and we opened this little toy,


we were happy to have a  little Sophie in our lives after all.





I think she is too.

Get your own Sophie la Girafe here.

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what i wore

As promised last week, you’ll be seeing a little more leg this week. The weather has been amazing around here which means skirts, tanks, and sunburns.

IMG_4178 IMG_4012

  IMG_3999 IMG_4149IMG_4003      IMG_4181 IMG_4203IMG_4202  IMG_4262


1. shirt: banana republic, skirt: old navy, shoes: target

2. shirt: old navy, jeans: citizens. Just for the record, I don’t find this outfit the least bit appealing.  One time in college I came out of our apartment wearing an outfit that I thought was cute and my best friend told me I looked a little like I was in 8th grade. That is how I feel about this one. I think I’ll resort to wearing this shirt only for pj’s.

3. skirt: old navy from about 6 years ago, shirt: target, sweater: banana republic, shoes: target

4. shirt: walmart {love this ruffle shirt and wish I bought several}, jeans: banana, shoes: target

And LOOK! I got a pedicure!

5. shirt: gap, shorts: banana republic, shoes: payless

6. shirt: nordstrom, jeans: seven dojo

7. shirt: target, sweater: martin + osa, jeans: seven A pocket, shoes: payless

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summer giveaway

Please Note: This giveaway is now over.

But our monthly giveaway is ongoing!

Find it now by clicking the ‘giveaway’ button in the menu above.

If that enormous banner up there isn’t telling enough, I wanted to let you know that I am hosting a pretty great giveaway.


Look at all of those amazing things! It sort of pains me to give a few of these items away {that big silver bowl! the most darling velvet pillow!} : but you have all been such great readers and I think I can be generous with this one.

So go enter yourself and tell your friends too!


Click the image for more information.

Best of luck!

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