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our entry

Well, hello. Welcome to our home.



This is what you see when you walk in the front door:


A jute rug from IKEA, an old cane back chair that desperately needs to be reupholstered and a large hanging window.

IMG_5941 IMG_5942

The curtains are from IKEA {of course – I think ALL of my curtains are from there} and hung from clips. We love having so many windows at the entry, but in the evenings it is nice to close the curtains for privacy {and it keeps 8pm solicitors from knocking on the door!}.


I like having a dresser right inside the front door. Our hats, gloves, scarves are stored in the drawers. It is an old piece with authentically chippy paint and I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to paint over it.  The mirror was a funky oak piece {probably from the 70′s} found at Goodwill and then painted Rushing River by Sherwin Williams {the same color as Audrey’s bed}.  It is kind of ugly, in a pretty way.


Looking through the window that separates the entry from the dining room.


The lamp is from Walmart and then I recovered the lampshade using this Waverly fabric.



I made a new print for the entry in honor of the season.

IMG_5953 IMG_5958[4]

Can you tell I like monograms? I really do.


And these vintage word cards make me happy.


Looking from the entry into my office {and a little sneak peek at the changes in there – I know, I just finished the office and I’ve already rearranged it : welcome to my life}.


Ryan bought me this photo carousel {from Potterybarn} a few years ago and it works perfectly for holding stationery. Kind of random that we have a display of notecards in our entryway.

Some updates I’d like to do someday:

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burp cloths

I’m not sure what it is, but all four of my darlings have been ridiculous spitter-uppers {yuck}.
Which means I’ve gone through a lot of burp cloths.
With No.4 I finally realized that if I was going to be wearing a burp cloth on my shoulder for the better part of the day, I might as well make it cute as well as functional.
So here is my simple way to make:
Here is what you’ll need:
:: fabric {I used linen}
:: terry cloth
:: tape measure
:: scissors
:: pins
:: thread & sewing machine
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little girls

Our little girl was invited to a birthday party this weekend.


I know she is only 7 months old, but it is the sweetest thing that she already has friends and goes to birthday parties.


{the birthday girl}


I can’t wait to see these girls playing together in a few years!



The party was a sort of fairy tale, woodland theme and was so thoughtfully done.





Yum : first donut for this baby girl!



Little girls are awfully sweet.

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getting to know you {3}

getting to know you

It’s that time again : you girls are fun to get to know and I can’t wait for your answers to this week’s question:


Now I realize that not all of you have been pregnant, and I don’t mean to be exclusive, so if you haven’t experienced pregnancy cravings, you are free to make something up {or share a weird craving that you’ve heard of or just tell us about what you had for dinner. I don’t care : I just think this game is fun!}

My answer:

With all four of my babies I craved ICE like it was dessert. I would go through the Starbucks drive-through and just ask for a cup of ice. Yum, it was delicious.

With Audrey, I experienced the WEIRDEST craving to eat Lemon scented Soft Scrub, lick the chalkboard and drink lotion. Crazy. I seriously had to remind myself that I would be insane to actually take a bite of chalk.  I asked my doctor about it and apparently this medical condition {called Pica} occurs when your body is lacking minerals such as iron.  Some women crave dirt or clay or metal. I just wanted to eat toxic cleaning supplies.

Anyway, I did find out that my iron was very low and took some supplements to bring it back into the normal range – and my infatuation with soft scrub greatly diminished. Weird. And kind of funny.

Okay, now it is your turn : can’t wait for the off-the-wall answers.  Have a great weekend!

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giveaway { m o n t h l y } october


The new giveaway bundle has been compiled and I think you will like its Autumn coziness!


1. leaf print & frame  2. velvet ruffle pillow  3. twig wreath  4. silver creamer

5. vintage word cards  6. thank you note cards {set of 8}  7. fabric flower



IMG_5818-1 IMG_5820-1



For a chance {or two} to win, head over to the giveaway page {by clicking the image below}

monthly giveaway 5

UPDATE: to enter visit the giveaway page to make a comment.

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birthday party

We {finally} threw together a little birthday party for our No.2 yesterday. It happened to be a sunny day and so we gathered all of his buddies from the neighborhood at our park for an after-school party.

It was super simple and easy to put together, with snacks:


some juice:


and a rice krispie treat ‘cake’:


The birthday boy and his sister:

IMG_5743 IMG_5749

The dads coordinated some games:


and we had lots of sidewalk chalk to color with:

IMG_5755 IMG_5740[4]

and opened gifts in record time:


Our big 5 year old had the best time -


Honestly, it was a little hard for me to do a ‘thrown together’ party without a theme or invitations or great party favors.  I like a coordinated event with all the details well thought out. But I realized that my boy really didn’t care about any of that. He just wanted to hang out with his friends, open some gifts and have a special time to honor him.

Now I’m not saying that I won’t go all out on future birthday parties, but I think this one was a good reminder that a party is for my child, not me!

With all of the amazing blogs dedicated to extravagant parties, my hope is that we won’t loose focus on our little ones when celebrating them.  The parties are for them, after all!

But just in case you want a bit of inspiration for a party, here are some very fun places to visit:






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the kitchen {Autumn}

It was time to reorganize the kitchen shelves and pull out some Autumn accents. I feel like I’m a little behind fluffing my house for the season {I usually do this September 1st due to my absolute love of fall} but it is nice to at least have the kitchen reflect the current season.







IMG_5700 IMG_5690[4]



I’m loving the added contrast of the brown and am happy to see those Spode dishes again!


Just to answer some questions:

The paint color for the top of the walls is Texas Leather by Benjamin Moore.

The little jack-o-lantern plate was a gift from my mom – probably from a store like TJ Maxx because she always finds the cutest things there {and I never do}. It says M Studios on the back in case you wanted to know.

The glass jars are an assortment from IKEA and Cash & Carry. They are what we organize our pantry with. Someday when I straighten it up, I’ll take some photos. It makes me happy.

The shelves are from IKEA. We sanded and painted them the color of the lower cabinets so that they would match. Love them. They are sturdy and simple and slightly industrial looking.

I really like having open shelves. Sure the things get dusty, but it isn’t so bad. Our everyday dishes and glassware are on the lower shelves which we use so often that they don’t have a chance to collect dust. The stuff on the top just needs to be wiped down before use. If you like the look of shelves and have dishware you like to see, I say go for open shelves!

Melissa at The Inspired Room shared about her open shelves here.

And I really love how this gal styles her’s:

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