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our guest room {aka holly’s room}

In preparing for Holly to visit, I knew I needed to give her a special place to sleep.  I have to admit, I was a little intimidated creating a guest room for a lady who has such design talent. I mean, how could I possibly come up with something as beautifully decorated as her desk:


Or these rooms she has designed?

guest   bed

Our little guest room is just a teensy room off the playroom. It was originally built as an office for me, then used as a bedroom for my best friend’s daughter when they lived with us.

girl room

When they moved into their new home, we brought my office back in until we moved it {again!}downstairs and the room became the guestroom.  All of our family live nearby so, truth be told, we don’t have many visitors. Which means our guestroom {pre-holly} was just a big unmade bed used mostly as a trampoline for the boys.

In true Emily fashion, I waited until two days before her arrival to put it together. I ran around like a crazy woman borrowing pieces from other rooms and digging through closets trying to gather things to make the room look like it was put together with purpose. 

I was actually pleasantly surprised with how it all came together.


With a queen bed, there is only just enough room for a little side table and a pathway to the bed. But I love the way it is all framed by the curtain panels – they make it feel cozy.


The wall behind the bed is covered in book pages {my fave} and the old paned window hangs from a wire to give a little more cottage charm.


I wasn’t sure what to do with this large expanse of wall, but when I found these sticks in a closet, I decided to treat them like driftwood and hang them. Sort of quirky, kind of haphazard, but I like it. 


The bedding was a mix of Amy Butler sheets {a very exciting find at Marshalls}, a white quilted coverlet and shams {from Target years ago}, a white duvet with blue stripe {hand-me-down from Rae} and a random assortment of pillows made in chipper fabric from Premier Prints, Amy Butler Nigella in olive/primrose, a polka dot tea towel turned pillow and that sweet little dotted one from Marshalls.




The curtains are actually shower curtains from Target, with a thick band of black and white ticking to extend them to the floor.  I covered a drum shade with a tea towel and hung it using a plug-in pendant light bulb socket {I have no idea what it is called or where it came from, but it sure worked out well as a bedside light!}


A few little goodies for the guest.

The best part of all was that Holly loved it and felt comfortable as our guest for one of the most refreshing, inspiring, healing, productive, chilly {!} weekends I’ve had in a long time.


I can assure you that miss Holly Mathis is just as delightful, real, sweet and completely talented as she seems on her blog.  I really am thankful for this girl. And her accent. Y’all.

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wedded bliss


mom & walt wedding

My sweet momma was married one year ago to the most delightful man who has added so much to our crazy family.   Poor guy inherited three daughters, three sons-in-law and seven grandchildren with one more baby girl a few weeks later. But he’s adjusted well and we all adore him : especially the kids.

To my mom & ‘new’ dad : wishing you years and years of wedded bliss. We love you.

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the march giveaway

Hooray! It’s time for a new giveaway.

This time around I was feeling inspired by this fabulous dishtowel by Noonday Collection. I found Jessica’s website and love her mission “to adorn you and your home in style while providing a path out of poverty for artisans around the world.” She sells an amazing assortment of jewelry, accessories and gifts  : take a peek at her shop at

The dish towel inspired my ‘yellow kitchen’ theme – a little bit springy, a little bit fun – and a whole lot of useful.



1. J.R. Watkins hand soap. Love this stuff. Love the scent. Especially love the packaging.

2. Ruffled rubber gloves. Because don’t you think you should feel fancy while washing dishes? Made by me – with a tutorial to come. Sort of silly, but oh so fun.

3. Flower headband from my shop

4. Set of two hand-cut sponges.  They are the magic kind that puff up when wet.

5. Rainy Day Tea Towel from Noonday Collection

6. Set of small nesting bowls. In bright yellow.

7. Emily’s brand dark chocolate covered dried strawberries. I couldn’t resist.

8. Set of two cork placemats.

9. And to top it all off, a good reminder that even though you have fancy gloves, cute sponges and yummy smelling soap, sometimes you just need to pop a chocolate in your mouth and admit that you “Can Not Do It All” {its an art print from my shop}


To enter, click on the button below:


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party hat {tutorial}

They were a hit with the kids {even the birthday girl didn’t mind wearing hers} and very simple to make, so here is a tutorial on these festive paper party hats.


Here’s what you will need:


:: party hat template {download below}

:: decorative paper

:: scissors & glue {I used a hot glue gun}

:: embellishments {pom poms, ric rack, ribbon, hole punch, fabric}

:: elastic

STEP ONE: print and cut out paper hat template {download below}


STEP TWO: trace pattern onto decorative paper


I used scrapbook paper, cardstock and wrapping paper.

STEP THREE: cut out shape


STEP FOUR: *optional* score where the dotted line is on the template


This just makes it easy to fold when you form the cone and adhere.


STEP FIVE: fold a small flap


STEP SIX: add a bead of hot glue to the flap


STEP SEVEN: roll the paper into a cone and glue together.


STEP EIGHT: embellish!


For the tops of my hats I cut apart some pom pom trim I had and hot glued to the top of the hats. I used a leftover ruffle scrap for the birthday girl’s hat, polka dots made out paper for another and ric rack, ribbon and pom pom trim around the base of others.

STEP NINE: add the elastic band


I cut my pieces of thin elastic {from the fabric store} to 15 inches, then hot glued inside the edge of the hat.


Very simple project that makes for a custom decoration and party favor!


I have created a template that you are welcome to use.



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paper goodie bags {tutorial}

Let’s talk about a simple little project today.

paper bags

I received this darling pink bag from Whisker Graphics a while back and just couldn’t toss it. I read on their website that they will be offering packaging supplies soon and if this pink stripy bag is part of the collection, then we are in for some delightful new packaging options.

Anyway, when I needed a quick goodie bag for the cousins at Audrey’s party, I decided to make my own.

Want to make some too? Oh good.

Here is what you will need:


:: 8.5 x 11 paper
:: paper cutter {or scissors}
:: glue
:: decorative scissors or rotary blade


STEP ONE: print design on paper and trim border {see below for my free download}


Just trim the bottom and one side.


STEP TWO: fold in the sides


Nothing perfect here : just fold in each side until they overlap the white border that you didn’t trim.


STEP THREE: glue flaps together


STEP FOUR: fold bottom up about an inch


STEP FIVE: glue bottom flap closed


STEP SIX: glue bottom flap up



STEP SEVEN: trim the top of the bag with a decorative edge



Then fill with something sweet


fold down the top and add a sticker to hold


Cute as can be.


If you would like to make blue striped bags, please feel free to download my template.


{I used regular text weight printer paper for my bags, but you could also try a heavier weight if you prefer}

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