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woven pin board {tutorial}

The other day I found a large {3 ft x 4 ft} cork board at the thrift store. I figured I could always use another pin board and the price was right, so I brought it home.

I was thinking I would cover it with linen like this one from potterybarn:


But then while perusing some of my favorite blogs, I came across this photo at Grace Happens:


That little woven bench caught my eye and I just knew that was what I wanted to do with the enormous bulletin board.

woven pin board

Want to make one too?

Here is what you’ll need:


:: cork board

:: burlap {or other fabric of choice}

:: scissors, staple gun, ruler, sharpie, thumb tacks

STEP ONE: cut two pieces of burlap to fit cork board. Add 3 inches to each side for wrap around.


STEP TWO: cut strips of burlap.


With a ruler and sharpie, mark equal increments on your fabric piece {mine are 3 inches}.


Draw lines with the ruler and cut. Make sure you cut one piece of fabric with the strips going vertically and one horizontally so that they fit all the way across the board. {I folded my fabric in half so I didn’t have to cut all the way down}


STEP THREE: staple strips to the back of the board




STEP FOUR: add a row of strips to the vertical edge.



When you turn the cork board over, it will look like this:


STEP FIVE: weave in a basket weave pattern {over-under-over-under}




STEP SIX: pin ends in place, pulling the strip taut.



STEP SEVEN: remove pins and staple back of strips in place.


Trim excess, if you wish.


STEP EIGHT: trim frayed edges


STEP NINE: add ribbon to hang


Cut ribbon a bit longer than the board, fold end over and staple to the back of the board.



Hang and embellish!


{a little sneak peak of our *unfinished* bedroom}

Because I hung this over our bed, I wanted to embellish with thing that are just about US.


I had a great time collecting some of my most cherished love notes, wedding photos and creating a silhouette of the two of us on our wedding day.

IMG_9909 IMG_9902


A photo from our wedding.   What a beautiful day.





An early love note from my sweet husband. Perhaps the nicest thing ever said to me.



I really love how this project turned out.

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round top recap

Well, we’re back from our trip to Houston. Holly was a delightful host and tour guide : we hopped all over town {and country}.


Until a few months ago, I had never heard of the Round Top Antique Show. But to the antique/junk shoppers : it is the place to visit each spring and fall.  Miles and miles of farmland is covered with tents and booths set up with all the antiques you could ever want. Some spots are funky, some are a little bit fancy. It is all wonderful on the eyes.  Here are a few of my favorite images from our time at Round Top.



IMG_0124 IMG_0131IMG_0125IMG_0136 IMG_0150IMG_0153 

IMG_0159 IMG_0165


It was a hot, sticky and dusty day, but oh so fun. I think I could do this annually.

. . . . . . . . .

One little item of business:

If you have been over to the shop page, you may have noticed that we are running a promotion on all art prints.


When you purchase a print, you will automatically be entered in the daily drawing. If you are the winner of the day you are welcome to select three of your favorite prints to be added to your order.

The winners from this weekend are:

THURSDAY: Stefanie Gallegly

FRIDAY: Kathleen Davies

SATURDAY: Jackie Wimmer

SUNDAY: Julia McNamara

Please send me a note with your additional print selections at and I’ll send them right out!

. . . . . . . . . . .

On another note, thank you to all of you who have already entered the April Giveaway using the new simplified two step process {it used to be 4 steps!}. I appreciate the feedback and look forward to providing you with fun new features here at jones design company.

If you have not yet had a chance to enter click below:

monthly giveaway button 2

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april giveaway


The newest collection has been compiled : and it is full of delightful bird-inspired designs.


1. three robin’s egg soaps in white dish 2. bird note cards from my printable line 3. matches

4. Flyboy cd by Elliott Park 5. love bird place cards from Timeless Paper 6. set of six twig pencils

7. bird confetti 8. melamine tray 9. glittered gift tag 10. embellished tote 11. nest

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Let’s talk about a couple of things:

First, the flyboy cd.

I received a sweet package in the mail from a reader who thought our family might enjoy her husband’s cd. I popped it in the cd player in the car and there it has remained. I LOVE IT! Actually, we all do. Elliott Park is such a talented song-writer {and has an amazing voice}. You can listen to a couple of his songs {HERE} and you can purchase a cd {HERE}. I highly recommend it.

And two, Emily from Timeless Paper generously offered her charming place cards to be included in this month’s giveaway. She has great products to spruce up a party {place cards, menus, table numbers} and a very pretty blog – you can visit her at And, she is offering a 15% discount on all of her products to you. Just use the code JDC15 when checking out.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

To enter the giveaway, click the button below to go directly to the giveaway page.

A random winner will be selected on A P R I L  1 8 t h

monthly giveaway button 2

best of luck!

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round top antique fair, here we come

My best friend and I are off on a little Texas adventure. We’re going to visit Holly and it just happens to also be the Round Top Antique Fair, which we are all super excited about.  

Truth be told, I’ve never been to a real antique fair. I’m not sure what to expect other than a whole lot of dust, plenty of quirky old things and lots and lots of ‘y’alls’. I can’t wait!



Holly’s visit to Seattle was just too much fun so we thought we’d swap and give Houston a turn {while the weather is still mild enough for adventuring}. And since Holly and my b.f. hit it off so well, we’re making it a trio {well, plus her sweet eli baby}. I’ll be sure to take lots of photos!

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spring wardrobe

See that ad over to the right for EstepWorks Photography? We’re having a family photo shoot with him in the upcoming weeks {our first date was rained out : late winter/early spring is very unpredictable in the NW} and I’ve been trying to come up with coordinated – but not too matchy – outfits for our family of six to wear.

. . .

A few days ago I received an email from Jessica letting me know about a fun contest she is hosting. All you have to do is come up with a design board of your favorite spring outfit and include two pieces from her jewelry line to be entered to win a pretty generous prize.

. . .

So I combined the two thoughts – outfits for our photo shoot and outfit for a spring design board – and came up with one giant collage to suit the entire family.

Here it is:outfits


What do you think?

For the record, I think ‘his’ outfit is a bit prepier than ‘he’ would actually go for {especially with the little pom-pom boutonniere which I happen to adore}. I am loving Kayce Hughes’ shirt dresses and those joyfolie shoes are the sweetest things ever.  I tried to include pieces that our family actually owns so that when photo-day arrives I could achieve a similar style.

So there you have it : my version of our family dressed for spring.

You can enter the Design Your Look contest at www. It is pretty fun to come up with a dream outfit : or six.

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a spring wreath

A few weeks ago I spent some time with two of my oldest friends {not old as in age, but old as in I’ve known them for a long, long time}.  Both mentioned that they had their burlap wreaths up and that they wanted something a little springier for their front doors.

So Lindsay & Erin, this one is for you :


Here is what you’ll need:


:: wreath form {mine is 10 inches, but you could definitely go larger}

:: linen for the ruffles {about 12” x 72”}

:: embellishments: eggs, nest, sheet moss, glitter, glue, white fabric, green felt

:: scissors, sewing machine, glue gun

STEP ONE: cut four strips of fabric {approximately 2.5” x 72”}


I find it helpful to fold fabric to cut down on cutting distance.


STEP TWO: wrap wreath form with one strip



Using hot glue to adhere the end.



STEP THREE: stitch the remaining three strips of fabric together to create one long strip.



STEP FOUR: stitch the ruffle


With the machine set to the longest stitch, sew along one side of of the strip {about 1/8” in}.


STEP FIVE: ruffle, ruffle, ruffle


{pull one thread to gather the fabric}


STEP FIVE: attach the ruffle to the wreath


with a bead of hot glue, adhere one end of the ruffle


STEP SIX: wrap the ruffle


Add a dab of hot glue under each ruffle edge to hold in place.

To finish, cut off remaining ruffle and glue down to hold.




So pretty on its own!

. . . to embellish . . .

STEP ONE: glitter the eggs {fun + messy craft to do with kids}



STEP TWO: add moss to wreath


cut moss to just larger than nest and attach to wreath with hot glue.


STEP THREE: add the nest


STEP FOUR: add mini flowers {tutorial here} and twigs


STEP FIVE: glue eggs in the nest


and you have a sweet spring wreath.










happy spring

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thank you notes for kids

One thing I’d really like to instill in my children is the art of the thank you note.

My sister is so good about sending notes {in the mail!} and I always appreciate her thoughtfulness in doing so.  Plus, I think reminding my munchkins to be full of gratitude is a good thing.

I have a small line of printable note cards that I designed with kids in mind.

We decided to try out a few designs after our February birthday craziness calmed down.


Fill-in-blanks for my now SEVEN year old {still tearing up at the thought}.


Super easy and quick to fill in the fun stuff {perfect for those who don’t want to sit for hours writing thank you notes}.

And for Audrey’s thank you notes, I used a couple of my favorite designs:


flower {in blue}


frame {in taupe}


and tweet {in pink}





I like a small note card so that I can write a nice sentiment quickly {these are 3.5 x 5}.  Because inevitably, while I am trying to complete a task, this little darling is moving all over the place and climbing up on the table.


I think she just wanted in on the action of writing thank you notes.

You can see the entire line of printable cards by clicking on the button.


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I want a dog

Both Ryan and I grew up with family pets.  My dad is a lover of all animals and we always either had a dog, cat, rabbit, goat, bird or some combination.  I am not overly affectionate with other people’s pets, but I have always loved my own.

Ryan and I have often talked about getting a dog.  Its only natural. Get married. Buy a house. Have a few kids. Get a dog.

But I have two problems. 1. I’m not a big fan of dog hair {or wet dog smell or dog poop}. 2. We are not the type who will take a dog for a long walk everyday. Not that we’re lazy :we just have a pretty busy life {you know, four kids, a couple of businesses and all}.

So here’s our solution: English Bulldog. They may drool, but they don’t shed much. And boy, oh boy, are they lazy. Perfect.



We have wanted to wait to get a dog until we were out of the baby stage : which we are approaching.

Yesterday I saw a man walking the beefiest looking English Bulldog. A few hours later I saw the above image {on My Sweet Savannah} and it clicked: I want a dog.

So : I’d love to hear your thoughts on dog vs. no dog. And if you know anything about living with a drooly english bulldog, please feel free to share the ups an downs.


Okay, maybe I don’t want a dog. At least not an English Bulldog. I’ve loved reading the comments and one thing I can say … I have three boys who are not necessarily smelly now, but in a few years, I’m sure they will be. I don’t think adding a smelly dog to the mix is best for my sanity. Maybe I should take Holly‘s advice and notice the leopard carpet in the photo instead of the dog!

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urban outfitters {and the march giveaway winner}

Well, hello Urban Outfitters. Don’t you have some cute stuff for the house.

 image image

image image image

image image imageimage image image

image image

So many fun, unexpected {and pretty inexpensive!} decorations. You can take a peek at

. . . . . . .

Okay, okay. Now on to the big giveaway announcement :


Congratulations Rebecca! Please send me your mailing address and I’ll ship out your goodies {}

. . . . . . .

the APRIL giveaway will be announced soon

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legoland adventure

We’re back from our Legoland adventure. And it was a good one.

my boys

We flew from rainy, windy 40 degree Seattle to sunny and mild 70 degree San Diego. Ahhhh. Just what I needed.


My poor No. 3 had not seen the sun in a while :

My three boys and I traveled with my mom, my older sister and her two kids and we realized when making reservations for a rental car that we couldn’t fit all of us in one car. So we decided to hire a limo to take us to our hotel. BEST IDEA EVER. We didn’t need a car once we were at Legoland and just hopping into a car and avoiding the hassle of a rental car was great. Plus, the kids thought it was pretty fancy.


Legoland {in case you were wondering} is an amusement park perfect for young kids. There are themed areas {pirate, castle, adventure, duplo} with many life-size lego statues.  The rides are mild, the park is super clean, the people are friendly and its great for lego-lovers.





The scariest ride {my fave!} was just the right amount of thrill for our oldest boys {7 & 6} who were brave little guys and went on it together.


My littlest boy {age 3} was too young and short for a few of the rides, but had so much fun on the many he could ride.  Like these cars that they have full control over. I’ve never seen a crazier driver – so glad we have 13 years before he can drive for real.


There are also a few little ‘shows’ like this fire fighter one with a catchy song and lots of great stunts. We watched it both days. The big boys thought it was great to sit in the ‘wet zone’ where they were drenched with a fire hose.

wet hot stuff

One more fun part of Legoland : miniland. My mom and I were excited to see all of the miniature models of cities, landmarks, scenes. But my oldest surprised me and he loved it even more. At one point he said, “I just want to stay here and stare!”. He even had me photograph different scenes so that he could try to recreate them at home. Love that kid.


It really is impressive to see what the lego-artists have created.



Our final day was spent with hours of swimming before getting back on the plane to come home.


Such a great time with my boys {and family}

If you are thinking about taking a trip to Legoland, here are my tips:

1. If your kids are much older than early elementary age, it may not be the most thrilling for them.  It was perfect for our group, but I could imagine a 10 year old not being quite as entertained.

2. We spent two days and it was just right.

3. If your child is under 38” there are not a lot of rides they can ride. Still lots of fun activities and playgrounds though.

4. Don’t eat the hotdogs. Do try the apple fries.

5. We stayed at the Sheraton right up the hill and we loved it. Nice staff, great restaurant, beautiful grounds. Plus we got a great deal on Priceline.

6. Go to the park during the week. Our first day {Thursday} we hardly waited in a line for any ride. Friday was a bit busier, but we still only waited for 10 minutes at the most.

7. Put sunscreen on your kids. Oops:lesson learned.

. . . . . . . .

Today is the last day to sign up for the March Giveaway.

If you would like a chance to win these goodies:

click {H E R E} to enter.

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legos {a love-hate relationship}

I grew up in a house full of girls : girly girls, at that. My sisters and I played barbies and ‘house’ until we were far too old to be playing dolls. We were all three cheerleaders.  We fought over clothes.  We watched Miss America and 90210.

So for me to now have a house full of boys  – it is all a new experience.  Until a few years ago I had never played ‘cops and robbers’ or had sword fights with light sabers. I didn’t even know there were such things as Nerf dart guns or a Star Wars character called Boba Fett.

But my boys’ love of legos has been the most surprising.

They LOVE legos.

I love that they love them {good, creative fun} but I don’t love all of the teensy tiny pieces I find all over the house. Especially with a mobile baby who loves to put teensy tiny things in her mouth. I love that the boys can spend hours playing imaginatively with the guys, but don’t love that Mr. Lego decided to put the best guys in the most expensive sets.  I love that they can create cars or ships or the millennium falcon, but I don’t particularly love building with them {I’m really no good at it}.

But this weekend, I’m pretty sure I too will love legos.

The boys and I {and their cousins, auntie & grandma} are off to San Diego to visit


We can hardly wait.

{If you happen to see me there acting as giddy as a child when I see the spectacular lego sculptures, it’s because this weekend I really will LOVE legos.}

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things I like: worship for kids

I have a lot of kids.

Kids who like to be entertained in the car.

We have a dvd player, which believe me, gets plenty of use.

But sometimes I prefer to listen to something other than Robin Hood or Nemo and I want music that we can all enjoy.

Enter Seeds Family Worship.



I learned about this amazing ministry through one of my all-time favorite blogs Bring The Rain and was very impressed with what they do.



They create music with lyrics straight from scripture.  Catchy songs that sound good and are good for you.

Like this one:

seeds family worship


I grew up listening to Psalty the Singing Songbook so there is something nostalgic about having my kids listen to him too, but I love these new Seeds cds just as much.

You can visit the website to learn more about the music and other family activities {h e r e}.

*** UPDATE***

I forgot to mention that when you purchase a cd, a second comes with it for you to share with a friend {you know, the whole ‘plant a seed’ concept}. So if you are looking for a gift idea, go ahead and buy a cd for your family and you’ll have a gift to give as well!

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the spot that represents my style

I have a favorite spot in our house.

the spot

While our kitchen, Audrey’s nursery and my office are really wonderful spaces, for some reason this little hallway just makes me happy.


It lies between our living room and the front parts of the house and is the half wall of the stairway. If we would have purchased our home just a few weeks earlier in the building process, I would have asked for an open rail staircase. But the walls were already framed and dry walled and the builder wanted something like $3000 to tear them out and add a railing – as you can see, we opted to keep the wall as it was.


One of the very first things I did to ‘customize’ our house when we moved in was add the book pages to the wall.

IMG_9671 ripped-paper

I just tore the pages out of an old book then used my tape gun with double stick tape to adhere them to the wall.  They’ve been up for nearly five years and still look great : other than the spot nearest the edge of the wall where an unnamed baby who lives in our house takes great delight in pulling the paper off the walls.

I like to change out what is on the table – but a tray to hold my keys and other random things is a must. Most often an assortment of hair clips, ponytail holders and stray bobby pins can be found there {do you wear bobby pins? If so, do you find them all over your house? Not sure why I take them out so often and leave them in random places :}. My Stella & Dot flower ring usually lives on the tray too. It is just too pretty to hide away.



Lately I’ve been in to collecting things with the number six on them {because I have six people in my family}.  I really love anything with a graphic number or letter on it.


I popped a new art print in an old frame without glass and love the hint of color it adds.


Other favorite collectables are old books and {particularly} bibles.

old books


bird house

I posted the space last summer {you can see how it was decorated for the summertime here} and at the end of the post asked this:

Do you have a favorite spot in your home that best represents your design style?

I think it’s a pretty fun question.

This spot is a good representation of things I love – old books, vintage silver, fresh greens, natural baskets, a slightly modern table with feminine and meaningful accessories. I have no idea what to call my style, but it is represented pretty well with this little spot.  I think that is why it is my favorite.

So how about you? Do you have a place in your home that best displays your style? Do share!

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I need a little color

One of the great benefits of having Holly visit our house was her using her decorating genius to give me ideas for how to finish {or start!} most of the rooms in my house.

ashley meaders

One thing she noticed was that we have very little color. No surprise there as I do love my neutrals. 

As I thought about it, though, I realized that most of the rooms I am inspired by in magazines or on blogs are not void of color.  They are not usually packed full of color either – I’m just not quite bold enough – but they do have some elements of pattern or hue other than taupe.  I’ve realized that most rooms I love start with neutral bases {sofa, tables, bed} and then layer on textures and a touch of color.  I’ve done a pretty good job composing the bases in our house, but now it is time to layer. And add color.

So this weekend, I’m working on painting a wall Marine Magic {this wonderful deep blue-green-gray}, I have some bold paper to wallpaper a wall and I may even attempt to have my kids paint a huge canvas {although that one is a bit scary as what they inevitably end up doing is mixing all of the paint together and then the beautiful painting becomes a blob of army green}.

Wish me luck.

Color scares me, but I’m pretty sure it will add some cheer to our otherwise neutral home.

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ruffled rubber gloves {tutorial}

A few years ago one of my friends gifted me ruffled rubber gloves. I loved them. But after a few wears, they developed that terrible rubber glove stench {do you know the one I’m talking about? eww}. So I tossed them out, never to find another pair.

A few weeks ago when I was composing the March Giveaway, I remembered these darling dish-washing accessories and decided to try my hand {ha} at making a pair.

So here they are:rubber gloves

Here is what you’ll need:

glove supplies

:: pair of rubber gloves

:: fabric for the ruffles {two strips approximately 4” x 24”}

:: scissors, pins, sewing machine & thread

STEP ONE: cut two strips of fabric for the ruffles


Mine are approximately 4 x 24” – but you can make yours as wide or narrow as you like. If you want to be fancy about it, you could hem one side so that the ruffles do not fray.  I took the easy way and call the fraying ‘character’.

STEP TWO: ruffle each strip


With your machine set to the longest stitch, sew along the length of one side, not backstitching

STEP THREE: pull the thread to ruffle the strip


This is what you’ll have:

two ruffles

STEP FOUR: stitch the ruffle ends together to form a circle

right sides

placing right sides together, stitch closed. This is what you’ll have:

ruffle circle

STEP FIVE: pin ruffle to glove

glove and ruffle

turn glove inside out and pin ruffle.



STEP SIX: stitch ruffle to glove


This was the trickiest part because the machine wasn’t crazy about stitching through rubber. I went around a few times just to really secure them. 


Done! They are fun, fanciful and really do make doing dishes much more enjoyable!


. . . . . . . . . . .

A few of you asked : where those placemats in the giveaway are from :


They are dwell studio for Target.

Super cute.

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