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you’re invited {last chance}


I would love very much for you to join us for a fun morning! You’ll take away several different flowers, meet some lovely women and support a great cause.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please click  H E R E.

Ticket sales end Wednesday June 1st, so grab them while they are available.

P.S. if you come, please introduce yourself to me : can’t wait to put faces to names!

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I have tree-envy


This tree sits in my sister & brother-in-law’s back yard.

tree closer

With its showing blooms


and their delicious fragrance


and far-reaching span.

more blooms

It makes me very envious.

I need a lilac tree.

Then I could cut flowers and have them filling up my house with their amazing scent.




But for now, I’ll just be happy for my sister. And thankful that she let me cut a {huge} armful.

Anyone else in love with lilacs?

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audrey’s room at nonna’s house

Nonna {Ryan’s mom} knows how to put a room together.

This is her most recent project, which she has dubbed Audrey’s Room.

audrey's room

The baby girl still sleeps in a pack and play while visiting, but someday soon she’ll be able to sleep in her own big bed.

I love the mix of art work, book pages, mirror and chalkboard – all hung randomly, but they work together perfectly.


The headboard was a project done on a whim using foam wrapped in fabric and then tufted with covered buttons.

headboard 2



Isn’t it such a delightful room? Nicely done sweet Nonna {hope you don’t mind that I snuck some photos while visiting the other day!}

the room

And just for good measure, here is Audrey in her ‘real’ room.


You know all of those adorable photographs of babies standing in their cribs? I was going for that look, but my baby girl would have nothing of it. She’s still pretty cute though.

zig zag

I will make a formal introduction soon, but please head to my best friend’s new blog for a heartfelt message for this Memorial Day.

Thank you to all of the soldiers, both past and present, who have given us this amazing gift of freedom.  We remember and honor your life of service.

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the june giveaway


This time around I went with pink. I know, how crazy from a girl who doesn’t typically like the color. But it is a good summery hue- the color of flowers, bridesmaid dresses and toenail polish. It is happy and as girlie as they come {although I heard once that pink was originally the color used to celebrate a baby boy – how strange!}.

In this month’s collection:


1. necklace with vintage beads from Lucia K. Jewelry 2. headband from Vintage Rose Wraps 3. essie nail polish in mod square 4. set of 8 note cards + envelopes 5. ruffle clutch 6. chocolove raspberry chocolate bar 7. set of pink & brown candles from Ana Candles 8. goodie bags {3 each stripe, dot & frosting} from Whisker Graphics and stickers {made by me} 9. Boots hand cream 10. white dish & an assortment of pink buttons

I am so thankful for three very sweet ladies who have added their delightful goods to the giveaway:

lucia k jewelry vintage rose wraps whisker graphics

{click on the images to visit their sites}

To enter the giveaway click the button below


* the giveaway winner will be announced monday june 27th*

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monogram art {tutorial}

Remember this picture from a few days ago?


I put together a tutorial for how I made it. 

I spent this morning with my friend Rae who is pregnant with No.4. I think my favorite thing to talk about with pregnant women is what they are going to name the baby. I’m sure it gets old for my poor friends, but I never grow tired of it. I love talking baby names. I sort of wish I could have more kids just so I could name them. Actually, I don’t. I take that back.

Anyway : we were talking about her baby names {both of which I ADORE}. She is one of those crazy ladies who doesn’t find out what she is having beforehand {which is actually really quite fun} but I decided to make this monogram art for the new baby’s room, should he come out a boy. If she comes out a girl, I will tear it all apart and girlify it. But I like the idea for a baby’s room – it is not totally babyish, but still sentimental and a nice keepsake.

Geesh, I’m longwinded today.

So, here is the finished project:

monogram art

And here’s what you’ll need to make one of your own:


:: picture frame {this one is 5 x 7 with a 4 x 6 opening}

:: linen {or other fabric for background}

:: book page for monogram

:: metal book plate {found in the scrapbook section of most craft stores}

:: stamps and ink pad for adding birthdate, year, etc.

:: glue gun, scissors

STEP ONE: cover back of frame with fabric


Just cut the fabric slightly larger than the back and wrap snugly around the back. Secure with hot glue.


STEP TWO: create your monogram

I designed mine in Illustrator and printed directly on to the book page {temporarily attached to a standard piece of paper so it would run through the printer}.



You could just as easily free hand a letter, trace a stencil, die-cut it or use the transfer method I used to write on my chalkboard wall in the office.

STEP THREE: cut out letters


This took some patience on my part and if I were to do it again I would have mirror-imaged the letters when I printed them so that you wouldn’t see the outline. But I don’t think the baby will mind.

STEP FOUR: attach the monogram


Place the letters where you want them, then hot glue. This was a little tricky for the teensy letters.

STEP FIVE: attach the metal book plate


Again, just use hot glue.

STEP SIX: add a label with the birthdate, anniversary, established date, etc.


Let me talk for just a second about these stamps. I made them. Well, sort of. Last summer when I needed number stamps to price items for the summer boutique I searched and searched for a nice set of number stamps. With a dollar sign. Not too big, not too small. You would think that would be easy to find, but it was not. So I found these clear stamps at Michaels {Martha Stewart brand, but I can’t find them online} along with some dowels and glued them on to create a stamp. Not pretty, but does the trick. If you would rather just buy stamps, these ones are great and so are these. And here is a selection of alphabet stamps too.

And here it is, ready to adorn the baby boy’s room {if he, in fact, is a baby boy}.


You can be so creative with this one – use a single monogram, an entire name, a favorite shape or symbol. A patterned fabric would be cute and making a banner for the date would be fun if you can’t find a bookplate. I think it makes a wonderful wedding gift for a newly established family or a sweet baby gift.

I hope you have fun with it!

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