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some fashion advice, please {and the lucky lady}

My cousin is getting married in just a few weeks {see her darling invitations here} and we are all so excited.

What is a fun party without a new fun party dress, right? {at least that is what I’m telling Ryan}.

But I need some help : and I have a few considerations to think about before selecting a dress:

1. The wedding is outside. In October. In Washington. Hopefully we’ll get one of our gorgeous fall days when the sky is blue and the leaves are turning – but that also means the air will be crisp.  So I need to wear something that will be warm-ish. I’d prefer sleeves.

2. We’ll be walking on grass, so pointy heels will be challenging. I’d like to wear my brown boots, so the dress needs to be nice enough for a wedding, but casual enough to wear with boots.

3. The bridesmaids are wearing navy. I’m loving navy right now, but I don’t want to look like that girl who is trying to be part of the wedding party even though I am not.

Here are a few dresses I like and I’d love your opinion.

{you can click on the images to go to the source}


My fave so far is that dotted one. My sister thinks it might look like a sack. It is navy, but at least it has dots.

{both from Zara}

image image

What do you think about a fun skirt & blouse? Too weird? And I love the red dress, but it doesn’t have sleeves and I’d need a sweater. Hmm :

{both from Shabby Apple}


These are both cute. I wasn’t wanting black, but I like the ruffle neckline. And I love that lace one {although it is nearly $300} and lace is not necessarily a warm material :

{both from ModCloth}

Please help me! I’d love to hear what you think or any other suggestions you might have.

zig zag

Okay, and finally, the winner of the September giveaway:


There were so many great answers to why it is lovely to be a woman. I hope you know how special you all are and enjoy the many, many great things about being a lady.

And Miss Patti, please send me a note to with your address and I’ll send your package to you!

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are you entered to win?

I’m kind of in to the giveaway this month. All sorts of pretty indulgences only a lady could love {except for maybe those chocolate grahams – anyone could love those}.


Today is the last day to enter to win {and it’s easy!}Web

I will announce the big winner tomorrow :

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linen mat & a new print

I designed a new art print to give as a party favor for an after-church celebration this weekend.  My sister has been asking for it for months, so I figured the first Sunday of the new locations seemed fitting.

This one challenges me : if I really believe that what I believe is true, then why would I not want to GO and make disciples of all nations?!! I get a little caught up in my own world, but this print is a good reminder that there are a whole lot of people with perhaps larger troubles who have never heard the promises of God.

I wanted to put the print in my office and did a very simple framing project yesterday afternoon. It probably took 15 minutes.  And of course I thought I’d share :

linen mat

Here is what you’ll need:

linen mat supplies

:: frame

:: artwork

:: paper the size of the frame opening {I used white cardstock, but a patterned paper would be cute too}

:: fabric {I used my favorite linen from IKEA curtains}

:: glue dots, scissors

STEP ONE: cut paper to the size of the frame opening

cut paper to size

STEP TWO: cut a rectangle of fabric just smaller than paper

cut fabric to size

No need to be perfect, but if it bothers you, you could use a ruler to make it perfect.

STEP THREE: fray the edges of the fabric

fray fabric

Simply pull on a few threads to achieve the fray-ness that you prefer.

STEP FOUR: attach fabric to paper using glue dots

attach fabric

STEP FIVE: attach artwork to fabric using glue dots

attach print



Now just pop it in your frame and you have an original mat with endless possibilities.


The new print is now in the shop, or you can purchase below. This one comes as a 5 x 7 printed on heavy linen textured paper.



[wp_eStore_fancy3 id=131]

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