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giveaways are fun

I’ve been doing monthly giveaways for a little over a year now and I still love both putting them together and giving them away.  Well, actually, sometimes it is hard to part with all of the good stuff, but for the most part I love giving them away.

The October giveaway was one of my favorites. Thanks to all of you who entered and shared your favorite fall tradition. Isn’t it the best time of the year?

The winner of the October collection is :


Congratulations! Please send me a note with your mailing address and I’ll send your package right out.

Surprise of all surprises, I actually have the November Giveaway put together.

Here she is:



1. fruit poster 2. bundle of wheat 3. autumn flower pin {tutorial coming} 4. set of six note cards with lined envelopes 5. vintage plate 6. give thanks picture in frame 7. fruit gift topper 8. mittens from Noonday Collection {see below} 9. pear art print 5 x 7

Renee from Noonday Collection sent these adorable mittens to be included this month and I could not be more charmed by them {this is one of those instances where parting with them will be hard}.


Noonday Collection is an amazing company that supports artisans working their way out of poverty. All items are fair-trade and locally made, so you can feel good about supporting a great cause through each purchase. Take a peek at all they have to offer – maybe something special for Christmas?

Okay : now to have a chance to win the giveaway :


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office desk

A few weeks ago I showed you my new office desk in it’s raw state.


At that point I was thinking I would add a skirt. But once it was sanded




painted {two coats of Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint in Rushing River}


given a band of white grosgrain ribbon


and some silver nail head trim



I ended up really liking its modern simplicity.

So here she is now living happily in my office.

jdc office from doors

jdc office

I needed more storage {and display space} and so I installed three rows of shelves. I put them up myself. Into studs. I am quite proud.

IMG_4157 IMG_4158jdc office desk with nailhead trim


jdc office rolled paper flowers


{one of my all time favorite photos from our first trip to New York}

jdc office ribbons

{a current display of neutral ribbons}

jdc office boxes

{boxes of envelopes at the ready}

Now do you want to see my next project?

jdc chair

It is time to reupholster this handsome chair I have neglected for over five years.

jdc chair

It actually needs to be re-padded and tied too. I have never reupholstered anything, so this one might be ambitious for a beginner, but I’ll give it a try one of these days.

Questions about my office? Here are the past posts:

office {part one}

office {specifics}

office {rearranged}

painted wallpaper {tutorial}

painted wallpaper {clarified}


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q & a a day

I bought myself a new book last week.  It is for sure a new favorite.

Q & A a day

The book is called Q & A a day and has a year’s worth of questions to answer for five consecutive years. I love the concept. As my real life friends will tell you, there is almost nothing I enjoy more than asking random-make-you-squirm-a-little questions. This book is so up my alley.

Plus, just look at the inside cover:


Beautiful. Graphic. Gray.

I thought I’d share with you a few of the pages to get your mind spinning on some good questions to ask yourself or to start a conversation with a friend.  And just for fun, I will share my current answer.

Here it goes:


I am a crier, so this one isn’t too hard for me to recall. I teared up when the kids said the Pledge of Allegiance at the boys’ school yesterday.  It wasn’t a full-on cry, but I’ll admit to a tear dropping. Don’t laugh at me : I was having a moment of gratitude for our country and of nostalgia for good old-fashioned tradition.


I have no patience for whining. Especially when it is performed expertly by a soon-to-turn-four year-old little boy. He is a pro. This mama is not buying it.


I just ordered one of these from Allora Handmade and am pretty sure it will be my new favorite.


The last movie I saw in the theater was The Help. Loved it. Loved the book more, but the movie was great too.

The next movie I hope to see in the theater is Dolphin Tale. Seriously.


I made dinner for my super cute cousin and her super cute boyfriend last night. We ate this. Yum.


This one could be it.  It’s one of my all-time favorites.

And here is the question for today. Yikes : it’s a personal one.


Considering I’ve grown four babies in this body, I’m pretty amazed that 1. I can still walk and 2. I have only a layer of flabby skin to show for it {ugh : it’s the worst}.

Considering that we have a trip to Hawaii in the early planning stages for next spring, I’d say I better get to work on said flabby skin!

That was fun.

Hope you like the book. You can get a copy here. It would make a terrific Christmas gift.

zig zag

While I was taking photos for this post, this is what was going on around me.


Many times I am asked how I do what I do with four kids and here is one way. I take photos on the kitchen table while they are all coloring.  Believe me, it was a rare occurrence, but a happy moment I wanted to document.

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