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Ryan and I just made it home from our stay in Maui.

10 days

5 other couples {some of our closest friends}

0 children

It was delightful.

In honor of our beautiful vacation and the island we called home for the past week and a half, I’m dubbing this HAWAII WEEK. Each day I’ll share a little something from our Maui experience.

:: photos of our trip

:: our favorites of the island

:: food we ate {yum}

:: fashion

:: and the highlight moment of our vacation {at least for me}

Stay tuned …

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what kind of family are you?

This is my big sister and her out-of-control-beautiful family:

She has always been my best friend {along with my little sister and bff K.C.} and I admire so many things about her.

My sister and brother-in-law are fun, outgoing, inclusive, fashionable, photogenic, lovers of the Lord. They are the best hosts, they have the perfect combination of honesty and silliness and are servants, through and through.

They also have two really great {and adorable} kids:

Out of all the wonderful qualities they have, my very favorite thing is what they have taught their children.

If you ask my niece {6 yrs} about her family, she will say {in her sweet, high-pitched voice}:

This is their family motto. It is what they are all about. It is what they want to be known for.

They want people to think of their family and automatically say, “Those Olason’s. They sure are a kind and generous family”.

I’m not sure why, but it sort of makes me cry.

Probably mainly because it is so true of them. They are kind. And they are very generous. Each one of them.

Since my sister was a young girl her dream was finding an orphaned baby in a dumpster. Sort of weird, but that is her heart. She wanted to care for a baby who needed it. They always invite friends to our family holidays who do not have a place to go, they open their home often to families who need a place to stay, they are generous with their stuff … the list goes on. Their motto is not just a cute saying; it is truly how they live.

It makes me think – what is our family motto? What are we all about? What do we want to be known for?

When all is said and done, what will people say about our family?

It is a great question to think about and one I ask you today as well …

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little pink toesies

It is a right of passage for every mommy of a daughter …

and one I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

Painting the toes of my baby girl.

It’s such a silly thing to be excited about, but I really have been looking forward to this moment in motherhood.

A few minutes with just me and my girl.  Being girls together.

Just the two of us. And our hot pink toes.

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