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the love-hate relationship continues

My best friend K.C. and I {and our seven children} took a shopping trip to IKEA yesterday.

I love that it is close enough to just pop in on a random thursday morning.

I hate that even on a random thursday morning the play area was full. Only two of seven children made it in.

I love how inexpensive daily-use items like paper napkins and juice cups are.

I abhor those terribly wonky roll-all-over-the-place shopping carts.

I love the textile department. Curtains are long and affordable {these are my absolute favorites}, you can buy striped fabric by the yard, and down pillow inserts are super cheap.

I hate that long trek through the warehouse once you make it out of the showroom to checkout. Especially when the pager is going off because your hour is up and its time to pick up the kiddos from Smaland. It seems to take forever.

I love self checkout. I’m serious. It’s like playing ‘store’ for grownups.

I really don’t love how sweaty I am by the time we make it back to the car. The whole experience is exhausting.

But I sure do love unloading all my goodies and seeing what was thrown into the cart this time.

1. simple picture frame {ribba}

2. non-slip carpet mat {stopp}

3. plaid throw blanket {hermine}

4. cocktail paper napkins {fantastisk}

5. striped throw blanket {eivor}. I’ve had my eye on this for a while. Not sure where it will go, but stripes are always a welcomed addition to my home.

6. clay pot {mandel}

7. juice cups {reko}. $1.49 for six. This is what my kids use as drinking cups. They chip eventually, but replacing is so inexpensive, I don’t mind.

8. fabric by the yard {sofia}. Nice canvas weight. I’m thinking about cutting some on the bias for diagonal stripe curtain trim.

9. faux greenery {fejka}. Pretty cheap looking, but from a distance, it adds a nice pop of color.


The items I come home will always make the trip worthwhile, but you probably won’t see me and IKEA together for quite a while. We need to take a break from each other so we can fall back in love.

I posted to the JDC facebook page yesterday and I’ll ask you again here … how do you feel about IKEA?  Are you a lover or a hater?


{p.s. I don’t usually use the word hate. I sort of cringe at it because it is so strong. I don’t actually hate anything about IKEA. Well, except for maybe the sweaty, exhausted part.}


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a problem spot

I have a problem.

It is not particularly big or of great importance, but it has bothered me for, oh, six years now.

Here it is:

What were our builders thinking putting all of these switches, thermostats, outlets on one wall with such random placement?

From the front door, this is what you see going into the living room. Not really enough space to put a piece of furniture on the wall.

And from the living room looking toward the dining/entry. The wall sits at the foot of the stairs.

What in the world do you do with a wall like this?  I’d love any suggestions!

And while we’re at it, please share any problem spots that you have in your own home. Maybe we can brainstorm together to find a simple solution.

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