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three really good reasons to not get a dog


Atlas, the labradoodle, joined our family this past christmas.

Since then, I’ve learned a thing or two about having a dog. Here’s what I’ve discovered: there are three very good reasons not to get a dog.


I mean, this one is pretty obvious. Dogs are animals and by default that means they are not overly concerned with wiping muddy paws before coming inside and relieving themselves in discrete locations. And they shed. Oh, the hair! We thought we were safe with our choice of a labradoodle, but come to find out, the non-shedding factor is as unpredictable as the weather. We bought a shedder.



Each night after wrestling the kids into jammies, brushing their teeth, reading books, saying prayers, tucking them in, I come downstairs to a pup who thinks it’s his turn for some attention. So we play fetch and I rub his belly and give him a treat and within seconds of turning on the tv or sitting down at the computer or opening a book, he is in my face or on my lap asking for more. He needs walks even when it’s raining and playtime even when you’re tired and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing tug-o-war with him for an hour – he’ll still want more.



First you buy the dog. Then you buy the dog some stuff {toys, dog bed, food}. Then the dog destroys the toy and chews up his bed and needs fancier food for his sensitive stomach and you spend more money. Then you go on a vacation and pay to board the dog. But you feel bad and so you spend a little extra so he can have some special doggy play time during his lodging stay. He needs grooming and vaccinations and a new leash because he chewed through it and a bigger collar because he grows like a weed. He costs a lot of money.



There is something so right about having a dog in our family.

Atlas is inconvenient; he’s messy and needy and costs money I could find of 384 other ways to spend, but we really can’t imagine not having this sweet puppy in our lives.


He is cute. He is fun. He makes us laugh. He licks up crumbs. He is happy to see us. He is loyal. He is part of our family.

So, even though there are three really good reasons why you should not get a dog, there are even more reasons why you should.

But maybe try to find a non-shedder.

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the laundry room is finished

My once boring laundry room is now a bright and organized space that I can’t wait to show you.

If you’ve miss any laundry room redo posts, I started with this as the inspiration, then painted the cabinets white {that made a huge difference!} and used gift wrap as wallpaper. Next I added a bunch of favorite art to the long wall opposite the washer/dryer.  The final two steps were to hang the hand-me-down chandelier {originally from home depot, but given to me by my sister & brother-in-law} and install the shelves between the two cabinets.


I am proud to say that every single upgrade done in this room was tackled by me. I probably could have had Ryan install the light and shelves, but I’m learning that sometimes it feels really good to try something new and gain confidence in my DIY abilities. Thankfully, I did not shock myself or drill unnecessary holes in the wall. And so far the light works and the shelves and their contents have not come tumbling down. Success.

So would you like to see my new favorite room in our house? Be prepared for an onslaught of photos because I’m kinda proud of this space.






    laundry-chandelier-wm   open-shelves-in-laundry-room-to-store-supplies



  laundry-room-budget Not too bad for a complete transformation for our laundry room.

The best part is: I now love being in this space which will hopefully translate into loving the chore of laundry.

sources rug: west elm
chandelier: discontinued, here’s a similar one
wallpaper: paper source
wallpaper paste: amazon
knobs: etsy
cabinet & shelf paint color: du jour by valspar
shelf brackets: ikea ekby stilig bracket
shelves: home depot wood planks
laundry hamper & striped basket: the container store
butterfly poster: ikea

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Today we celebrate the US soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Today families of those fallen soldiers grieve and celebrate their loved ones’ lives.

Because of them, today we are free.

Because of them, today we are grateful.

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