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Oh, instagram, how I love thee. Snap a photo, add an artsy filter, give it a clever caption. I love reading blogs, of course, but I find instagram to be just as entertaining.

My instagram feed is super random, but I try to fill it with something that fits into these three categories: pretty things, moments I want to remember, and fun things to share.

Here are a few of my latest photos:



Freshly cut peonies from our yard. They don’t last long, but they sure are magnificent when they are here!


Rainier cherries. De-lish.


We have had some crazy weather which has made for incredibly beautiful sunsets.



Father’s Day 2013. Daddy’s being a hero to more than just our family. He is pretty amazing.


Our first movie of the summer and it was SO CUTE! If you haven’t seen it yet, we give it a big thumbs up.



Nothing better than an iced latte in the afternoon. I mix a pod of decaf espresso, cold milk, a splash of vanilla and lots of ice. My friend makes hers with raw sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon and it’s delicious too.

P.S. Do you just adore the Beautiful Mess app? That’s where that cute chevron graphic came from, but I like the preset filters a lot too.


My youngest nephew turned one last weekend and his mama threw him a newsboy party. So clever and cute and totally right for this little newsie:


I could eat him. And the cake.


This is fun: instagram now has video. I posted my first one while in the empty car. You can click on the image to watch it.  Exciting stuff. And yes, my eyelashes are fake.

Yesterday I shared this photo of me working on a very long post at starbucks.


I said it was going to go up today, but I lied. I’m not done writing the novel yet, so it will wait until Monday. Do come back … I think you’ll enjoy it.

As part of the post, we’ll be offering a discount on The Blog Class and helping you set up and install your own blog at no extra cost {limited spots}. So if you’ve been wanting to start, grow, get better at blogging, Monday is your day.

Enjoy your weekend!


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summer essentials {freebie art print}

In the spirit of engaging my children in creative activities this summer {and let’s face it, keeping them occupied for more than four minutes}, I pulled out the paints yesterday. Painting is not that uncommon around here, but when I actually sat down with them to create, then it was really something special.


I am no painting expert, but I have always loved playing with watercolors. I have my own set of not-so-special paints and my own non-frayed brush and I don’t share. Sorry kids.


Over the course of an hour or two {with a few minimal distractions like making lunch four a houseful of kids and cleaning a half a bottle of elmer’s glue off the bathroom floor – you know, normal things} I was totally in to my artwork. I don’t paint often, but when I do, I always love it.


Since it turned out pretty cute, I scanned the finished painting and turned it into a printable art print for you. You can download the print below, then print on your favorite paper. I printed mine on matte photo paper to get the best image quality.


To download this print, I invite you to join the newest feature here at JDC: the archive


It’s our new way to organize all of the best freebies, templates, downloads and make it easier for you to find and access them. Simply click on the image above to join.



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how to make a dog bed out of a dropcloth

Our labradoodle, Atlas, needed a new bed.

He destroyed his first five so we took about a four month break before I decided to give him another try. A puppy needs a cozy place to rest, right?


Since he is a chewer, I didn’t want to invest much in this new dog bed so a painter’s drop cloth {cheap!} and some diy embellishment was the perfect combination.



canvas drop cloth / tape measure / scissors / pins /acrylic paint / paintbrush

{not shown: letter template, pencil, sandpaper, sewing machine, thread, dog bed insert}

STEP ONE // figure out your desired dimensions


I already had a dog bed insert {from the last bed he tore apart} so I based my measurements off of that. You’ll need four pieces total – one top piece, two bottom pieces that will overlap for an envelope closure, and one long strip for the sides.

STEP TWO // cut drop cloth to size


STEP THREE // embellish top with dog’s initial, name, stripes, etc.


I printed his name, cut out the letters and traced them onto the drop cloth.

STEP FOUR // paint and sand design


Just fill in the lettering with regular craft paint {or fabric paint for washable durability}. Lightly sand to give a slightly aged look.

STEP FIVE //  sew the bed together


Begin by overlapping the back for the envelope closure {this will allow you to insert the dog bed without having to sew a zipper}. If you cut your pieces using the pre-hemmed edge of the drop cloth, you won’t need to create your own hems.  Sew the overlapping pieces along the edge just to hold into place.


Next you’ll pin the side band right sides together to the bottom piece. Just line up the edges and pin around the diameter of the dog bed. At the corners, nicely fold the corners and pin.


Once you pin the side piece all the way around the dog bed bottom, just pin the end pieces of the side piece together and stitch right sides together. Then sew all the way around the diameter of the bed. It will look like this:


Next step is to add the top piece.


Put your top piece face down on the bottom {right sides together}. Pin along the edges.


Now sew it all together – going around twice for a reinforced stitch.


STEP SIX // turn right side out and stuff the dog bed





Our sweet/crazy puppy loves it.


So much, in fact, that he left his mark on day two.


Dumb dog.

Any tips for a chew-happy dog are greatly appreciated …

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