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what we did this weekend

If you ask my kids what their favorite place in the world is … better even than Disneyland! … they will always answer: Whidbey Island.


Our friends have this glorious beach with a nearly-complete boathouse and it is where some of our very best memories have been made. We’ve been going since our oldest was 4 and Audrey was but a thought and to watch our kids all grow up together – exploring, building, creating, collecting, deepening their friendships, breathing in the ocean air, gaining independence, getting all banged up with cuts and scrapes and sore backs from hours of digging for clams or sand shrimp or just really deep holes – being active kids. It is the best thing a parent could ask for.

This weekend was shrimping weekend. An annual event where the dads head out early in the morning to capitalize on the 8 hour window that makes up the entire shrimping season.


No one but the dads are particularly into eating shrimp, but there’s just something so enjoyable and simple about sourcing dinner from the sea. Whether it’s shrimp or oysters or crab, it’s just plain fun. Those beady eyes are pretty nasty, though, huh?!


It rained on and off for much of the weekend (typical northwest beach experience!) and still, it was just as memorable as always. Feeling thankful for weekends like this.

Note: So I don’t often post about our everyday lives, what we’ve been up to, stuff about the kids. Little bits here and there, I guess, and lots of ‘ordinary moments’ on instagram, but mainly I write about home projects or crafts, design-related topics, my personal thoughts and what I’m working through, or just pretty things. I started out posting random moments from our family life but those have tapered off considerably over the past two years. Why? I’m not totally sure. Keeping our family life private, I suppose. Figuring out what I like to write about, what my thing is, working hard to make each post as valuable as possible for you. But between the HopeSpoken conference last month and watching American Blogger just the other night, I feel encouraged to share my story. More of it than I have been. Part of that is just regular family life. What we do, what its like to be a mom to these four right now, memorable moments worth capturing. I don’t want to share to brag or show off or present a dreamy-looking-un-reality, but rather to let you in, see a little more of our life, and connect beyond just a love for pretty things or a simple craft. I’m not sure what that will look like, but probably just a post here or there that won’t make it to the tutorials page or the freebies page or have any pinnable content. Just regular life. It should be fun.

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share the love

There is something so sweet about taking a day {or month, really!} to celebrate something as wonderful as love.

Valentine’s Day is commercial … yes, I agree … but it is special, too.

It gives us an excuse to bake a cherry pie

 to serve our kids pink milk and pie crust cookies for an after school snack

to sip hot cocoa with heart-shaped marshmallows out of a dainty teacups

and indulge in frosting covered cupcakes.

It encourages us to send our loved ones handwritten notes

and deliver prettily packaged treats to our friends.

I like that Valentine’s Day has turned February into the month of sharing the love.

I was inspired by Valentine’s Day when creating the JDC | monthly february collection.

It is full of red, pink, whimsical flowers and fancy writing.

And is available now.

To receive these printable goodies, and new ones each month, you are invited to join JDC | monthly. It is just $9.99 per month {your first month is free!}.

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celebrate childhood

{ Giveaway has now ended… thanks!}

Typically my monthly giveaways have something to do with the current month {birds in april, cozy in november}. One of the things I love most about putting the collections together is coming up with a theme without being too obvious.

But the January Giveaway collection has nothing to do with January. In fact, it is sort of crazy to do one with a bunch of fun kid stuff since we just got over a season of gifts galore.  But I just couldn’t resist the cuteness that makes up this collection.

{from left to right}

ROW ONE: floor puzzle from Land of Nod, three little buckets, my favorite reusable snack bags from Armommy

ROW TWO: Kiki & Coco in Paris {such a cute book}, play art print, set of 12 stipe straws

ROW THREE: tootsie pops, handmade bunny, sweet wintry mittens from Something from Nothing

ROW FOUR: etch a sketch {a classic}, set of 24 lunch box note cards, uno game {another classic}

I want to mention a few of the items included.

First, these darling mittens.

Karen makes mittens for men, women, children & babies using felted wool from old sweaters. Her selection is great and truly one of a kind.

{click the image above to visit her etsy shop}

Second, let’s talk about snack bags.

Do you go through ziplocks like there’s no tomorrow? We do. They store legos, rock collections, money and of course snacks.

But these snack bags are quickly taking over for our family. I love the cute patterns, love that they are washable and reusable.

I may not let me kids keep their rock collections in them, but I do keep one in my purse with lipsticks!

And finally, this delightful children’s book that doubles as a coffee table book in our house.

This charming book shares the adventure of a girl and her dolly in Paris. It was photographed by the talented Stephanie Rausser, the doll is by Jess Brown and was written by my real life friend Nina Gruener.  The book in the giveaway is signed by all three!

You can purchase a copy here.

This giveaway has now ended. Thank you for entering!

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the christmas tutorial collection {free}

Last year, we worked long and hard putting together this collection of Christmas projects … I couldn’t just let the collection go to waste, so we have decided to offer it this year for free!

To receive your copy of the 30 page pdf with instructions for each of the projects shown above, please enter your email address below.


{please confirm your email address in order to receive the pdf}

Merry Christmas!

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a tour of the blog

Just thought I’d take you on a tour of the blog just to point a few things out:


Like subscribing via email. See that button on the top left? When you enter your email address, the blog posts will come straight to your inbox, as well as occasional promotions, discounts and messages sent only to the mailing list. I’d love for you to sign up!

Next down is the newest feature – ways for us to hang out outside of the blog. Like facebook, pinterest, subscribing via rss and sending an email. I will soon add twitter {I just have to acquaint myself with it first}.   I finally confirmed my account with pinterest and will be adding some of my favorite ideas for home, craft, food, fashion and ‘stuff’ as time goes on.  Of course I’d be pleased for you to ‘follow’ along!

Over on the right side are buttons for you to sign up for the giveaway and to take a peek at my shop.


Scroll a little further down and on the left side you’ll see links to my 25 favorite fonts, the paint colors we’ve used throughout our house and my F.A.Q. page.

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