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diy glitter gratitude banner


Here’s a great project for this fall: a glitter gratitude banner. I generally tend towards simple, inexpensive and less-than-one-hour crafts and this fits on each level. Of course you can use the same method to spell out any word or initials – a monogram would be super cute hanging over a bed or use individual letters as gift tags, place cards or party favors this upcoming holiday season. We can all use a little more glitter in our lives.

So let’s begin. Here’s what you’ll need:


spray adhesive / fine glitter (like this) / gratitude template (download below) / string / scissors / hole punch

(not shown, but important: a box to contain spray glue and glitter)

STEP ONE // print template and cut out letters


You can do this a couple of ways … print onto cardstock (I used a silver cardstock to help the glitter blend in if I missed any spots) and cut out. OR print on regular paper, cut out and use as a pattern. Trace onto sturdy, but thin, cardboard and cut out letters.

STEP TWO // spray letter with adhesive glitter-banner-spray-glue

This is where the box comes in. And be sure to spray outside or in a well-ventilated area. Spray glue is stinky! Just a light covering will do.

STEP THREE // generously sprinkle on glitter


Make sure to cover all of the letter.


Let dry for a few minutes.

STEP FOUR // repeat on the back of the letter


This isn’t necessary, but it gives the letter a more finished look.


STEP FIVE // punch two holes in the top


If you are just using for a gift tag, you’ll only need one hole.

STEP SIX // string letters together glitter-banner-string

I used jute rope from the hardware store, but any ribbon will do.

Once you’re letters are all strung together, hang and enjoy!


You are welcome to use this template to create your own gratitude banner. The file is located in The Archive – our library of freebies and downloads. Sign up for free or log in below.


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custom artwork for a fun client!


My favorite HGTV show is Fixer Upper – where the darling couple Chip & Joanna Gaines help a family buy a major fixer-upper and turn it into something jaw dropping. Chip takes on the reno, Joanna works her magic on the design and interiors. She is beautiful and fashionable (I want all of her outfits) and has great farmhouse/cottagy/classic design taste.

I was asked to create a custom watercolor with Joanna’s design essentials and was beyond excited to see what I could create.


Joanna’s design essentials are more theory than actual items, so it was a fun challenge to figure out how to draw ideas like balance and texture.


We worked to come up with great pieces that reflected these ideas and what resulted is a whimsical collection of pretty essentials that would look great in any home.  Joanna runs a shop called Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas as well as a great online shop so we used items from there as our inspiration.

magnolia-inspiration-watercolor metal basket / stripe pillow / magnolia candle / hanging vase / cake plate


The prints are being used for promotional purposes, they’ll be slipped into packages and orders and available at Joanna’s big fall workshop.


Curious about what her design essentials are?

unique light fixtures
good faux florals
personalized details
pops of color
architectural pieces

Love those!


Such a fun project that I was honored to be part of.

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newly organized pinterest boards (and how I did it)


It was time for a deliberate reorganization. I started pinning a few years ago and created only a handful of boards. Most were titled generally – like decorate and things I like – which was fine until they started filling up and the categories no longer felt specific enough. As I have saved more favorite images/ideas/inspiration, it seemed fitting to make them more easily find-able for both me and those who follow my boards. So one day a few weeks ago, I finally made the time to begin my pinterest makeover.

The first step was writing down all of my existing boards and separating them into more specific categories that made sense. So what was once Home Sweet Home turned into Exterior, Entry/Mudroom, Living Spaces, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms//grown-ups, Bedrooms//Kids + Bunks, etc. It helped to break the larger categories up into smaller, yet specific groups but still broad enough to not have too many boards. So while I could have broken kitchens out into white kitchens or industrial kitchens, I just went with kitchens. At some point if that board gets crazy-full, I can always make changes later.

Next, I had to manually move pins from one board to another. I searched and searched for a way to bulk move (ie click on several pins at a time and move the group to a new board), but the option does not yet exist. So one-by-one it was.


It took hours. Like a lot of hours. But it was mindless work and I got to look through hundreds of pretty pins which was not a terrible way to spend my evenings these past couple of weeks. Plus, it feels really good to start fresh with clearly labeled boards and pins all in the right place.

Once the new boards were created and pins were moved around, I gave each board a cover photo and then organized them by category by dragging and dropping into place. You could also organize your boards alphabetically (which is also not a default option, but it should be).

And here is my new and improved collection of pins.

pinterest-boards-1 pinterest-boards-2 pinterest-boards-3 pinterest-boards-4

Ahhh. It feels good to have this one checked off my list. And now I can’t stop pinning to my pretty new boards.


 Are you needing a pinterest makeover? Need any other helpful tips or tricks? Or do you have any to share? Leave a comment and let’s chat!

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