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choosing new floors

We’ve lived in our house for just over 8 years. It was new when we bought it, but too far along in the building process for us to make changes to fixtures, colors, finishes. One of the upgrades we would have made if given the choice would be to switch out the carpet on the main floor with hardwoods.

(photo from summer house tour seen here)

There are benefits to carpet – namely it’s softness – and it was great for when the babies were babies. But 8 years, four kids, a lot of walking back and forth on the same pathway and a puppy who was not the fastest potty-trainer later and the carpet is looking pretty dingy. We’ve wanted to replace it for forever and now we are finally ready to make the jump.

I ordered a handful of samples last week just to try out a couple of different looks.


I posted this picture to instagram asking for your favorite and the votes were totally split. Ryan and I agree (it’s a miracle!) on which one is our top choice, but before I tell you, let’s talk about each one and why it might be the right choice.

Actually, before we get into each specific option, a few things that might be helpful to know:

1. we’ll be pulling up all the existing floors throughout downstairs. The blonde maple has served us well and does a great job of hiding dirt, but it is nearly impossible to match if we were to continue it where the carpet is and honestly, if we’re going to spend the money on new floors, we’d rather choose what we like and blonde maple is not on that list.

2. this is not our forever house so we’re going for the best, most durable floor for the least amount of investment.

3. we’ve gone back and forth trying to decide what to do with the floors. Replace the carpet with new? Put in tile? Buy the cheapest floor and paint it? While each of those are fine options, we’ve landed on wood as the best option.

Okay, so here are our top choices:


I love the look of white floors. Always have and always will. Crisp glossy floors with white walls is fresh and such a clean canvas for doing life.


The white floor sample is nice, but not glossy and more of a creamy white than a white-white. I think if we were to really go for it with white floors, we would go the painted route (which is super impractical since you have to move out for weeks to let it cure). So this option is out.

This one is the darkest of the samples and we know how much of a pain dark can be for showing every speck of dirt and dust. In real life it actually looks more taupy-brown than dark dark brown.


The contrast of warm-dark floors and white walls is so appealing to my eye. If we go this route, we’ll repaint our walls white (which is next on the house to-do list anyway).


This choice has a great almost Scandinavian feel. It’s probably more brown than gray and a nice light/mid-tone that will hide dirt nicely.


There is still that warmth, but it’s toned down and less contrasty with white.


This gray floor sample received a ton of votes on IG and it really could look cool installed. It would give off a similar look to poured concrete (which would be a top contender if we were willing to invest more in redoing the floors).


This particular floor is engineered hardwood and doesn’t look as nice in person as it photographs. We’ve ruled this one out based on that.


My current house-crush is Dana’s from House Tweaking (that’s her kitchen below on the left). I like everything she does and her style is heavily influencing my desire to go a little more simple and modern in our home.


This traditional brown floor is what she has in her home. It’s a great medium brown – very classic and warm. It is also engineered, which we’re on the fence about.


So now we have to decide.

Just looking at the samples, both Ryan and I chose the dark gray/brown floor. It has a pretty warmth that looks great with our fireplace stone, the granite in the kitchen and will contrast nicely with all of our existing furniture. A close second (and it’s still in the running) is the light gray/brown. If we choosing only based on how easy it will be to keep clean, we would go with this one. I’m just not sure it offers enough contrast. And while the brown is a perfect medium brown, it goes just a little bit more traditional than we’d like. I think we need a more grayed tone to the wood.

I’d love to hear your thoughts … any pros or cons or warnings or encouragement? What’s your favorite?

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sources for hall, living, kitchen + extras

Did you enjoy the week of fantastic home tours? Thoroughly inspired to bring a little fall into your home? We had dinner with my sister this weekend and she said she was inspired to finally take down her 4th of july stuff and replace it with leaves, pumpkins and cozy textures. Her house always looks great and I’m excited to see what she has done with it now.


So let’s talk about some of the items seen in the second half of our house tour (first half, click here. And for sources, here.) Most of the furniture and accessories are not new which means they are not always still available for purchase, but I’ll share links where applicable.


wall // I double-stick taped pages from a french book to the wall about 7 years ago. They’re getting a little tattered, but I still love the texture it brings.

seats // we found these old theater seats at our favorite local salvage shop called Second Use in Seattle. They came from a high school and I think we paid about $15 for the group.

banner // this was a diy done a few years ago. I’ll post a tutorial shortly with templates.


stag // he’s heavy and modern, but still quirky and a little traditional. I love the simplicity of having nothing on the mantle and the stag as the focal point.

bow pillow // a pillow I made last fall that I’ll post a tutorial for. It’s made of a subtle plaid menswear-like fabric.

sofa // I’m still loving our linen couch. It has held up well (we don’t let the kids eat on it and I’m slightly protective) and is super comfy.

buck pillow // you can’t see it in the above photo, but it’s a pretty watercolor deer printed on canvas. All of the artwork that lucy does is beautiful.

tray // not finding this one online, and maybe it’s no longer available because I’ve had it for several months. Trays are great for corralling items on a coffee table.

coffee table // no longer available from wisteria (which is a bummer, because it’s heavy and really well-made) but here is a similar look from World Market.


shelves + brackets // We still love the look of the open shelves and industrial brackets. Here’s a more detailed post about why we love them and how to keep them clean.

rug // another discontinued item (why would you discontinue a striped rug? I do not know). You can get almost the same thing from here.

silver // pretty much all of the silver pieces in our home came from my mother-in-law who finds them at the thrift store. And then she passes them on to me (lucky girl). I shine it maybe once every two years? Maybe? I actually prefer the tarnished look.

stools // we replaced our bar stools last christmas when these were on a really good sale and it makes a big difference visually to not have backs. (you can see our old stools here).


pom throw // inspired by this beauty, I decided to try a diy version. It turned out really well and a tutorial is upcoming.

candle // I’ll be honest – scented candles give me a headache. Most of them, at least. But I love the cozy lighting and the gentle smell when it’s gentle and not overpowering. I found this one at target and mostly like it for it’s packaging, but the smell is good too. I’m not finding it online, but it’s the Shades of Glass wild mint + verbena.

dishes // perhaps my most beloved christmas gifts ever – these dishes are stored away until the fall and they are for sure a seasonal favorite.

chalkboard // such an easy diy project! And I especially like it with the Seahawks schedule #gohawks


Did I miss anything? Please let me know if you have any other source questions … I’m always happy to share!

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fall house tour: living, hall & kitchen


Welcome to the second half of our fall house tour. We started last week with the front of the house: the entry, small bath, office, dining room and piano nook and today we’ll keep making our way through the main living areas.


If you’re coming from DesignPostInteriors, welcome! A little about me: I love neutrals. Get ready for a house tour void of color, but full of texture. Also, you might not be able to tell from the photos, but we have four kids and a dog and things don’t always look so fluffed and tidy. I try, but in real life you’ll probably see remote control helicopters and lego ships on the coffee table and art supplies covering the kitchen table, random shoes littering the floor and dog toys everywhere you look. I like things picked up, but we also do life here and sometimes that looks a little messy. I’m guessing you can relate.  I love how our house looks in the photos and I do my best to keep things nice around here, but really what we’re going for is a home that is welcoming and grace-filled and warm.

Okay, so let’s start the tour!

// H A L L W A Y //

theatrer seats

We have this little hallway on the side of the stairs. I papered the walls with french book pages eight years ago (it’s looking a little worse for wear!) and a set salvaged school theater seats have a nice place against the wall.


Looking to the side is my beloved wall of L’s (for our last name – Jones is my maiden name). It does a nice job of hiding the light switches and thermostat, and I also love the look. Even when the frames are crooked.

// L I V I N G   R O O M //

This is the room we spend the most time in (well, maybe tied with the kitchen). We entertain in here, watch tv, fly helicopters and snuggle on that comfy couch.




A little over a year ago, we updated the fireplace – adding shingles to the top portion, stone to the bottom and a chunky mantle tied in to the built-ins on either side. The faux stag makes a handsome focal point.






// K I T C H E N //

Right off the living room is the open kitchen.


After about a year of living here, we decided the builder-basic kitchen was just not our style. So we tore down the upper cabinets, painted the lowers, reconfigured the island, updated the countertops, added beadboard for the backsplash and installed open shelves. It was a fairly inexpensive kitchen remodel and made the biggest difference.



kitchen-sink-close-jdc-fall-house-tour    kitchen-seahawks-schedule-jdc-fall-house-tour


(those donuts didn’t last long. The kids came home from school and devoured the plate. I might have helped.)

Thanks for coming by for a quick visit. Next up on the house tour is Jen Rizzo, who has a beautiful, eclectic design aesthetic. You’ll love her home all decorated for fall.


Before you go, grab this print to add some fall to your home.


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