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reader survey 2013 results


Thank you, friends, for taking the 2013 reader survey I had up a few weeks ago. Our goal was to help us get a better idea for who you are, what you love about JDC and how we can make things better around here. Curious about the results? Here you go:

about-you-reader-survey-results online-habits-jdc-reader-survey you-and-jdc-reader-survey

There were a few questions where you could write in your answers and it was fun to read through your responses.

Many of you like my honesty and realness best which is such a flattering compliment and affirms that I’m doing okay sharing more than just pretty pictures and put-together moments.

Some appreciated the clean design and uncluttered feel of the blog, which again is affirming to my decision to keep my site advertisement-free.

Most of you want to see more tutorials, more of our home, more in-the-process rather than all-finished type posts. And a bit more about our everyday life.

I’m on it.

So I’m kinda curious: are you surprised at any of the stats? Do you have anything to add?

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q & a


I’m trying something new for the next few days :

I’ll call it Q & A.

You can ask me any question in the comments

and I’ll respond back {as best as I can} as a reply to your comment.

It will sort of be like we’re having a real life conversation as friends

only in a weird cyber-ish way.

But still as friends.

Okay : ask away :


Thank you for all of the questions so far. I think I have answered each one, so if you have more to add, scroll to the end of the comments and keep asking!

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getting to know you {7}

getting to know you



My answer: amazing dancer {ballet to be exact, although I wouldn’t complain if I could just do the moonwalk. And if I could dance like the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance – I’d be in heaven.}

Now its your turn : are you a the singing type or the dancing type? And if you are awesome at one or the other, don’t be shy about letting us know! Its fun to appreciate each others talents :

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getting to know you {6}

getting to know you

I can hardly believe that this is our sixth week of doing this : my how time flies.  Do you like the questions? Are you enjoying reading the answers? I totally am. It is fun to get to know each other.

This week’s question is:


You can elaborate if you wish, or just give one word.  I’m looking forward to hearing where you are at!

My word is  . G R A T E F U L .

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getting to know you {5}

getting to know you

Last night I went out for dessert with my sisters and cousins.   Our plan was to eat at:


to get a *H U G E* slice of:


{coconut cream pie}

But it seemed that every other Seattle-ite thought Dahlia Lounge was the perfect place to spend their Friday night as the wait was 3 1/2 hours.

So we changed plans and headed to another yummy favorite:


They’ve done some updating since my last visit and now have the cutest menu ever {apparently I’m more concerned with the font selections than the food options!}.  I strayed from my norm of ordering something apple {crisp, pie, crumb cake} and ordered this:


{sicilian donuts with orange honey-ricotta cream and warm nutella chocolate sauce}

Oh. My. Goodness. It did not disappoint.

So : my question for you this weekend is:


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