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jet lag + house tour + may calendar

I know it is supposed to be Hawaii Week around here … and I truly have great intentions of making it that …

but I’m afraid I overlooked one teensy, tiny detail of traveling

jet lag + time zone changes.


The Pacific Northwest is only three hours ahead of Hawaii time and we’re struggling to make up the time difference. I can’t imagine what it is like for the couples we met from Delaware and Chicago!

So instead of doing a trip recap right now, I think I’ll go crawl into bed. Tomorrow seems like a great day for a recap.

I do want to mention that I am hanging out atAshley’s fabulous blog giving a little house tour today.

If you do not already read The Handmade Home, it’s a good one. Be sure to click around and say hello to the darling Ashley while you’re there.

{click the image to see our house tour}

Since this is the first day of May and I know how crazy this time of year can get, please feel free to download the JDC|Monthly May calendar.  It’s pretty, practical and best of all, free!

{click the image to download}

So enjoy your Tuesday and I’ll be back tomorrow with highlights and favorites from our Maui vacation.

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guest post: Armommy + labels

I did a tutorial a few weeks ago {or maybe it was last week?!} about burp cloths. I forgot to talk about my little fabric labels.


My {very} good friend Rae is the inspiration for these, so I thought I’d ask her to do a guest post showing how she creates darling and useful fabric labels for her company,






I’m rae, and I am pretty elated to be writing for Emily today. While it makes me an itty bit nervous to think of all her blogger friends out there, I’ve spent more then a reasonable amount of time reading your lovely comments so {lucky for me} I already feel like I know you: thank you for having me!

today’s agenda is:


before we get into a supply list I would like to point out that in the world of creative arts it’s a big deal to have a “label” {clothing or music}. isn’t it amazing that our resources are so vast that we can create our own!? for those of you that are doubting your creativity {or need for a label} I would like you to know that I can relate. I grew up an athlete, that never received an “A” in art {pottery, photography, drawing} and believed I didn’t have a creative bone in my body. I was ok with that until I started creating babies {the living kind} and my desire to create things in general began to nag at me; which ignited a continuous journey and led me countless projects whose outcomes are sometimes good and sometimes bad and ugly: still. my advice? in the words of the grateful dead, “keep on truckin’”. look for your niche and you will be surprised where your journey leads you, what you are able to create and who you are able to bless. I also found great encouragement when someone told me that my Creator has created me to create. that’s a pretty sweet truth! own it.

now, time to get started.


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