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This weekend was beautiful. I mean, the weather in Dallas was gorgeous so that was great, and the decorations at the Hopespoken conference were over-the-top amazing which certainly made us all feel loved. The women attending were some of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen and I could have listened all day to the sweet voices of the worship leaders.

All of that was beautiful.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

Unlike what you might expect from a women’s conference, there was very little teaching. Very few bullet points for how to get from there to here. Very few strategies shared or words of advice given. You didn’t walk away with a list of things to do and ways you’re not measuring up and that, in itself, was beautiful.

But that’s not what I’m talking about either.

What made the weekend beautiful were the stories shared.

Stories from the stage, from women who have recognizable names, and stories around a table, from women just met.

Stories about pain and loss and heartbreak.

Stories about grace and freedom and love.

I don’t always feel like my story is interesting or like I have any wisdom to offer by telling it. Like all of us, times of heartache are part of my story too, but those things happened years ago and so I feel like maybe they aren’t so important anymore. That was so long ago, emily, I tell myself. You’ve moved beyond it, you’ve healed, it’s in the past. All of these things are true, to a point. I don’t want to keep opening up wounds that don’t need to be reopened. I don’t want to dwell in those sad and painful places.

But I also don’t want to forget.

Because in those sad and painful places, Jesus was there. Comforting me. Walking with me. Protecting me. Drawing my heart closer to His.

There is so much – so, so much – that I flew home from Texas with. Challenges to take and grieving to be done, a renewed spirit and deep desire to return to that place where I need Jesus.

But of all the things I walked away with, the most important of all is this: tell your story.

It doesn’t have to take place on a stage or online or to a large group. It doesn’t have to be a sad story or a happy story or a complete story or one you’re proud to share. All I know is that in each of our lives and in each of our stories, Jesus is there. And when we share our stories with others, it allows them to see Him as well.


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in dallas for the weekend

My best friend, K.C., and I flew away from the spring rain of Seattle to the hot sunshine on Dallas for the weekend. We’re here for the first Hope Spoken conference and couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store.

I sent her a text before we left that went something like this:

beware. between bible study this week and current life circumstances, I feel a moment of comtemplativeness coming on. Not teary sadness, just dreams and thinking and focus and direction. Put me on a plane with my best friend for six hours, add in a women’s conference and you can be pretty certain this girl is going to go deeper.

To which she replied:

bring it on!

I don’t know exactly what to expect, but anytime you remove yourself from normal life, sit in a room with hundreds of other Jesus-lovers, and allow yourself a second to think deeply, you’re bound to uncover something.

Beyond the personal stuff, I’m also so excited to hang out with a few lovely blog friends and meet plenty of new ones. This particular conference is not a blogging one, just a christian women’s conference, but there will be lots of my favorite bloggers there.

I’ll be posting throughout the weekend to instagram, so feel free to follow along on the adventures. My instagram name is EMILYJDC.

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

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all the random things

Every once in a while I have all these random things to share and even though they make no sense together, it’s a pretty accurate picture of what’s happening in my brain. Lots of jumbled ideas and current faves that maybe you can relate to today.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea or ice water (with cucumber, perhaps? That’s my favorite) and enjoy this look into my scattered thoughts.


First up, this song. It’s been playing on repeat for the past week and I cry every time. Good tears, I promise. Press play, scroll down to keep reading and be sure to stop and really listen at about the 7 minute mark. The most powerful and beautiful collection of words I’ve ever heard.

Amen and amen.


Registration opened on Monday for the new graphic design class and I was so blown away by your response.


Spots filled up fast and sold out by the end of the day. I know many of you didn’t get a chance to join, but don’t worry! The next class will begin in just a few weeks (exact date tbd – late april/early may). I’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice so you can reserve a seat first thing (in fact, make sure you are on the jdc mailing list and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens – click here to subscribe).

I love this class and am so happy that you all love it too!


Speaking of love, look at these cute drawings my No.2 and No.3 boys did.


They have been super into drawing lately and we discovered this fantastic art website that they just can’t get enough of.


I’ve lost my office to their obsession, but I think it’s worth it. The site is called Art For Kids where a dad and his kids show how to draw all sorts of animals and characters. For sure a good one if you have kiddos who love drawing.


Another new favorite pastime is this origami game called Kami.  It’s a whole series of paper puzzles on an app that are challenging and make you think, but it’s also really pretty and mesmerizing to watch the animation when the paper folds.


My No.1 and I have a friendly competition going (he’s winning, as usual).


Here’s an embarrassing tidbit: yesterday afternoon my friend came over to see if we wanted to go for a walk and I was having a rough moment and started crying even though I didn’t mean to. Thankfully, she totally gets it, but why do I have to cry so much?!! She kindly took my kids for that walk while I stayed home and gathered myself. So grateful for good friends who love me even though I’m a mess.


Ryan was gone last weekend with a bunch of guys doing guy stuff which left me home on a friday night with nothing else to do but watch past episodes of project runway (the tim gunn version, which I like by the way) and shop. I wasn’t meaning to shop, but the j.crew factory store was having a 30% off everything sale (gets me every time) and spring is upon us and so these items found their way into my cart.


Nothing out of the ordinary for me, but they seemed like easy tops to wear with jeans (of course) or shorts (if I dare).

I also bought this dress which is a bit of a stray and the color could either look terrible or great in real life.

jcrew peach dress

It comes in a blue which would have normally been my pick, but I’m trying to be slightly more adventurous in my clothing choices so I went with peach.  I just looked and they’re still running that 30% off sale (enter code LUCKY at checkout). Lucky you.


Did you get to the poem part of the song yet? So good.


I’m making these delicious little nutella cheesecake bars for a party tonight.


My cousin made them at Christmas time and they are deee-licious.


Last one: I’m one of the pinners to this BHG Real-Life Color Palettes to Try pinterest board which is actually filled with really beautiful and colorful inspiration.


You can see the board here. And the rest of mine here. I just realized it’s probably time I update my profile photo on pinterest since it is three years old and shows my Audrey girl as a baby instead of the most delightful four year old that she is.


So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed our coffee/tea/water-with-cucumber date.

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