hold on to your fork


I heard a story this weekend and wanted to share. Perhaps you’ve heard it, or maybe it isn’t even true, but the meaning is sweet, nevertheless. You can read many different versions online, but this is my recap:

A woman who was nearing death, requested that she be buried with a fork in her hand. When asked why a fork, she went on to share that her favorite moment was when following a meal, she was reminded to ‘hold on to her fork’ which, of course, meant dessert was on its way.

She chose to be buried with a fork as a beautifully symbolic picture to those who would mourn her death that this world was not her home, but that the best was yet to come. Her view of eternity was so true … a place where even the best of this world would pale in comparison to what Heaven will offer.

I know it is easy to fear death or pain or hardship – especially when you just can’t seem to escape it – but please know that there is good to come for those who put their trust in God. Whatever your circumstance, whatever your current struggle, whatever your fear, know that not only is there hope of an eternal life with our Lord, but He also offers unexplainable peace, joy and comfort as we walk through trials here in this messy world.

Be encouraged and remember to hold on to your fork – the best is yet to come.


I’ve turned the saying into a print and it is now available in the shop {or below}.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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a happy saturday and a happy giveaway winner

There is something so wonderful about a sunny spring Saturday. Especially when it was a stay-home day and we were able to tackle some yard work that we’ve been wanting/desperately needing to do for a while.

Task one: plant pots

pots undone

The kids and I went from nursery to nursery while I tried to figure out what in the world to put in my front pots. I’m not very good at this gardening thing, but I think I chose some good plants … or at least ones that make me happy.  I even went a little crazy and chose a purplish red begonia for a pop of color.

Task two: weed the lawn.


I know they make weed killer chemicals for this, but the dandelions were driving me crazy and I wanted them OUT! So I used my new  poker tool that Ryan bought me and pulled out every.single.one.

While I was busy dirtying my hands, the babes {who were rather grouchy because they have not yet received the memo that saturdays are for sleeping in} spent their time reading


IMG_1205 riding

munching on watermelon and riding in/on cars

go carts

These activities made them much less grouchy.

Do you want to know what makes grown men really happy?


Yanking dead bushes out of the yard with a truck.



bare yard

We are rearranging the plants in our front yard and needed to pull out the dead one and remove the huge one that never belonged there to begin with.  Our front yard is not looking so hot now,


but at least my pots are pretty!


zig zag

Okay, ready to find out who is the big winner of the May Giveaway?


hip hip hooray!

To claim your prize, please email your address to me at emily@jonesdesigncompany.com

zig zag

I am putting together the june giveaway and will post it in the next few days.

As always, thank you to all of you who entered the may giveaway and for spreading the word with your face book friends.  If you weren’t able to enter, please know that we are working on making the entering process easier and more inclusive. Thank you for bearing with us as we find the best solution.  You all are great.

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a whole lot of stuff to share

This is me clearing out my brain. Some of it is business, some just random thoughts. Enjoy.

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If you purchased the new art print assortment and your name is:

Lisa Baum . Vickie Baccaglio . Jenna Allen . Lynda Ford . Ashley Cole

you just received yours for free! I will refund your payment and send your prints to you shortly.


If you missed purchasing the collection, have no fear. It is still available and can be purchased {HERE}

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I have now updated the tutorial page with all of the projects I’ve shown on the blog.


If you are looking for a past project, this is a great place to find it {you can click the ‘tutorials’ menu item to be taken to the page}

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Have you seen this darling children’s clothing line?


I was shopping at the Bellevue Square Nordstrom and came across the most adorable {and soft!} clothing for kids. I wanted one of everything, but left with only a t-shirt for my oldest.



zig zag

Speaking of clothing for my oldest … poor kid has a mom who strongly resists most graphic t’s {especially ones with cartoon and video game characters}. I’m not sure at what point I should just let go, but I’m still holding firmly to my desire for him to wear preppy polos and surfer t-shirts. Am I a terrible mom for enforcing my baby {okay, fine, he’s 7} to wear what I want him to?

zig zag

And as for clothes for me … I’ve been shopping twice in the past three days and I have found nothing for myself. I think I’m in a clothes rut. What is a girl to wear on these unpredictable spring days? What is stylish? What is practical? I need Stacy & Clinton to do a little consultation with me.

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I really love this song

beautiful things

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For those who have asked … here is how I do my hair:


I’m not sure why I look so angry/terrified while I’m curling. My curling iron is from the beauty supply store and gets really hot {it has a 1 1/2” barrel}. I generally wash and style my hair every three to four days and it stays looking okay on the non-shower days {actually, my hair always looks best on the second or third day}.  I have naturally fluffy and somewhat wavy hair {see image 2} and it holds curl well. It does not, however, look good when let dry naturally.

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The May giveaway winner will be announced on Monday. Be sure to sign up!


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My baby is a girl after my own heart. She loves necklaces and licking the cookie dough off of the mixer paddle.


zig zag

Okay, one last thing. The other day I thought it would be very fun and nice mommy-ish of me to pour a bunch of uncooked oatmeal into a bin and let the kids and their cousins play with it {you know, like they do at the sensory table at preschool}.


They did have fun, but they did not keep the oatmeal in the bin.

zig zag

How was that for random? Have a great day!

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