gathered flower {tutorial}

A few months ago my sister found a really cute burlap table runner with three fabric flowers on each end. She loved it, but didn’t really love the crazy-expensive price tag. So she asked me to re-create the flowers to attach to her handmade burlap table runner and this is what I came up with.

gathered flower

Here is what you’ll need:


:: fabric {linen, canvas, wool, felt – something slightly sturdy}

:: template {download here or at the bottom of post}

:: scissors, needle, thread

:: something pretty for the center {rhinestone, old brooch, a button}

STEP ONE: print template and cut out petals


There are two templates available for download: small and large. I used the small for this example and the large for the pillows. You can certainly adjust the size and shape to your liking and disregard the template altogether if you prefer.

STEP TWO: cut petals


I fold the fabric so that I only have to cut once.

cut fabric

You’ll need FOUR large petals and THREE small


STEP THREE: gather the center of each petal


Make a running stich through the center, then pull the thread taught, wrap it around the center a few times and make another stitch through the center. Knot it off and cut the thread.


You’ll have this:


all the petals

STEP FOUR: stack the petals


Start with the large,

stack the petals

then layer on the small.

small petals on top

STEP FIVE: stitch the petals together


Just stitch back and forth through the center several times to secure the layers.

STEP SIX: embellish the center


a little dab of hot glue does the trick.


This size is just right to attach to a headband



And do you remember this cute flower pillow? It is part of this month’s giveaway {have you entered for a chance to win? You can do it here}. I made it out of felt then stitched directly onto the pillow.

blue pillow

If you would like to make a few of your own, please feel free to download my templates:

small-gathered-flower-template large-gathered-flower-template


Note: to make a fuller flower keep the center a bit wider than on the template.


I hope you are enjoying flower week! Come back tomorrow for another great flower project.

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rolled paper flowers {tutorial}


Welcome to flower week – five days of simple and delightful flower projects. I could probably do three weeks of flowers because there are so many different ways to create them, but I’ve limited it to five of my current favorites.

Before we get started, let me make a few disclaimers:

1. I find inspiration for projects all over the place {online, in shops, in magazines}, then figure out how to re-create them on my own. Each of these projects are my adaptation of something I’ve seen elsewhere.  In other words, I do not take credit for ‘inventing’ these blossoms.

2. Simple, inexpensive projects are my favorite. Each of the flowers this week use just a few low-cost materials and can be created by even the beginning crafter.  I hope you give them a try!

3. My fingernails are a mess. I should probably take calcium supplements or at least get a manicure. Sorry you have to look at them.

Okay, so let’s begin.


rolled flowers

Here’s what you’ll need:


:: paper {either cover or text weight}

:: florist wire

:: scissors, pencil, glue gun

STEP ONE: cut irregular circle


This circle is approximately 8 inches, but you can do any size you wish.

cut 2

STEP TWO: cut spiral

cut spiral

Start at the outside edge and cut in a spiral fashion to the center.


I like a sort of bumpy shape so that the petals end up a bit irregular

spiral 2

If you aren’t so sure about your cutting skills, feel free to draw your spiral before cutting. I did this one with a straight edge, but you could make it bumpy as well.


To add a little interest to my bouquet, I used a variety of yellow scrapbook papers {my favorite is that yellow dot}


STEP THREE: roll your blossom

start rolling

start at the outside edge and coil tightly



Continue rolling until you get to the center. You’ll have a tightly coiled rosette.


STEP FOUR: release coil


And your flower grows.

STEP FIVE: glue together


Add a glob of glue to the center and press to adhere the coiled paper



cut a leaf shape out of green paper


Fold in an accordion-style fold

fold leaf

and adhere with a dab of hot glue.

glue leaf


Cut a piece of floral wire to desired size {mine are about 6 inches} and bend a small piece at a 90 angle.


Glue wire to the bottom of the flower.

glue wire

Then attach the leaf to cover the wire.

glue leaf


When grouped together, you have a very sweet bouquet of wilt-less blossoms.



sweet bouquet

I also tried these with sheet music.

sheet music

And attached to a wreath form covered in linen.

music flowers

Aren’t those the cutest paper rosettes? Start rolling …

I’ll see you tomorrow for another flower project.

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Today I have three things to talk about. Each has a little something to do with flowers.

Thing One:

Meet the Butterworth family


{how cute are they?!}

I went to college with both Jesse & Marisa {Azusa Pacific University, in case you’re curious} and have just recently been back in touch with them. Jesse is a super talented musician, Marisa has a heart for those who are overlooked and the two of them have been called to start a new church – a place for those who are not church people to come investigate the whole Jesus and church thing. It is called Rain City Church and I can’t wait to watch this church flourish.

A few weeks ago, Marisa asked me if I would like to be part of their fundraising effort to adopt their baby girl from Ethiopia. As we all know, adoption is expensive. But I also know that this sweet baby girl needs a home and Jesse, Marisa and their two boys will be just the blessing she deserves. And so we came up with the idea of a fundraising event that will help them get closer to adopting their baby girl.


I’m excited {and a little nervous!} to teach a few of my favorite flower making crafts, meet new ladies and eat yummy brunch food – all the while helping the Butterworth’s raise money.  If you live in the Seattle area, I would love for you to join us! You can purchase your ticket {HERE}.

Now I fully realize that most of you do not live in the Seattle area, and so I have a way for you to help out as well.

This is thing two:


Flower Pins.

For this weekend only, I will be selling these sweet flower pins with proceeds going towards Jesse & Marisa’s adoption fund.

IMG_0813 IMG_0828IMG_0817



These pins are great on a jacket, a bag or a scarf and would make a delightful Mother’s Day gift {we’ll ship the pins by Tuesday so that you will have it in time to give to your momma, or your daughter, or your best friend}.


You can choose yellow or white. Please click below to purchase and help the fundraising efforts of the Butterworth Family’s adoption.


Oh, my. What sweet ladies you are to support this great family! Thank you for all of the orders and I hope you wear your flower pin proudly knowing that it played a part in bringing a baby a new loving family.


And finally, thing three.


Next week {may 2 – 6} I will have a new flower project each day. I’ve been dreaming of this one for a while and I’m so glad MAY is finally here! Please come back on Monday ready to try out some new blossom-making tutorials.

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