things i like: olive juice

No, not the kind you drink. That would be gross. I’m talking about this:


Have you heard of this darling company?

My friend Julia gave me the most adorable dress and overalls for Audrey at her baby shower that she is just now fitting in to and I love them. Classic, simple clothes that are made well.  

image image

image image

image image image image

Don’t they have the sweetest things?

{click on the images to shop}

A bit spendier than my norm, but sweet nonetheless.

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25 favorite fonts

25 logo

I like fonts. I suppose that makes sense as I do design things that require the use of them.  I’ve put together a list of my favorite ones – the fonts I use most often – and thought I’d share them.  There are so many amazing fonts available, but most of what I use either came with my computer or were downloaded for free {I’m a little cheap like that}.  By clicking on each font name below you will be directed to its source where you can either download or purchase.  Enjoy!

2peas old type

18th century

1942 report

a font with serifs

albemarle swash














little days

nelly script

oldstyle italic

pea lovey dovey

pea quinny


sketch block


What good is a downloaded font if you don’t know how to install it? So here is a quick tutorial on how to add a font.  Keep in mind I am working on a PC, so there may be variations on a mac {if this tutorial doesn’t work for your set-up, I’m sure there are others you could find by googling ‘installing a font’}.


Select the font you wish to download and click the download button.


Click OK to open with the default program.shot 4

It will automatically pop up. Now you need to export the file {extract}, so click on that button.

shot 5

You can decide where you want the font to open up {I chose my desktop} then click ok.

shot 1

When I go to my desktop, there it is.


Now open up your control panel, and then your font folder.

shot 2

Now drag and drop the new font into the font folder.

shot 3

Now you can use the font. I opened up a word document, selected the font tab and found my new font in the list.



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love letters

Under my bed sits a box.  A box that is often forgotten, but contains some of my most cherished possessions.


Ryan and I started dating early on at college. Our first date was the day after Valentine’s Day for coffee at Starbucks {how fitting for two kids from Seattle who were at school in Southern California}.  The date lasted for hours and I’m pretty sure I fell in love with him that night. He was my first real boyfriend and I was instantly smitten.


Over the 13 years {!} we’ve been together, we have written many love notes to each other.  They are a little embarrassing to look back on {how mushy we were!} but also such cherished keepsakes that document our relationship. The highs and lows, the innocence and passion, the growth and deepening of our friendship and love for each other.

every day



So on this day that we celebrate LOVE, perhaps you can dig out your box of love letters and go down your own memory lane.  It might make you giggle.

And to my own Valentine, I say

i love you

More today than ever before.


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