a winner, the october collection & november giveaway

congratulations to

damask frame

you are the winner for this little pack of goodies:


Please send me a note and I’ll send it out to you!


I’ve put together a collection from the October giveaway for those of you who did not win, but would like a few of the items.

october collection


Included in the collection is:

october close

set of 8 thank you note cards {3.5 x 5} . fabric flower pin . oak leaf print {4 x 6}

It is a fun assortment of autumn beauty … perfect for a gift, or to keep for yourself!

If you’d like to purchase click here

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A new grouping has been selected and I’m happy to present you with the

november give


1. Nonna wreath in green wool 2. turkey plate 3. be thankful print {8 x 10}

4. three sheets of Caskata Peony flat wrap 5. set of 8 note cards 6. faux oak sprig

If you’d like a chance {or two} to win, please click the giveaway button below!

monthly giveaway 5

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getting to know you {6}

getting to know you

I can hardly believe that this is our sixth week of doing this … my how time flies.  Do you like the questions? Are you enjoying reading the answers? I totally am. It is fun to get to know each other.

This week’s question is:


You can elaborate if you wish, or just give one word.  I’m looking forward to hearing where you are at!

My word is  . G R A T E F U L .

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what I wore

We have had the most amazing weather in Seattle this week. My absolutely favorite time of the year is when the leaves are turning, the sky is clear blue and I can wear a sweater. It’s been lovely.

So here I am this week – dressed every day in jeans and some shade of gray.

IMG_6241 IMG_6395

1. sweater: Marshalls, t-shirt: Marshalls, scarf: Target, Jeans: Seven Dojo, shoes: Marshalls

{Okay, weird. I think I only own three things from Marshalls and I have them all on in this photo. Not that I don’t like Marshalls – you can get some amazing deals. I just am not a very good Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross/Nordstrom Rack shopper so I don’t go in much}.

2. t-shirt: Target, cardigan: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic boot cut, shoes: Target

IMG_6304 IMG_6415

3. sweater: Nordstrom, jeans: Joes Jeans, shoes: Payless

4. Ahhh, what a sweet baby girl. Okay, focus.

shirt: Banana Republic, jeans: Banana Republic wide leg, shoes: Nordstrom

 IMG_6421 IMG_6428-1

5. dress: Target {purchased mine from my very fashionable friend who was selling it in her garage sale – does that mean it is no longer fashionable? Oh well.}, cardigan: Martin + Osa, belt: 8th grade {note: I’m not actually certain about the 8th grade thing. It could have been early high school. Yes, it still fits which I’m grateful for, but the fact that I own a belt from 1993 with a huge silver buckle, am not a cowgirl and wear it anyway tells you just how fashion-forward I am. Or how cheap – have you seen the prices of belts lately?!!}. Jeans: Seven Flare, boots: Nordstrom

6. t-shirt: Target, cardigan: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic wide leg, shoes: Nine West, scarf: Nordstrom


And just a reminder that the OCTOBER GIVEAWAY will be announced on Monday. If you haven’t signed up, make sure you do so now!



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