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As with all good things, this little company called Jones Design Company has grown over time.

My childhood love of drawing progressed into a custom stationery business which kept me busy through the first few years of becoming a mother {three of the cutest little boys in just 4 years}.  Something strange happened when our fourth baby was born {our sweet girl} when suddenly my creativity exploded and landed on this new blog. It is not a big surprise, I suppose, since I have always loved many forms of art – painting, home decorating, sewing, crafting, graphic design, baking, party planning – so pinning me down to just one form never had a chance of lasting too long.

And so, I’m a wife and mom, a blogger, a business owner, a teacher, a self-taught graphic designer and artist. Whew.

But there’s more.

I am also a football fan, adorer of anything linen, magazine lover, collector of too-expensive jeans and indulger in all things sweet.  Getting mail makes me happy, as do ribbon stores, the scent of lilacs and homemade applesauce.  I love my bed {perhaps a bit too much}, my husband in flip flops, getting my sweet girl dressed in the morning, the sound of my boys laughing and the freedom that comes from knowing Christ. We are perpetual furniture re-arrangers, salvage yard shoppers and find great joy in turning our builder-grade house into a home with personality.

Above all, I know I was created to create. And so, create I will.

Along the way I hope to inspire, share my thoughts and document little snippets of our family’s most memorable moments.



On this blog, you will find:

// lots and lots of tutorials for simple projects {click here}

// a library of our best freebies – project templates, printables, fonts {click here}

// a shop full of art prints, printable note cards, and special guides & classes  {click here}

// photos of our house which changes too often {view our most recent house tour here}

// favorite sources for paper, printers, ribbon and more {all my faves here}

// a NEW graphic design class for beginners teaching the basics of Adobe Illustrator in a un-intimidating way {learn more here}

// a entire online class written by me and my husband, Ryan {he’s really smart}, to teach you how to start a blog {click here to get started}

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