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picnic in the park {baby shower}

    My little sister, Hillary, is having her third baby {a boy} any day.  This is the last of the babies and so my older sister, Amy, and I hosted a special shower to celebrate sweet baby boy.

    I have had this idea in my head for a while and was happy to pull it together for Hillary. Something different and memorable and simple: A picnic in the park.

    {the invitations}

    We set out a few cotton rugs and a large painter’s drop cloth to use as picnic blankets, scattered throw pillows for comfort and created a vintagey/picnic feel with a few tables and decorations.

    The deconstructed chair is a project I have yet to complete but it was the perfect spot for the guest-of-honor to sit.

    Our only activity for the shower was to think of a word {character trait} that we pray for this new baby.  Each word would be stamped on a unique note card and hung from a mobile for the baby’s room.

    The mobile turned out really cute once the words were added. I’ll photograph it in his room shortly.

    We wanted the food to be fancy picnic food – all easy to eat without extra utensils or serving dishes.

    Pesto, turkey, mozzarella, tomato, arugula sandwiches, chips, cherries and the most delicious chocolate chip cookies from Specialties Bakery.

    All packaged sweetly in a wooden basket.

    It was a low-key party with close friends and family. Just perfect for showering my sister and her baby.

    My girls: me, Hillary, Amy and our pretty mom.

    … SOURCES …

    Food packaging {wooden baskets . glassine bags . waxed tissue paper . straws}

    Cookie packaging {chevron bags}

    62 thoughts on “picnic in the park {baby shower}”

    1. I love your ideas! Can you please re-post a link to where you got your berry baskets and the bags. (The links at the end of your posts are not working – at least on my computer.) Thanks!

    2. Hi – what size were those picnic baskets for the food? i’m trying to do that for a bridal shower but want to make sure the food will fit and the garnish size it’s hard to tell which size you got. i like the size you used since the food all fit. please let me know

    3. Hi!,, I’m from México and totally live your picnic idea! And I really like the múlti level table layer table where You placed the food. Where did You purchased it? Is there An online store I can buy it? Thanks!

    4. You are so brave to do an outdoor party in Seattle in June. It turned out absolutely amazing…. and it makes me miss Specialties cookies!!!

    5. Aaaahhhh! I love the owl print…please tell me I can buy it somewhere. I mentioned in an e-mail a while ago that I’d love to see you design an owl print with “Wisdom” on it, so I wondered if you did this one? Either way, can you point me to where I can get my hands on that precious little owl print?? :)

    6. Hillary you look amazing! Such a beautiful Mama! Congratulations! :) I miss seeing your beautiful smile at church (and talking in the nursing moms room instead of listening… I didn’t say that!) :)

    7. I couldn’t love this anymore! What a perfect idea! I love that her shower wasn’t in a traditional home (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but it’s so nice to mix it up!

    8. Tell us something about that 3-tiered table. Did you make it, find the separate pieces and put it together, or buy it just like that? LOVE it! And I love the little boxed lunches! SO cute!

    9. So cute!!! Planning my baby sister’s baby shower as we speak! On a side note – Emily, where did you find that adorable sriped dress?

    10. This shower was absolutely adorable! My best friend is expecting and this post is great inspiration. I especially loved the clever meal packaging. I bookmarked your sources for further references. Thanks for sharing!

    11. Too cute, Emily! What great ideas! I might have to take a few pointers from this shower so I can throw a great one for my sister-in-law!

    12. Aside from the beautiful & creative setting…having a picnic in the park takes away the extra work and potential stress of hosting the shower in one’s home…the house doesn’t have to be “ready for company”! Congratulations on the new little blessing for your family.

    13. What a great shower! I LOVE the chalkboard that has ‘baby’ written on it. Did you make that? I’d love to see a tutorial for that. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for! :)

    14. What a beautiful party!!! I love the vintage, Shabby Chic feel! The little baskets of food with the chevron bags are too cute and I love that you did the little stickers that said ‘Yum!’ It was the perfect finishing touch!!!

    15. Love it, it is so cute. I just planned a baby shower for a close friend recently so I know it can be a lot to handle, but great when all is said and done! Love the whole look!

    16. OMG, In LOVE!!!! Would love to see the striped paper in your Printable collection! I know you have diagonal stripes, but would love the vertical striped paper too!!! Also, is the edging on the striped paper from a Punch? It’s like a reverse corner-rounder….where do you find that?

    17. Just beautiful! My sister and BFF threw me a shower in the park for baby number 2 and I was the perfect way to celebrate in a casual way with our close friends. I can’t wait to see the mobile!

    18. This is the cutest baby shower ever!! Having the party outside is such a cute idea and I’m loving the picnic lunches!!

    19. Everything is just perfect! So many good ideas – thanks so much for sharing!

      Your mom IS beautiful – and all of you are, too.

    20. Picnics and celebrating babies are the best-what a great idea to combine them! I’m crazy about those wooden boxes for the lunches! I’ve never heard of Garnish- what a great resource!

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