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Coffee Chat Episode 25 | LIVE for the first time

We’re starting something new around here … Coffee Chat Live! Rather than my regular recorded video, I’m inviting you to join me live (online) each Tuesday at 11am pst. Yesterday was our first time meeting and it went so well! The plan is to do the live coffee chats on Tuesdays and then I’ll repost […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 23 |

Sometimes I like to do a thing we call COFFEE CHAT. It’s been a few months (what?!) so let me explain in case this is your first one. If we were hanging out in real life sipping coffee, perhaps we would chat about these things. I basically jot down a few topics, turn on the camera […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 20

You know the drill … grab a cup of coffee, press play, and let’s chat! MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO THIS IS CORI – a super cute fashion blogger who wears great mom-appropriate outfits and was the inspiration for my haircut. Here she is with long hair, and here with medium. Mine does not do what […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 19 | Sometimes I overshare :)

It’s Friday … which means it’s time for another episode of Coffee Chat! In today’s video, I’m being my typical self and possibly oversharing. Who really needs to know about my dysfunctioning gut? Or my fake tan? Well, maybe you do. Enjoy. MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO I touched on some of my health issues in THIS […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 18 | My, how time flies

Welcome to a new episode of Coffee Chat. I’ve missed chatting with you! The last coffee chat was right after we brought home baby chicks (watch it here) and here we are and those fluffy little chicks are now fully grown feathered hens ready to move outside. How did the time fly by so quickly?! […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 17 | Baby Chicks!

In today’s episode of Coffee Chat, you get to meet a special guest (about 1 minute in), hear about my current can’t-stop-wearing obsession, and get a little glimpse into why I love doing what I do. So grab a cup of coffee/tea/water/kombucha and let’s chat! MENTIONED IN THE VIDEO We got chickens! We chose 5 […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 15 | in the new kitchen

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat! Today we’re in our newly made-over kitchen. I posted the full reveal with lots of before and after photos (read that here) and your comments were so fun to read through! Many questions were asked on repeat, so in today’s video, I thought it would be fun […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 14

Welcome to the first Coffee Chat of the new year! The purpose behind a Coffee Chats is to pretend like we’re old friends chatting and sharing coffee. These are the types of things we might discuss. If you’re new to these videos, know this: I literally write a few notes about topics, press record on the […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 11 | There’s A Mouse In the New House

This week’s Coffee Chat episode is brought to you by stacks of moving boxes, eating off paper plates and sleeping on air mattresses. Because this is our life right about now. No complaining! We’re pretty used to living unconventionally at this point. Today we’re chatting about the new house (I can’t help myself), a run-in with […]

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Coffee Chat 07

It’s officially Fall around here! Well, maybe not officially, since that doesn’t happen until September 22nd, but with the kids back in school, football season starting and the weather turning, it sure feels like it. On today’s episode of Coffee Chat, I’m catching you up on our family road trip and how the transition to […]

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Coffee Chat – random summer + travel things

Hey friends, it’s Friday and that means it’s time for a coffee chat! I don’t have a video for you today, but I do have a handful of random thoughts/products/books and links to share. In case you’re new here, Coffee Chats are when we talk about the things we might chat about over a cup […]

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