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my favorite shoes for girls {with a discount!}

It has been a crazy winter weather week … more on that later.  But since I now have power and I am up before the kids I wanted to share a great discount with you {as was promised for yesterday’s post}.  Just a side note: I don’t really like when plans change {like a two day power outage} and I have no control and then I’m behind on schedule.  Please forgive me … art prints, JDC|Monthly, emails … they will come. I promise. They will just be a few days later than I’d like.

Okay, so my favorite shoes for girls. I’ve shared this company before, but I just can’t get enough of Joyfolie‘s most beautiful products.

First a preview of a few of the styles in the upcoming spring collection:


So pretty! Those gray stripes will be making their way into our life soon.

Because a new collection is about to debut, Jessica {the creator of Joyfolie} is offering a generous discount to JDC readers on the current collection in her shop.

Like the shimmery red julie shoe:

Love the bright print of the sabrina

The saidi is the style Audrey receive for Christmas {she loves them and so do I}

Funny how I’m not really a shoe girl myself, but I can’t get enough of cute ones for my little one.

To receive  30% off any item on the shoe page that is currently in stock use the code


at checkout. The discount code is good until next friday {1/27} so start shopping!

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the sweetest little dollies you ever did see


I made a few dolls for a few special little girls in my life.



She is wearing a cable knit ruffle-front sweater {not the easiest material to sew, but oh so cute} with yellow dot bubble skirt.




A little suit of jersey ruffles – sweet and simple.



Sawyer is funky with a polka-dot top, floral bubble skirt and a teensy flower pin {sewn on, not pinned}



The real Isabella is the best dressed little girl around, often sporting baby legs, so I decided to make a mini pair for this baby. 


Surely not as cute as the real little girls, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

{I used this pattern to make the dolls}

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little girls

Our little girl was invited to a birthday party this weekend.


I know she is only 7 months old, but it is the sweetest thing that she already has friends and goes to birthday parties.


{the birthday girl}


I can’t wait to see these girls playing together in a few years!



The party was a sort of fairy tale, woodland theme and was so thoughtfully done.





Yum : first donut for this baby girl!



Little girls are awfully sweet.

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thinking pink

I’m not a color girl. When I tear out images from magazines, they are generally very neutral, containing a lot of black, white & taupe. My house is pretty colorless as is my closet. I’m not sure if it is a commitment thing or just what my eye is drawn to, but i still prefer the calming, wonderful colorless colors.

But every once in a while, I find I crave a little bit of color. Last spring, it was yellow. I made some pillows, found books & accessories that I had laying around to pull in some yellow and I was very satisfied.

Right now, I want Pink.

pink flowers

Perhaps it has something to do with Valentine’s Day approaching,



or perhaps because a sweet baby girl will be entering our lives in the next few weeks,


but I feel the need to add some pink into my life.

1836 606034605_dc4bb7a874[1] il_430xN.109910285

I’ll let you know how it goes over with my house full of boys.

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