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a simple birthday party {and a really great gift idea}

My No. 2 turned six this month. September is usually a beautiful month around here and so we decided to do a party at the park again this year {see last year’s here}.

brady invite

But the day of the party was chilly and blustery, so we moved the party to our house.

Have you ever played cookie doodle? It is my boys’ current favorite ipad game. We based the birthday treats on the game and the kids decorated cookies.






There were a lot of kids! And I was a little worried it would be out-of-control, but it actually turned out to be a really fun project {and yummy too}.



{do you think my oldest has a sweet tooth?!}


{she does too}

If you are looking for a simple party idea, perhaps you could try a cookie decorating party. I bought the sugar cookies from walmart for $2 a dozen, a few jars of frosting and lots of sprinkles, mini candies and sour gummy worms {a big hit}. Easy, inexpensive and lots of fun.

zig zag

At the party, one of #2’s best buddies gave him the most thoughtful homemade gift.


My friend Rae {www.armommy.com} comes up with the best ideas : I’m especially in love with this one : a build a fort kit.


For a family who builds forts daily, this is the perfect make-it-yourself gift.


The kids love it.


Rae has put together a tutorial with instructions for how to put together a fort kit of your own. You can learn how to make it at www.armommy.com


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holiday confections {the party}

I’ll keep this sort and sweet with lots of photos :


IMG_8291  IMG_8279




{my sister’s cute house}


{my favorite food group: appetizers}


{toasted baguette with olive oil, cracked pepper, goat cheese & grapes : divine}


{bags to take cookie packages home in}









{a few of the sweetly packaged sweets}


IMG_8365  IMG_8367

:  S O U R C E S  :

all packaging supplies were provided by GARNISH which has the most fabulous food-packaging

image image image image image image

glassine bags, white boxes, clear boxes, cellophane bags, loaf liners and more

They also have my favorite stripy straws

image image image

these white containers that I want to use for something someday

image image

and simple lunch bags in white and brown

image image image

take a peek at their selection {h e r e}

The ribbons are from my assorted collection of favorites. Most are from Midori, May Arts and Ribbon Connections


The bakers twine is from Whisker Graphics

image image

The calligraphy was done by the talented Lindsay of Lindsay Letters


The tags, stickers & labels were either created by me {and one by Rae} or came from the office store.


download my collection {h e r e}

It was a wonderful party with delightful guests and I’m certainly hoping to do it again next year!

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the food

Are you tired of hearing about the Summer Boutique yet? This is the last post. I promise.

I don’t really think you can have a party without food & drinks and this event was no different. But I also knew that I couldn’t go overboard on the food because 1. I was so SO occupied with the store part and 2. I didn’t want it to be about the food, but just a nice accompaniment. 

So we opted for champagne



Sparkling lemonade with berries and water with lemon slices {served with these cute paper straws ordered from a store in Maine, go figure.}


And for sweets, we opted to join in on the cupcake trend.


{Think I should have ironed that tablecloth? Oops}

For the cupcakes, we did three different kinds.


Vanilla cake with french vanilla frosting and sparkling sugar.


Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate frosting with chocolate shavings.


White cake with lemon custard filling, cream cheese frosting with yellow sparkling sugar and a blueberry.

Sounds ambitious, yes?

Oh, just you wait for my secrets.

Betty Crocker boxed cake mix. Instant Jello pudding.  A hershey bar.  Jars of frosting.


I made the cake according to the box directions but baked them as mini cupcakes.  The chocolate mousse & lemon custard were made with a box of instant pudding {chocolate and lemon, poured into glasslock containers with cold milk and shaken by my boys}. Then I folded in freshly whipped cream. That’s it. 

What makes the cupcakes look fancy is the piping bag {thanks Dee!}.

 IMG_3124 IMG_3125 

My mom and sister filled the cupcakes using a little tip inserted in the top, then swirled on frosting and garnished.  The chocolate shavings were from a hershey bar that I took a vegetable peeler to.  So easy.


So beautiful.


And so yummy.


I think I’ll go eat a leftover now.

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the summer boutique

Last night we hosted the summer boutique.


And utterly exhausting!

I have a ton of beautiful photos I can’t wait to share, but I’ll start today with the before & after of our amazing space. 

This was hosted at my sister’s brother & sister-in-law’s house which is so beautifully designed and decorated.  They have this ingenious ‘garage’ space that they use as a playroom for their kids and  an entertaining space for big parties. Needless to say, it is not your average garage. It has wood beams, chair rail, a buffet counter and the most darling ‘bungalow’ guest house above it. I want to live there.  It all opens to a great courtyard with outdoor fireplace, a trellis with roses and a little grassy area surrounded by boxwoods {my favorite}.  It was PERFECT for our event.

Here is the before:



   And here is the after:




Oh, it was such fun.  Thank you to all you sweet ladies {and five men} who made this party a smashing success.  It really was one of my best days. 

But now, I am going to take a nap.

Lots more photos to come :

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A dream come true

About a month ago I had the idea of hosting a handmade sale.  I’ve read blog posts about little parties where handmade items are sold and it seemed like a fun idea.  I figured I would just have it in our home, set up some tables, ask a few of my talented friends to join me and we would enjoy an evening together.

I told my {very creative & entrepreneurial} husband about it and something happened.

He LOVED the idea.

And so we spent the next couple of days coming up with a very ambitious concept of hosting a party where we could also showcase a few things I love: stationery, salvaged & vintage items for our home, embellished things like pillows and art and anything silver, old or white.   We asked a friend if we could set up our shop at their amazing home and she kindly obliged.

And so, The Summer Boutique was born.


You may have noticed the image on the sidebar or the menu item up top, but I thought I’d explain a little bit more about what this event is all about.

Really, it is just us being us.

We are creative. We love using old funky things in our decorating. We find great pleasure in finding cool stuff, making something unique, re-painting, re-upholstering and finding new uses for random objects.  And {perhaps most of all} we love dreaming.

I’m hoping for a great turn-out {if you are in the Seattle area, please come by!}, but mostly I feel so grateful that my husband and I get to bring a dream of ours to life.  And that we get to do it together.

My father-in-law asked me this weekend where I was hoping to go with this.  Poor guy was living amongst his wife {our master curator of fine used goods, as we affectionately call her}, his son and me filling his house with our great finds and I think he was a little confused over our gushing! Anyway, I couldn’t really answer the question.  I don’t want to have too high expectations on this event, but at the same time, it feels so natural to us that you never know : we just may do it again.

Regardless, I feel so thankful to be able to express my creativity in a way that may inspire those around me – through my own creations and through what we will have available at the boutique.

And, like I said, to be able to do it with my husband is even more exciting to me.

It will be a busy week finishing up lots and lots of projects, but we are so looking forward to next Tuesday!

If you are interested in stopping by, click here for more information.

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