our christmas


i love Christmas. my husband laughs because whenever the next holiday is approaching {or season, i suppose} i always declare that it is my favorite. but, really, i do love Christmas. the decorations. the lights. the coziness of it. the excitement.


i love wrapping gifts,






and making things.

IMG_9851 IMG_9846


and {perhaps most of all} the yummy treats.


anyway, as busy as I am leading up to Christmas, we try to make it feel as special as we can for our family. we want them to have great memories of this wonderful celebration and also learn how to give and host and do kind things for others.

on Christmas eve, after a beautiful candlelight service {in which our first little boy held his own candle for the first time}, once the kids were in bed and asleep {finally at 10:00}, we finished wrapping up all the surprises and stuffing the stockings. our house looked so festive! except in this photo, the walls look mint green, which they are not.


on Christmas morning, this little darling woke up at 5:45 {about 2 hours earlier than normal}. that was not pleasant. the older boys awoke at 8 to a house full of grandmas & grandpas just waiting for them to come down the stairs. after about 2 hours of opening stockings and enjoying a delightful breakfast, this little guy had had it. he had a melt down over a candy cane {which he wanted instead of breakfast and got because 1. it was Christmas and 2. because of two grandmas who would do anything to make this little one happy}. so following his episode, he went to bed and missed all of the gift opening extravaganza. therefore, we have no photos of his third Christmas.


the older boys really only wanted legos. but we got them a few other things. our oldest tore through the packages with very little emotion about any of it until i realized that he was just waiting for a lego set.


sheer delight when they received what they wanted.



and they realized that the other gifts were lots of fun too. Christmas night we went to my in-laws for a few days to spend time with family. we had our second gingerbread house making contest :

IMG_0029 IMG_0030

an igloo


and candyland. he pretty much just tried to get as much candy on his house as possible.

IMG_0037 IMG_0038

grandma nonna’s dilapidated house


my sweet gingerbread cottage

IMG_0040 IMG_0041

my husband’s skyscraper {complete with elevator, lobby, boardroom, office, bathroom and, of course, helicopter landing}.

IMG_0043 IMG_0047

a tank


and our secind’s little gingerbread masterpiece.

Christmas comes and goes so quickly, but it was wonderful and messy and i think the boys will remember this as a good one.

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