a kate spade inspired collection

Kate Spade (and her team) always creates the most vibrant, classic, fun products and we were totally inspired by her flair for the July Paper Works Collection.

july paper works collection

Do you know about our Paper Works membership?

It all started because I needed a few organizational tools and couldn’t find just what I was looking for. So I started by designing a weekly calendar, some note cards and a chore chart that fit my needs. But after a few months of using the same design, I grew a little bored of them.  I needed something fresh to keep me excited about pulling out my weekly calendar to plan out our schedules.

And then it hit me: switching up the design – making all the things cute! – actually enticed me to use them. Which is exactly the point, right?!

july paper works collection all packaged and ready to ship!

I figured if the designs/templates worked for me, perhaps they would work for others, too. And so Paper Works was born.

july paper works collection - dinner menu, grocery list + weekly menu planner

It’s a monthly subscription service where you get all the goodies in a brand new fresh design that will keep you motivated, organized and looking cute all month long. Then just when you’re growing tired of the designs, a new collection is introduced! It’s like receiving a gift every single month.

july paper works collection - set of note cards

July’s set is just so happy. Vibrant colors, preppy patterns and an art print that is the essence of summer.

July paper works collection - pineapple art print + note cards

I love incorporating these scripture memory cards into each month’s collection. Tape them up to your bathroom mirror, hand them out to friends or neighbors or hole punch the corner and hook them all together with an o-ring (adding to your set with each new month). After a year, you’ll have a verse for every week!

july paper works collection - set of bible memory verse cards

Included each month:

month calendar*
weekly calendar*
daily planner
dinner menu*
weekly menu*
grocery & shopping lists*
dailies chart*
chore charts*
original art print
note cards
wallpapers for desktop, iphone, ipad
surprise extras

Simply open the pdf files and print on your favorite paper. Items with an * are editable, which means you can type directly on them before printing. This works great for general chores, recurring events on the calendar or regular monthly meals and especially if you don’t love your handwriting.


Choose the paper works option that works best for you:

paper works digital

Instant access to all pdf files. Download + print as many as you need and keep the files for future use. $9.99/month. SIGN UP HERE

paper works printed

Receive a professionally printed package right to your mailbox. You’ll have all the items you need for the month right at your fingertips (and you’ll also have access to the pdf files if you need extras). $29.99/month. SIGN UP HERE



P.S. Paper Works got her own Instagram account! Follow along for sneak peeks, styled shots, creative ways to use your paper goods and inspiration from other Paper Works users!


We would love to feature our members, so take a photo of how you use your items and tag us!

2 Responses to a kate spade inspired collection

  1. Lana July 14, 2015 at 3:20 pm #

    Hello Emily,
    Now I am reading your blog over a year. I think I didn’t miss one mail you sent. I love that you are so creative, I already made a couple of things from your tutorial. But most of all I love that you love Jesus.

    My first question is about that paperwork. I already once tried to buy it once. But I guess I didn’t work because I come from Germany. Is is not possible to send it to me?

    My second question is about the style. I always liked the country style. With white furniture and lots of roses and all in beige, white and light pink. Now when I look at the style you have, I like it very much and decided to change my decoration. I started to put all. Romantic flowery things away and bought gray, blue things (for example pillows) and things with a straight clear design. But still when I see a picture with lots of flowers or a tray in the country stile, I almost buy it. I always have to remind myself that this is not my style anymore. Sometimes it makes me sad. My question is: can I change my style? Or is it a part of me and I should not change it. On the other hand I really like to change but it isn’t easy. What would you suggest me in this situation?
    I am sorry for texting so much and for my bad English. Have a nice day.

  2. Julie Blanner June 26, 2015 at 2:49 pm #

    very, very cute!

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