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Learning a new skill or brushing off the dust on an old one is just one way we can live more beautifully in our everyday lives. The confidence you gain, the creativity that is sparked, the part of you that craves learning and expanding your skills … this is why we offer these classes.

Each course takes place online to make learning accessible for everyone, regardless of location. You always have the freedom to go at your own pace and with one full year of access, it means you can come back again and again when you need a refresher.

The word Simplified means to be made easy or uncomplicated. This is precisely what each course is about. What are the basics, the essentials? And how can those be explained and taught in a clear, easy-to-understand way so that a student will finish the class having confidence in their new skill? Whether it’s working with a complicated program like Adobe Illustrator, or helping to identify your decorating style, it is always my goal to simplify the concepts into understandable and actionable steps.




You want your house to look nice, feel comfortable and show off your personality … but you’re not sure where to start. In this online course, you’ll learn my approach to identifying your unique style and we’ll explore the process for decorating any room with confidence.





This course not only encourages handwriting but more importantly, teaches techniques to make your natural penmanship something you’re proud of (and therefore excited to use!). You’ll finish the course with improved penmanship, new technique and creative styles of lettering to practice.




Simplified Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator for Beginners / jones design company


If you’d like to create your own graphics for print or web use, but have little or no past experience with Adobe Illustrator, this is a great place to start. While the program can be intimidating upon first glance, this course will walk you through the most essential and helpful tools showing you how to create your own designs and leaving you with a comfortable understanding and confidence in working in Illustrator.






Once you’ve mastered the basics of designing in Illustrator, you are ready to build on your knowledge with new design projects and slightly more advanced skills. These techniques are particularly useful for web/blog/business use.







Techniques and projects for the everyday artist.

Coming Soon








Q: How do I register?

Registration is open on a loose-quarterly rotating schedule for each class. While there are no start or end dates to any class, there are limited windows when registration is open. Be sure to mark your calendar so you can grab a spot! Registration open and close dates are posted above.

Q: When does the class start?

Upon registration, you will have instant and unlimited access to your course. You can begin right away, or wait for a convenient time that works for you.

Q: How long do I have to go through the lessons?

There is no expiration to your course. Go at your own pace and enjoy the freedom to come back again and again when needed.

Q: What do I need before I begin?

All classes take place online, so you’ll need a strong internet connection and computer.

For the Illustrator classes, you can use either a Mac or PC and you will need the Adobe Illustrator software (get it here).

For the Penmanship class, we will talk about my favorite supplies, but you are welcome to use whatever pen, pencil and paper you have on hand.

For the Decorating class, there are no requirements! A pinterest account is helpful, but not required.

Q: How much time is required?

Each course is made up of 10-15 video lessons. Each lesson ranges from 5-20 minutes. Approximate run time for each class is 3 hours. There are no specific homework requirements, although as with any new skill, the more you practice, the better you will get!

Q: How do I access my class?

Once you have registered, you can begin your course right away!
Log in to your account using your email address and password. You can find your course(s) from the My Account tab under My Courses.




“It was money well spent.”
I’ve really enjoyed creating art for my home and my business {in just 3 weeks I will add, so it easy to do}. It was money well spent and you are a fabulous teacher!! – Aja L.

“I was so stuck in my creative learning … now I am so excited and full of ideas.”
I can’t tell you how much I’m loving this class. I was so so stuck in my creative learning and with two young kids at home I really needed something, but something do able, too. It took me a week to finally sit down and start, but I did half of it last night and literally slept for an hour because I was just so excited and so full of ideas. Alright, now I sound like a c.r.a.z.y. person… but anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! – Sarah W.

“I have already leaned and applied so much.”
Thank you so much for this class! I have done a few lessons and already have learned and applied so much :) I really appreciate your clear and simple directions. – Nicole

“I enjoyed being able to go at my own pace.”
Like others, I enjoyed being able to go at my own pace. I looked forward to the evenings when I could just sit down and go through a lesson or two. I plan to keep practicing and getting better and better. Again, I loved it and look forward to more of your classes in the future! – Nancy P.

“Learning new skills and polishing old ones!”
Loving these lessons … I’m especially enjoying practicing my hand work again after getting rusty and doing most of my design work on computers. Thank you for the inspiration to learn new skills and polish old ones! – Sarah D.




Questions, Comments or Suggestions for Future Classes?

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