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chevron: over it or still in love?

    The chevron pattern is all over the place … and has been for a while.

    We’ve seen it on walls:



    on curtains:




    and all sorts of odds and ends:






    I, for one, am still a fan.

    We just added this zig zag rug to our living room and I think it gives the space a playful touch.

    The rug is from Urban Outfitters and is quite inexpensive. I wish it was just a bit larger, but it will do.

    So how about you … are you over chevron or still loving it?

    140 thoughts on “chevron: over it or still in love?”

    1. I love chevron! I want to do so much with it but Im afraid I may not be able to hold myself back and my home will be chevron crazy! Great job! Love your blog! Visit mine at


    2. Still love it! I just started creating & selling personalized iPhone cases in my etsy shop with the chevron pattern, and customers are still LOVING it too! The question is, which color do we all still love? Gray & white, yellow & white, aqua & white??? Questions, questions. I’m also in love with bold beach stripes, ikat and quatrefoil!

    3. I like the look of it but I don’t have any in my own house because you see it everywhere and it has been so over done. I don’t want my house to look like everyone else. I am rather fond of some herringbone myself which is a variation of the chevron I suppose.

    4. I still love it. Unfortunately I dont have anything in my home with it except for notecards. I did see a picture on Pinterest of a brick fireplace painted black and white chevron and I loved it.

    5. I still totally love it. It is a classic pattern that, if used with the right colors, will never die. It’s like herringbone or hounds-tooth. I am over the fact that EVERYONE loves it, though. I’m hoping the fad passes and my chevrons live on timelessly. I know — selfish. :)

    6. Definitely still love!!! Love it so much I made a {sort of} chevron design quilt for my 2-1/2 year old when he moved to his big boy bed!

    7. Still love it! In small doses, though…like your rug – fabulous! Great pop of fun for a room…I think it’s a pattern that will be around for quite a while…just as long as it’s not overplayed in a room! Great post!

    8. I love it too! I am redoing our master bedroom and I got some awesome turquoise and white chevron pillows from Target that I am throwing on the bed. I like it in small doses since it makes a big impact. I’m thinking a cute bath mat to bring it into our master bath might be in order too!

      I LOVE that Urban Outfitters rug and I so want the turquoise one for my kids playroom!!!

    9. I’m still loving the chevron! I really love the rug you added to the living room. It really adds a fun touch! That’s a great deal on Urban Outfitters rugs – thanks for sharing!

    10. Emily… you MUST tell me. I bought the same Urban rug for my nursery but I can’t figure out how to make it lay flat all the time?!?! Mine bunches even with a regular rug pad underneath. Do you have something special to keep it from bunching up? I’m all ears!!!!


    11. Adore your blog, found you only 2 days ago but you got me hooked already. THANKS!!!! Chevron, hm, like everything else, its a question of personal taste – others dont have to like it, as long as you do!! Your newfound grey rug looks nice under your living room table. Can you not buy one more and stitch them together?? Cant wait to see your surprises tomorrow.

    12. I love it….I never knew what an impact a little chevron can make in a room! So, although many are either sick of or just don’t like it, I still am enjoying it — along with sunburst mirrors too!

    13. Did you see the cat sleeping on the green and white Chevron floor in the 2nd picture? Well, I kinda agree with Kitty. YAWN. I’m a little tired of all the zigging and zagging. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little zig and zag, but the operative word here is a “little.”

    14. I was hoping you said “yes” it’s still in! I just got a navy blue & white chevron rug for my dining room! I love it and yours looks amazing!

    15. i like chevrons with soft , muted , watery lines. i’m kinda over crisp chevrons. your home is beautiful and the the rug looks great. all kinds of love for your blog.

    16. The rug looks great in your living room! If you’re concerned about size and still want to save money, why not buy 1 more and place them side by side the other direction? You get a big rug for cheap!

    17. I’m still in love! I have the same gray and white rug from urban in our living room…I think it’s classic and will hang around!

    18. I love chevron and plan on incorporating into our guest bedroom redo. I wouldn’t put it on the walls, but I do think curtains & pillows are fun. I wouldn’t mind a spring handbag either. I seem to remember my aunts having chevron sweaters in the late 70’s. I hope it’s around a while longer.

    19. I was a fan for about 2 seconds! As you well pointed out, it is everywhere! I would put chevrons in the same category as the avocado colored appliances and hammer pants. You know that category…the “what was I thinking?” category! Pretty soon some of us are going to be asking, “what was I thinking?–CHEVRON!”

    20. I’m still in love!!! I want to paint a wall somewhere with it or something…it’s just too great! I did buy some black and white chevron napkins at Target a few weeks back and plan on making them into pillows. Can’t wait!

    21. I have a drapery workroom and we’ve seen a lot of chevron and I still love it. My favorites are subtle in tone and very classic. The high contrast chevrons can make me a bit dizzy but are very exciting.

    22. I feel like so many others that chevron is a classic pattern that will never go out of style. It just happens to be hip at the moment also. I’ll never stop wearing it & decorating with it!

    23. I think that looks perfect there! it adds the perfect amount of playfulness, especially since you have 4 kids running around!
      I just put one in my dining room in black and ivory, but really love your grey.
      what size is that one?

    24. Chevron is still the “new” stripes and it does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. I had thought about the Urban Outfitters chevron duvet for my sons room at one time. has a black and creme one that I have thought about getting for our family room. My pinterest pin with (I believe) the most *recent* repins is a room painted with a chevron wall. I think it will be around for awhile. I think it takes people longer to feel comfortable buying trendy things for their homes and once they have them it seems like they keep it for awhile – especially painted walls and area rugs. I love your new rug – so lovely! BTW I have sheer zebra print curtains from West Elm (sheer white with white zebra style stripes) that people still comment on and zebra is totally out and I still like them too ;)

    25. I am “older”, so have been more of a traditionalist for many years. However, I’ve gone nuts for the brighter and bolder patterns and I think Chevron is here to stay, at least for awhile longer. I think it freshens up any space if limited to 1-2 items only. I think it “works” with lots of different decor. think your rug is great- just enough pattern- and the size is great. Love your blog.

    26. I’m a fan of the lighter chevron patterns, not so much the bold ones. Bold chevron on walls makes me dizzy. :D I plan on painting a chevron pattern on some old closet doors that I’m repurposing to be a room divider. Not sure which color combo to do, but I love the gray and white of your rug.

    27. Never understood it and I’m so sick of it! I think it’s pretty unattractive, actually. The only thing I thought was kind of cute is using it as a party theme, but I would NEVER decorate with them permanently.

    28. I really like it on the floor- rugs and especially that tile. That green and white tile is gorgeous. I don’t really like it on curtains or on the wall. It just isn’t my style. It automatically becomes the focus of the room. On the floor is seems so classy.

    29. still love it, and will for quite some time I think! i’m a huge fan of stripes, so chevron is a fun “take” on those. I have both in my house and don’t see them going anywhere soon!

    30. I just recieved the same rug for Christmas from my sis……………am loving it! Chevron is still a fav of mine and anything with grey is a must have for me!

    31. The Chevron is a classic – here to stay. From children’s artwork through design options. Beautifully illustrated and shared. LOVE the rug.

    32. AMEN sister. I have moments when I want to scream at the next person who tells me I have my hands full, or did you really mean to have four kids? I think it is funny because 20 years ago 4 was average. It was 7 or 8 that was a large family. I love having four. Yes, it is hard. Sometimes I want to cry, but I am trying my best. I think that is all we can do. I have the four by myself alot too. My husband is a resident. I have decided that I am not going to miss out on opportunities just because I am alone. We are a family, and we do things together. Thanks for this great post. I needed it today.

    33. I have been loving it as well! I just found out I am pregnant and have been dreaming up my ideal baby room with chevron crib bedding, but haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Do you know of any companies that might have something?

    34. At first I held up my hands and crossed my fingers to Chevron. But, now….so many months after seeing it for the first time I’m okay with it. Will I add it to my home? No…it doesn’t quite fit my style. And maybe that is the thing right there. It just didn’t fit into my home. But….I’m finding that I like it for my paper crafting, etc. And I love seeing it in a rainbow of colors all over Pinterest. How long do you think it will be around?

    35. It is not a woven pattern {it is printed} so I’m not sure how it will wear over time, but it seems to be pretty good quality. The rug is semi thin, but soft. I think it would work great for a playroom {maybe just get a nice non-slip pad for under}

    36. Have to say love it but have not really seen lately….been married 10 years but my bridemaids dresses were a cheveron fabric…FAB!

    37. I have loved it for over a year now—but the fact that everyone has it now makes me a little less fond–but still i love it. I have the 8×10 chev rug from west elm–so I better love it!

    38. I am in the beginning stages of putting together a nursery for our 4th boy on the way. I was trying to come up with a rug idea for his nursery just this morning and this is perfect and a great price. Thanks for sharing! You saved me a lot of time.:)

    39. Never really thought about chevron’s except for the gas station…sorry! But they are starting to grow on me.
      Your living room is beautiful, looks comfortable and the rug looks good!

    40. Love it! (and btw, i SO appreciate your post the other day about taking your kids out to lunch. Makes me feel like I’m not the only one!)

    41. I am still digging the chevron. Especially the light gray/white combo. It’s dramatic, but not too overpowering like a black and white chevron might be. I am eyeballing some curtians for our family room with the chevron pattern. I think I might just do it! You inspired me!

    42. I can only handle little bits and bobs of cheveron like the pillow you feature or little accessories….I hope it doesn’t “go away” though as everyone should feel free to decorate as they please, not follow a “trend”….

    43. Ah — I still love chevron. I think my love for it will never die. It is certainly a fad that is sort of seeing a bit of a decline right now, so after some time I think its true fans will still be sportin’ it wherever, whenever.

    44. I still love it, too! I think chevron is here to stay for a while! Your rug looks great and it’s just what I am looking for in my children’s new gray and yellow playroom…great price, too! Thanks for sharing:)

    45. I LOVE CHEVRON! Hey also I need to buy a rug for my living room and it’s a well used room. I have a 3.5 year old and an 18 month old…what do you think about your Urban Outfitters rug? Would it be good for a room like that?

    46. A friend and I actually just had this conversation Friday night! :)
      I am still crazy about it…I actually have a design board that I’m working on right now on chevrons for my blog. The pattern certainly has a contemporary appeal. And is just plain fun. Somehow always reminds me of Charlie Brown. :)

    47. I like it for an unexpected fun pop, I just tire of it when it’s used everywhere because it’s the pattern of the moment — basically, when the unexpected starts becoming expected I lose interest.

      Having said that, I love your rug and think it looks fabulous!

    48. I love it…..its really a very classic design that has gained “recent” popularity. As with any graphic design, you have to be sure not to over-do it.

    49. Over it. I’ve always loved chevron stripes, but it’s almost ridiculous how popular they are right now. I’d love to decorate with them, but I just can’t bring myself to, because I feel like someone is going to come into my home, see something I’ve created, and say, “Oh, did you get that idea on pinterest?”

    50. It actually took me FOREVER to like chevron at all, when I first saw it I couldn’t understand why anyone liked it, I am a swirls girl :) But now I like it, it adds a nice variation in pattern. My living room was all white swirls, but I just covered a chair in mustard and white chevron in there and I LOVE it!!

    51. That watercolor chevron invitation is beautiful. I like your rug too, I’ve been watching one at West Elm, theirs has a different color stripe on the end. I like the drama using chevron can add.

    52. I hope it is here to stay, Chevron makes me happy :)

      And your post about kids— THANK YOU. That needs to be made into a Public Service Announcement. “Be nice to moms, it’s a hard job.”

    53. I was never really into it at all. But….I have to say I like it in most of these settings you’ve picked. Must be the muted colors or the scale is right. Like in the floor applications. Just don’t think everything that’s standing still has to be chevron. I’m pinning that rug as a consideration for our LR though!

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