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goals for the new year


    While perusing pinterest, I came across this fun fill-in-the-blank. Since goal setting does not come naturally to me, this prompt seemed like an easier way to reflect on little ways to make this new year a success.

    Here are my answers:

    BAD HABIT TO BREAK // staying up too late

    NEW SKILL TO LEARN // taking photos in manual mode

    PERSON TO BE LIKE  // all my life this has gotten me in trouble – this trying to be like someone else. I’m just going to focus on being the best version of Emily. Pale-skinned, overly-sensitive, non-planner and all.

    GOOD DEED TO DO // visit my grandparents once/month in their new retirement home

    PLACE TO VISIT // Africa

    BOOK TO READ // Atlas Shrugged. It’s Ryan’s favorite book and I promised I would read it. Plus, our dog is named after it.

    LETTER TO WRITE // a letter to my daughter, in book form.

    FOOD TO TRY // long ago I decided oatmeal was not for me. Maybe 2014 is the year to give it another try.

    DO BETTER AT // letting it go. Loosening my grip. Relaxing when things don’t go just so. Caring less about a tidy home and more about experiences in it. Trusting.

    I did this with my older boys last night and their answers were great. My oldest wants to break his habit of playing video games too much {amen}, my second wants to be better at using a good tone of voice {yes, please}. This was a fun and easy way to spark a conversation and help them do a bit of reflecting.

    Want to play along? I’d love to hear your answers!

    {This Year print created by Run Lucas Run and date altered by me, background image is one of my favorites by EyePoetryPhotography}.

    41 thoughts on “goals for the new year”

    1. The first two and the last one- I’m completely with you!! Why does sleep look so inviting at 5pm, but when it’s bedtime I want to finish a thousand things? And letting go is quite hard to do. To let others take charge and know it’s going to be OK. I wish also to let God take more control of my life, to be at peace and bring all my cares and worries to Him.

      About the oatmeal- it can be quite a treat! You might want to try this: Cook it in milk, when ready add a bit of honey and some cream. Now layer it in a glass with some frozen berries (I love raspberries). The piping hot oatmeal and the cold berries are simply delicious!

    2. Thanks for sharing this. I love the questions asked. I feel like it got away from the same run of the mill questions asked this time every year. I listed all of mine on this mornings blog post over on my site. I’m so looking forward to all you have in store this year. Your projects are so inspirational. Thanks so much!!

      Her Eclectic Life

    3. Totally selfish plug here, but you should look at going to Africa this year with the non-profit my husband and I started called Uhuru Child (Uhuru is the Swahili word for freedom). We create businesses in impoverished communities in Kenya that feed into building schools all in the name of Jesus! Here’s the website:

    4. Thanks Emily! I love the idea of writing a letter to your daughter in book form…so sweet! Thanks for such a great blog full of inspiration. Just a note of caution about Ayn Rand’s _Atlas Shrugged_… and I may be noting something you already know well and you just appreciate her brilliance…she was truly brilliant, so I can see why her books are so popular and read them myself as a teen… however, her world view leaves no room for God or for mercy/grace…John Piper wrote a greatly insightful 2007 article offering a Christian perspective on the novel on the 50th anniversary of the novel on his ministry’s website …just in case you are interested. I love the name Atlas because I love reading our atlas and thinking of how God holds the world in His hands and is near to each one of us.

    5. I completely agree with number three… I’m letting go of comparisons this year, so I’ll just be the best me I can be. That’s all God expects.

      Oh, try angel flake oatmeal. I get it in Amish Country. It makes the best oatmeal raisin cookies!!

      I dreamed I met you last night. I gave you a hug & told you that you were an amazing vessel for God’s word. :)

      God bless!

    6. Love this! We’re going to do this Sunday after church. We’ve been meaning to sit down with the kids and make some goals and this is just perfect.

    7. I’m with you on the “letting go” being a resolution this year. My friend has a magnet that I love that says “let go or be dragged”. I love that little saying. It’s going to happen…I can either let it happen gracefully or make it ugly by how I respond to it.

      Maybe you could make a print with that saying…pretty please!!!

    8. I so love this!!! I’m going to post something similar today, I think! This is such a fantastic idea! It’s so much easier to remember a few smaller resolutions than set unrealistic goals for the year.

    9. oh boy, Atlas Shrugged is a MUST. Also, read Fountainhead, maybe first? It will totally get you in the mood to read that big honkin book. Love this list, I hope I can remember to do this with my kids once I have them, and then they grow a little :)

    10. Heather Farrar - Seattle

      BAD HABIT TO BREAK // listening to the negative voices in my head

      NEW SKILL TO LEARN // setting up a budget and actually use it

      PERSON TO BE LIKE // the Me I remember as a child. Full of love, trust and adventure

      GOOD DEED TO DO // volunteer at an animal shelter or sanctuary

      PLACE TO VISIT // NY!!

      BOOK TO READ // 2 books this year – since I never take the time to do so

      LETTER TO WRITE // to myself to remind my self how blessed I am

      FOOD TO TRY // Pho

      DO BETTER AT // being in the moment and stop worring about what is going to happen next

    11. I love this…shows your heart for life and your family.
      We did something similar with our kids the other night, and our two boys gave very similar responses to your boys. :) I think ours were less video games and more patience.

    12. Love it! You must try steel-cut oats. They’re way better than the quick-cook or regular oats, but do take longer to cook. I make ours in the crockpot with a recipe from the new, updated Fix-it and Forget-it cookbook. YUM! It makes a lot and my husband and I just stir in a little milk and reheat throughout the week.

    13. Okay, I really don’t like oatmeal. I recently tried BetterOats blueberry muffin oatmeal, however, and it was delicious. Not very low in calories or sugar, but really yummy. It is the only kind of oatmeal I can get my kids to eat. It also makes my house smell really good when I make it.

    14. I’m going to be hoping for an oatmeal testing and post on your favorite with recipes.. I just noticed that you are getting loaded with oatmeal recipes! Lol!!!! (Blueberries is totally gonna win! YUS!)

    15. My husband and I just went through the questions. I’m not overly fond of making specific goals, but I liked the discussion that went with answering the questions. I am not going to share all my answers, but I am going to work toward more balance in my life – spiritually, physically, etc. I think the oatmeal issue is really interesting. I cook the quick cooking oats in the microwave in skim milk and add just a little brown sugar. It is fast and pretty tasty. Thank you for the time you put in your blog. I am a new reader and am really enjoying it.

    16. Oatmeal. I use quick cook. Follow direction til done boiling. Add 1/4 cup raisins. Cover and let sit for a couple of minutes. I add a little milk and eat. Love it.

      Bad habit : quit whining.
      Books: Since I read all the time. Less junk and more Word.
      Food to try: Less bread and junk.
      New thing to try. Crochet a afghan.
      Place to go. Disney world with the grands.

    17. Oatmeal can be if-y for me too…. but I have fallen in love with Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal. You should give that a try. We love adding a little milk & honey with a dash of salt & dried berries if we have them in the house. Yumm!

    18. We did this last night with our friends and our kids! :) so fun!
      Answered: being an impatient driver, using a table saw without fear (!), Jesus, I don’t share my good deeds- it should be about the person/ people not the attention, Alameda Flea Market, The Greatest Generation by Tom Brokaw, a note to our neighbors who put up a beautiful life size nativity every year, Ethiopian food, doing my best work instead of hurry up and get it done work. Happy new year!

    19. Emily, I don’t like “plain” oatmeal at all. I have a friend who has a food blog and she has the BEST ever oatmeal in the crockpot recipes. I love to make it at night and wake up to have a delicious breakfast waiting for me. She has several versions of the recipe. Her blog is The Yummy Life.

    20. I LOVE this, would you mind sharing the link from pinterest? I would love to print this out and frame it for my husband and I, a cool piece of art and a daily reminder!

    21. Here are some ideas to help with trying oatmeal. If you like yogurt, try overnight oatmeal. You put oats (not quick cook) in yogurt, preferable greek (I use lowfat vanilla) along with some fruit (I have tried apple, mango, and blueberries). I like to add a squirt of honey. Leave in fridge 1-3 days and enjoy. I have even added chia seed (for extra protein), slivered almonds (for crunch) or some pb2 powder (with apples). I saw Bobby Flay put oatmeal (cooked with brown sugar) in a baked apple and top with a dollap of greek yogurt. That looked yummy too! Sharlene

    22. My husband keeps bringing up Atlas shrugged. Can’t bring myself to reading it. Let me know how it goes. I agree with above poster about decorating your oatmeal. We prefer the old fashioned – the quick cook is mushy and gross. Also, try oat bran. I love it. It’s more like a cream of wheat meets grits. ( hope that doesn’t sound gross.) it’s good for you too! Will have to ponder your list. Mine is extensive, starting with earlier to bed to get my much needed 9 hrs and still get up at a decent time. Won’t bore you with the rest. happy New Year!

    23. 1. Cut out my use of electronics in the morning. I get too sucked in & next thing you know, a few hrs have gone by & I’ve accomplished nothing
      2. Would like to learn calligraphy
      3. My daughter. She’s only 11, but she is smart and funny and gracious and kind. She is also true to herself and I just think that’s the best!!
      4. Snail mail 2 handwritten notes to friends & family each month just because I love them
      5. New York. Catch a Broadway play & run in Central Park
      6. The Bible….it’s been way too long since I’ve started my days out with this beauty
      7. I will write a letter to myself this year. I need to remind myself of all of my blessings and that I really am enough just the way I am
      8. Want to eat cleaner….more veggies vs chips ;)
      9. Do better at living…..Just Doing It vs Thinking about doing it

      I’ve loved this exercise:) so fun. I was looking back the other day and realized how long it’s been since I’ve been following your blog…. We don’t know each other, but you have brought tremendous blessings and encouragement into my life, so THANK YOU for doing what you do & Happy 2014!!

    24. 1. Bad habit to break: worrying too much. All the time.
      2. New skill to learn: macro photography.
      3. Person to be like: this is a tough one…no ONE person but more patient, loving, forgiving.
      4. Good deed to do: more volunteering. Way more.
      5. Place to visit: my own province…beautiful British Columbia. All of it.
      6. Food to try: Quinoa. Haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet. It’s time.
      7. Do better at: not anticipating the worst. Be positive. Be kind.

    25. I completely identify with the staying up too late dealy. Oh my. I need to fix this one. 1:30 AM was coming too quickly and my promise to myself of quitting at midnight was broken 6 out of 7 nights. Trying to put together a monetized blog has sucked the life out of me, though I have enjoyed every minute of it! BUT, balance is key and I will focus on balance starting today.

      Happy New Year!

    26. Emily,

      Love your thoughts and have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you.
      So many times I relate to your thoughts as a mom, designer, and trying to do it all…
      My goal for myself is to strive for peace, within myself and to come across as being in a peaceful place. Instead of my normal trying for perfection in my home and business.
      I have been blessed with three amazing boys and life long friends. Why do we spend so time stressing over the rest?!?
      Thank you for putting yourself out there and giving us things to think about.
      And Amber I LOVE what you wrote “to be present not perfect,”
      Happy New Year and welcome 2014!!

    27. I love your list! I’m excited that I get to check off traveling to Africa this year to visit our world vision sponsored kiddo. Sounds like I’m not the only one with that on her list

    28. I love this! Agree with you completely on number 3! The last one–I’m going to do better at actually getting my blog published. I’ve let things get in the way and now it’s just hard to get back to it. I’m actually thinking I’ll have to start over on the blog class.

    29. Love this…would you mind sharing your list you made? I’d love to print it out. ;)

      And amen TO DO BETTER goals: those are my goals this year too.

    30. These are great!!! Just to let you know and be encouraged….I finally tried oatmeal again at Allume and loved it! So, we are now making it for breakfast! Just be sure to add some brown sugar and cinnamon. Happy New Year!

    31. My Goals for 2014:
      #1. Add character to our new home.
      #2. Inspire and encourage others through my new blog {thanks Ryan and Emily for helping me get started!!}
      #3. Be “Present not Perfect”.

      Blessings and joy to you in 2014!!

    32. 1. Trying to get it all “in” in the same day.
      2. Sewing (I have a machine – just need to put it to use).
      3. My mom.
      4. Visit my grandparents at least once a week. They love to see me and my kids soo much.
      5. Gotta think on this one…..
      6. No particular book. Just to keep reading and to be open in my selection.
      7. Instead of texting, I will send handwritten cards to my out of state friends (looks like I need to join the monthly club. 😀)
      8. Gotta think on the one also…..
      9. Proof reading at work (my boss would be so proud).
      Happy New Year!!! 🎉

    33. Great 2014 goals!!! Happy New Year. Now, as for the oatmeal…cook it like always, put it in the bowl, add some brown sugar, a little dab of butter and stir it up. Then top it with 1/2 and 1/2. OMG it’s like a dessert. It would be even better with some blueberries or raisins (or both!) added. I will be surprised if you don’t like it.

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