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So you want to make your own artwork, design your family’s holiday cards, create a personalized invitation, customize your blog with one-of-a-kind graphics or brand your small business without hiring a professional designer? You’re in the right place.  Learning to use Adobe Illustrator will open up all of those doors for you and we can’t wait to guide you through it! Whether you have basic graphic design knowledge or none at all, you’ll finish the class with confidence in navigating and using Illustrator and equipped with the most helpful tools and shortcuts to make designing easy and enjoyable.

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The class takes place online, so just make sure you have a computer with internet access. We use Adobe Illustrator for all of the lessons, so you’ll want that installed and ready to go on your computer. All functions and shortcuts are compatible with mac or pc.




“Something that would have taken me hours, even days, to figure out, took less than 10 minutes!”
What an awesome tutorial and so easy to follow along with you! I love all of the short cuts you use! Something that would have taken me hours…even days to figure out, took less than 10 minutes! Thanks so much. – Melissa D.

“I feel so much more confident using Illustrator.”
I lovvvvvved the class! I thought it was great for beginners. I feel SO much more confident using Illustrator. I’ve even made artwork for my house. – Susan C.

“The videos were very to the point.”I loved the simplified graphic design class. I took an adobe illustrator calls in college, but this was a very nice refresher course.  I used to make my invites and graphics in programs that were free and the quality was pretty poor. I have been designing away since I started the class. The thing I liked most about the class is that the videos were very to the point, and that you outlined what each video would cover. Sometimes when youtubing videos they have such long intros and talk about nothing before they actually get to the point. I like that the lessons were short so if you need a refresher you can go back and easily find what your looking for. Overall I thought the class was great and very helpful. Thanks for a great class! – Courtney F.

“This class has finally given me the confidence I needed to move forward with my business.”
I just wanted to thank you so much for putting the class together. In the past I had stumbled through teaching myself paint.net and GIMP but neither really ever did the things I really wanted it to do. Having someone to actually teach me the basics of Illustrator was wonderful! I feel like I was able to hit the ground running and spent SO MUCH time just playing—it’s so much fun!I also want to thank you because this class has finally given me the confidence I needed to move forward with my business, The Seasonal Supper. This is our first attempt to monetize the blog and while I joke that I have zero business sense, I do have pretty high standards for cute design so I knew that our product at least had to be cute! – Lauren B.

“It was money well spent.”
I’ve really enjoyed creating art for my home and my business {in just 3 weeks I will add, so it easy to do}. It was money well spent and you are a fabulous teacher!! – Aja L.

“You took me further than what I already knew how to do.”
I enjoyed the Illustrator class and just purchased the trial that I had downloaded to take the class.  I plan to go back over and over the lessons until I can do everything without having to go back to prompt my memory.  I had used an older version of AI some time ago, so some was the same, but you took me further than what I already knew how to do. Thank you for all that you do!  – Lois A.

“I was so stuck in my creative learning … now I am so excited and full of ideas.”
I can’t tell you how much I’m loving this class. I was so so stuck in my creative learning and with two young kids at home I really needed something, but something do able, too. It took me a week to finally sit down and start, but I did half of it last night and literally slept for an hour because I was just so excited and so full of ideas. Alright, now I sound like a c.r.a.z.y. person… but anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! – Sarah W.

“Someone who has never opened Illustrator would hugely benefit from the class.”
I have a little bit of experience with illustrator, but I still was able to learn so many things I didn’t already know. Some of the shortcuts you shared are life changing. Honestly. I can definitely see someone who has never even opened illustrator hugely benefiting from the class. You explain things in such a clear way. – Kimberly O.


sample Feel free to watch this video to get a sneak peek into the teaching style and pace of the class (and for 5 great design tips & tricks!):

Ready to jump into the class? You’ll have instant and unlimited access (no start or end date) to all videos plus the resource page upon registering.

No previous experience necessary!



Upon registration, you will have instant access to the lessons. You can log in anytime to watch and will have unlimited access. We want you to be able to come back anytime to refresh your learning – even months later.

The class is about 3.5 hours in total length.

You can sign up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription service and download the software straight to your computer. It is quick and easy. If you’d like to try Illustrator out before committing to the monthly subscription, you can try it free for 30 days here.

Adobe now only offers their software products through the Creative Cloud subscription service. The benefit is that you do not have to pay the hundreds of dollars upfront for the software, and you will have all future updates for free.

Yes! In fact, the class is taught using CS5 and most functions are the exact same as the current version. Just know that some older versions have more limited functionality and tools may be in different places than shown on the videos.

You can log in to your JDC account anytime using your email address and password. Once you are logged in, the class can be found here.

If you are wanting to learn how to navigate Illustrator, design invitations, create digital artwork, make logos or web graphics, improve your existing graphic design skills or try out a new hobby, this is the perfect class for you!



After years of designing invitations, Christmas cards and artwork in sub-par design programs, I finally decided to learn Adobe Illustrator. I had heard it was the best program to use for graphic design and the only thing ‘real’ designers used, so I figured if I was going to take myself seriously as a graphic designer, I might as well use the correct tools. A little unsure and intimidated, I purchased a copy, installed it on my computer and opened it up.

It was even more complicated than I imagined.

I tried clicking on a few familiar looking tools, but ended up with criss-crossing lines and an oddly sized workspace.

After just a few minutes, I decided I was, in fact, not ready for the real deal.

For the next year or so, I stuck with my less-professional, but much less-intimidating programs to continue designing projects. Eventually, these programs were not giving me the results I wanted or the tools I needed and so out of necessity, I gave Illustrator another try. This time, a friend gave me a few pointers that helped immensely. Simple things like: here’s how to open a new document, and here’s what the pencil tool does. Little by little, I clicked around trying out different tools, read forum conversations when I was stuck, and most of all, practiced. What was once super intimidating became very comfortable to navigate and soon all my designing was done in this once foreign program with better results and an easier workflow than with those previous programs.

The real test came five years later when my best friend and I decided to take an Illustrator class at our local community college. I was a bit nervous that I was using everything incorrectly, missing major functions and tools and just hacking my way through a very powerful design software and thus totally insulting everyone who actually called themselves graphic designers.

As it turned out, I had actually taught myself quite well.  There is still much about Illustrator that I do not know or use or even need, but what I’ve learned is that to be a ‘real’ graphic designer, you don’t need to be an expert in the ins & outs, every tool and shortcut and function of the program. You just need to practice, get comfortable with the different tools and develop your own style. It may mean you only use a fraction of what’s available within the program, but as long as you are enjoying the process and getting the results you are after, I say leave well enough alone.

Now it’s your turn to give graphic design a try.  If you’ve ever wanted to make your own artwork, design your family’s holiday cards, create a personalized invitation, customize your blog with one-of-a-kind graphics or brand your small business, learning to use Illustrator will open up all of those doors for you.  The best part is, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Is this class an exhaustive look at Illustrator?

Not at all.

Partially because I am not equipped to offer that, but also because if you are anything like me, we don’t need an exhaustive look at Illustrator. We just need the basics. The essential tools. The best functions. The common shortcuts.

Simplified Graphic Design.

I hope you are excited and ready to begin.





Each of these projects were done using Adobe Illustrator. Design boards and photos also use Photoshop. Create artwork, web graphics, logos, invitations + more.



We now offer a second class that builds off of everything learned in the first!


In this follow up to the Illustrator for Beginner class, we’ll work on practical projects where you’ll learn and refine techniques to be used for any creative endeavor.


Learn to design logos for web and print, create custom color palettes that can be used over and over, discover simple ways to draw and illustrate, layer graphics to create collages, play with adding text, number and arrows to graphics and increase your confidence in working in Adobe Illustrator.


Join both classes and save!


Registration for the summer session closes June 13th