Spring Breaking in San Diego

Each year we vow that we’ll go somewhere sunny and warm for spring break. For one reason or another, we never do.

Until this year.

Months ago we booked tickets to San Diego, California to visit my cousin and his family and to get some much needed vitamin D. We did not have much of an itinerary which made for a completely relaxing and happy family trip.

It has been a few years since the kids have flown (Audrey didn’t remember ever being on a plane, even though she has flown a few times) and they were all super excited.

We left Seattle on a gross rainy spring day and landed a few hours later in San Diego to bright sun and clear skies.

Just what we needed!

Traveling with big kids is so easy. The boys played on their phones/ipads with headphones in the whole time and Audrey spent her time looking out the window, listening to music on my phone and playing with the wikki stix in the kid pack that Alaska Airlines offers. They carried their own bags, were polite to the flight attendants and didn’t spill their drinks. I miss the days of little kids, but this made me remember how much harder it was back then to travel!

(Look at how gorgeous that fiddle leaf fig tree is!)

We spent one day at SeaWorld and had so much fun. Between the clear skies, the rides, the non-existent lines, the dolphin and orca shows, we were all very happy.

Did you know I have a thing for marine mammals? Dolphins, in particular. I just love them. Always have, always will. I teared up multiple times throughout the day when we saw them.

(P.S. when I was in high school I wanted to get a tattoo of dolphins jumping all around my ankle – like an anklet. I’m so glad I didn’t.)

Just across from SeaWorld is Mission Beach so after a full day of rides and animals, we popped over for a few minutes to hang out at the ocean.

It was sunny, but pretty chilly (like high 60’s) so I didn’t think the kids would need to change into the swim clothes that I brought along.

Um … how have I not learned yet that put any water-loving child near the ocean and he will inevitably give himself fully to it. We started by just telling them to only go up to their knees and within minutes, all three of the younger kids were soaked. And loving it. I totally get it. I was the same way as a kid, too.

On another day, we drove out to La Jolla. It was raining earlier in the morning, but it cleared up just in time for some sight-seeing, sea lion watching and more beach time.

(can you see the sea lions on the rocks?)

Ryan calls California The Motherland. He loves it so much. We met at college in Southern California and he spent a portion of his childhood in Santa Cruz, so it’s in his blood. And, truly, there is so much to love about the laid back attitude, the blue ocean, countless beaches, fast drivers, and health-conscious restaurants.

Speaking of health-conscious … the cousins took us to a dessert place on our last night that certainly does not fall into this category but it was the perfect ending to a great trip.

Audrey ordered the Unicorn Sundae complete with cotton candy, marshmallows, and a candy bracelet. How over-the-top is that?!

Also? Even though it wasn’t very warm, we all were kissed by the sun and it felt so good.

We’re grateful for a quick getaway with time with cousins, swimming, sunshine, dolphins and sweet treats.

And now it’s back to school and work and activities galore before summer break is upon us (how did this school year go so quickly?!).

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