our one year houseaversary

Our one year houseaversary was yesterday. One year in our new house! Kinda hard to believe how fast that year went.

Have I ever told you the story of how we found this house?

Grab a cup of coffee, cozy in and let me tell you …

We bought our last house when we just had two babies and were ready for suburban, new-build life. Our house before that was a darling, but falling-down 1920’s craftsman in Seattle and we were just over our heads with what it needed. We didn’t expect to live in our big neighborhood house for as long as we did (10 years!) and were always talking about where we would move next. Texas? California? Closer to Seattle? Near the water?

We left on our road trip with the faint idea in our minds that if we fell in love with a city we visited, we would be open to moving. As we traveled, we became more convinced that while we were excited about the prospect of moving, the Pacific Northwest was where we should stay.

We were casually hunting online throughout¬†the road trip but it wasn’t until our last long drive of the trip – with an accidental empty tank of gas, as we were stressing and holding our breath hoping we made it to the next gas station – that this house popped up on my real estate app.

I saw it and knew it was the one … but couldn’t really entertain that thought at the moment because we were literally coasting towards an exit grateful for the kids’ razor scooters in the back in case Ryan needed to use one to make it to the gas station if we were stranded.¬†All turned out okay; we made it to the gas station, we checked into our last campsite and finally had a chance to study this new listing.

The good thing about us is that we are very analytical. We had literally seen hundreds of potential houses and none were quite right. When we saw this one, we both knew right away it was the house for us.

Funny little side note: the previous owner was a firefighter in the same department that Ryan worked at. They built the home in the early 90’s and raised their kids and were ready to downsize. It was a strange and confirming connection.

Anyway, we had one more week of our trip – the big finish and our annual Jones family vacation. There was no way we were going home to look at a house and miss our family vacation, so we put in an offer without actually seeing the house. Our offer was the highest, but the owners wanted to wait until we toured the house in person before they would accept it. It was brutal to wait, but also allowed us to pray and trust that if this was the right next place for our family, God would work out the details.

We finished our family vacation and came home on a Sunday. On Monday Ryan and I went to see the house. On Tuesday the offer was officially accepted. On Wednesday I enrolled the kids in our new school district. Thursday was Meet The Teacher day. The following week was the first day of school. IT WAS INSANE.

But you know what? It all worked out.

Initially we thought we’d just commute the kids to their new schools (about a 45 minute drive from our old house). We did that for the first week and decided it was just not going to work.

Our friends offered for us to stay in their garage studio apartment nearby and we took them up on it. Our expectation was that we’d just be there for two or three weeks … and then our closing kept getting pushed back and back and it ended up being a six week stay.

But even that was so perfect. We were able to build deeper friendships, transition to our new town, and since we had just lived in a tiny airstream trailer for 4 months, bunking up in a studio apartment for six more weeks was no big deal. (P.S. Camp bunkbeds for the win.)

Our closing date finally rolled around and we could not wait to get our hands on our new house.

Here’s what things looked like on night one:

Celebrating with friends and my sisters with a healthy dinner of eggnog and pizza.

And by night two, we couldn’t stop ourselves :)

This home has been so good to us this year. The layout works great for our family, it’s a playground for our design appetite, the kids have made great friends and we love having so much outdoor space.

Plus, living so near to the water does something good to my soul. In order to get to our town, you cross a big bridge and I literally sigh each time I cross it. I just love the water.

My plan for this post was to show all of the progress we’ve made to the house this year, but instead I guess the story of how it came to be ours and what it has meant to us had to come first.

Moving is scary. Especially when there are kids and community and comfort involved.

Moving is also hard. Like, physically and mentally hard. I thought we’d be all settled in and didn’t realize how long it takes to figure out where to put things and find your way around a new town. We still have packed boxes and a hodgepodge of furniture just sitting in our unused dining room. There are a million projects we haven’t started and haven’t finished and sometimes that can feel unsettling.

And yet, moving into this home has been a beautiful season for our family.

Thanks for following along with all my ramblings :)

I’ll put together a progress post with all of the before and afters on the house so far. I can’t wait to have that all in one place so I can remember how much we’ve actually completed this year.

If you have any thoughts or questions or fears about moving, let’s chat in the comments …

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