Let’s make our month more meaningful

For the most part, my days look the same.

Hit snooze, roll out of bed, read + journal, get the kids off to school, go to barre, work for a few hours, throw in a load of laundry, drive kids to various afterschool activities, make dinner, clean up kitchen, kiss kids goodnight, tidy downstairs, hang out with Ryan, watch tv, fold laundry, scroll Instagram, go to bed.

Sound familiar?

It’s a nice life, for sure, and one I am grateful for.

But sometimes it just feels like it all melds together. A week or two or three go by and I’m like, where did the month go?!

Did I learn anything? Did I do things that matter? Or did I just hurry through on autopilot and forget to really live?!

I love multi-tasking, checking off a to-do list, keeping a tidy home and staying on top of my email inbox. I like routine, efficiency, and feeling like I’ve got it together.

But I equally love rest. I like lingering in bed to think, late night conversations with the kids and when bible study goes extra long because we all just want to stay and chat. I like impromptu crafting sessions, books I can’t put down and baking cookies at 10pm. These distractions from my schedule look like inconveniences, but somehow always feel worthwhile.

There is this delicate dance in life that moves between productivity and purpose. I’m determined to learn how to do it gracefully.

As I’ve been pondering this idea of adding purpose in with the productivity, I have come up with a couple of things we can do.

We can:

+ send a handwritten note in place of a text (because who doesn’t love receiving a real envelope in the mailbox?!)

+ post scripture throughout the house (because I believe this is true: “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” – Isaiah 26:3, NLT)

+ make small intentional choices throughout the week to be grateful, prayerful and to set a few simple goals that feel personal, purposeful and accomplishable.

These are all great things to think and talk about but I don’t want it to end there. I want to actually DO these intentional acts.

The problem is, life gets busy and we need physical reminders to keep us focused on the things that truly matter. And, wouldn’t it be great if those reminders looked cute, too?!

Since I tend to look at life through the lens of a designer, I put together a collection of paper goods as practical tools to help us make next month just a little more meaningful.

It’s a collection that combines productivity, purpose AND it’s pretty :)

This limited time December Print Collection includes:

ART PRINT | stylish encouragement for your walls

Simple and neutral with a cheerful Christmas message. I think this art print would be so great in a guest room for holiday visitors!

THIS WEEK | the perfect combination of purpose + productivity

This is my new favorite daily planner. I have one on my desk as we speak and it is such a great tool for keeping track of the weekly schedule and giving space and prompts to decide what’s really important to you.

SCRIPTURE CARDS | display, memorize and share

Tape one to your mirror, add it to a package of Christmas cookies or keep them in your car to remind yourself of truth as you go about your day.

NOTE CARDS + ENVELOPES | delight your loved ones with handwritten notes

These petite note cards (3.5 x 5) make it so easy to write just a few thoughts, pop one in an envelope and send it off to make someone’s day.

LISTS | jot it down and check it off

If you are going to be productive, you might as well use something pretty to write on. Use these for groceries + to-dos or anything else you need to get out of your brain and put down on paper.

GIFT LIST | organized gift-planning for enjoyable gift-giving

‘Tis the season for gifts. Take some of the stress out of all that planning, budgeting and shopping with this simple gift list to keep it all in one place.

GIFT TAGS | lovely labels for your gifts (just trim, hole punch + add string!)

Gift wrapping isn’t just about hiding what’s inside, it’s also the perfect way to put extra love into presenting a package to show how much you care.

If we’re not careful, we’ll blink and the Christmas season will be over. This December Print Collection offers a few small ways to help make our month more meaningful.

The December Print Collection is professionally printed on thick matte paper and will be delivered to your mailbox by December 1st.

For $20 (with FREE shipping!), you’ll get:

  • 1 8×10 Art Print
  • 4 This Week Planners
  • 4 Scripture Cards
  • 4 Note Cards + Envelopes
  • 2 Lists
  • 1 Gift List
  • 1 Sheet of Gift Tags (trim, hole punch + add string)


Save $5 when you order two sets! Keep one for yourself, give one as a gift (think teachers, hostess, your already-has-everything sister). CLICK HERE TO ORDER A SET OF TWO.

*NOTE: The last day to order is November 14th so grab a set while you can!

I’m excited to put these paper goods to use in my own life and can’t wait to hear how they help you move with grace and purpose throughout your December.

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