Coffee Chat Episode 25 | LIVE for the first time

We’re starting something new around here … Coffee Chat Live!

Rather than my regular recorded video, I’m inviting you to join me live (online) each Tuesday at 11am pst. Yesterday was our first time meeting and it went so well!

The plan is to do the live coffee chats on Tuesdays and then I’ll repost the video here on Wednesdays with all of the links we talk about in the video. Maybe once per month we’ll do an evening edition to make sure those of you who can’t tune in during the day can have a chance to hang out live.

A couple of notes about this first video:

I started recording just a few minutes before we officially began, so you can either listen from the start or skip to 4:08 where we really begin.

Also? I feel like I went a little deeper and more vulnerable than I meant to on this one. I mean, this is very true of me – I do love talking about meaningful, tender topics but I don’t always do it on the blog OR on a video for all to hear. But, hey, my hope for these coffee chats is for us to feel like we’re sitting together having a conversation and quite often these are truly the things I talk with my real life friends about.

At around 18:40 is where the question and answer part begins. Again, feel free to stick around for as long as you have time for.  I loved answering the questions and look forward to hearing your thoughts as well!

Alright … grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.


  • My new morning routine is including a new devotional called NEW MORNING MERCIES by Paul Tripp. So good.
  • I’m giving the MOMENT app a try to help me monitor my phone use. I can’t decide if I love it or not, but it has been interesting to see how often my phone is my go-to when I’m trying to fill time.
  • This is my CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPE that I’m pretty proud of. You can get a FREE ILLUSTRATED RECIPE CARD here.
  • This SALTED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE recipe from SMITTEN KITCHEN was very, very good. Maybe better texture than my regular recipe, but the dough was not quite as tasty. But I still say try both.
  • And definitely sprinkle FLAKED SEA SALT on your chocolate chip cookies from now on.
  • A list of my FAVORITE PODCASTS
  • I’m currently reading CALLING ME HOME.
  • And soon I’ll re-read THE RED TENT.
  • We talked a lot about the Enneagram in this episode and I am always happy to chat more about it! It’s been a really helpful tool for me in helping me identify my strengths and weaknesses and tendencies and desires. I feel grateful for the tool and the many books and podcasts that have stretched me this year. To start, take an ONLINE TEST here and read through the descriptions. Then get THIS BOOK or THIS BOOK. And listen to THIS PODCAST episode.
  • That quote I was trying to quote but completely botched:

image via

Thanks again for all of those who joined me live. I’ll do this every Tuesday at 11am pst and then post the videos here on Wednesdays. If you’d like to get an invite to join the live coffee chat, please join my email list RIGHT HERE.

Thanks for chatting!

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