christmas movie bingo

Confession: I’m an unashamed fan of Hallmark Christmas movies.

It all started for me last year. I sort of feel like maybe Hallmark Christmas movies made a leap into pop culture last year? All of the sudden it felt like people were watching and talking and slightly embarrassed by the cheesiness and yet not able (or willing!) to look away. There is just something so easy about the movies.

You don’t have to think too hard.

You are never surprised or stressed or worried.

Everything always turns out.

They are basically grown-up Christmas-themed fairy tales.

And I’m totally okay with all of that.

Last Christmas all of my family spent a few nights and we unintentionally held a Hallmark Christmas movie marathon. My sisters, the guys, some of the kids. While watching, we developed our own version of BINGO with all the repeat storylines seen in the movies. We collected all of our categories on our phones and checked things off as they were seen in the movie.

I decided this year to turn our game into an official paper game.

We used the Bingo cards over Thanksgiving break and laughed the whole time. It makes movie-watching that much more interactive and keeps you looking for the different scenes in each movie.

Of course, I had to make the cards printable files so you can play along, too!

The pdf file has 10 different game boards with the words scrambled so up to 10 people can play at a time. There is also a page with blank templates if you want to fill in your own.

To play, print off the game boards and trim to size. Then turn on a movie, grab a roll of washi tape and peel off pieces to as markers. The first person to get 5 in a row (that center box is a freebie) is the winner! The washi tape will peel off so you can reuse the boards for another time.

The download is free and can be found in THE ARCHIVE, my library of freebies. If you are already a JDC subscriber, just enter your email address; if you are new, pop in your email and you’ll be in!

Merry Christmas and happy movie watching!

Outfit details:

Hallmark Movie t-shirt | Blazer (vintage) | jeans | booties | crossbody bag

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