Six Casual + Classic Fall Outfits

If I could only dress for one season, I would always and forever choose fall. As much as I love the sun, what I love even more are jeans and layers and boots and sweaters. In fact, last week while sitting on the beach in Hawaii with only a swimsuit and flip-flops on I thought to myself, I’m really more of a layers person.

My girlfriends asked me if I wish I could go back to those gorgeous beaches in Oahu and I hesitated. I mean, sure, take me back to vacation at any time. But also, I LOVE the fall around here and don’t wish to be anywhere else. The trees are gorgeous (did you see the one from our front yard?!), the temperatures are mild and I get to put on layers (my fave).

Since we can all use a few new outfit ideas, I’ve put together six of my go-to outfits this fall.

You’ll notice if you’ve been around here for long that I tend toward neutrals, denim and casual styles. I do my best to fill my closet with classic, basic pieces that are easy to wear and can be mixed and matched again and again.

It always feels so silly taking pictures of myself for these posts, but I do it for you. I know how helpful it is to see how others put outfits together – especially casual, everyday outfits. My hope is that you can use this as a great shopping list for basics and layering pieces, and maybe a few outfits will spark some ideas of how you can mix items you already have in your closet.

Let’s get started!


If I’m not wearing denim on the bottom then I’m likely wearing it up top. In this case, a new perfectly fitting chambray top to replace the one I’ve been wearing on repeat for the past five years. I don’t have anything against wearing this top with actual denim-colored jeans (I just like the colors to not match) but I also like it with my trusty black jeans and cute booties.

black skinny jeans | everyday chambray shirt | booties | earrings

Just in case you’re curious, I don’t wear socks with the shoes so they are not super practical to wear all day if your feet get sweaty or if it’s cold and rainy outside.


Do you all follow Living With Landyn? If not, stop what you’re doing and go check her out. She is fashionable and friendly and so pleasant to follow. Anyway, a while back she posted this cape-scarf and I took her advice and ordered it. I’m so happy I did because I’ve worn it a bunch already. It’s lightweight but still warm and perfect for throwing on over a tee on warmer days or a thin sweater on chillier days.

cape-scarf | v-neck tee | jeans (old) | similar booties


This feels like a really good outfit equation for my life: jeans + tee + long cardigan + booties.

To make things really crazy, I added a leopard print belt.

cardigan | striped tee | jeans | belt | booties | hoop earrings


I wore this to church last week and felt half cute-half old. Bootcut jeans and a turtleneck tucked in is not necessarily the look of a young person. But I feel like it is classic enough to be timeless. Maybe?!

The jeans came from the Nordstrom sale earlier this fall. This is my first new pair of bootcut jeans in years … I still like a skinny jean, but these are a nice alternative.

bootcut jeans | similar turtleneck | similar heels | tortoise hoop earrings


If you were to see me on an average Saturday, you would likely see me in this outfit (or a combination very similar). We jump between Audrey’s soccer game, Mason’s flag football game, Ethan’s cross country meet and Brady’s football game so casual, warm, no-fuss outfits are what I grab. Also, a hat. Always a hat.

fleece sweatshirt | similar jeans | shoes | hat


Remember that outfit formula up there? Same thing here, just different pieces.

jeans (same style) | camel sweater | white cardigan | similar flats | earrings



And that is basically what I’ll be wearing all fall.

Just add this raincoat or this vest or this puffy jacket and I’m set!

Do you have a favorite look? Something you could put together from the things already in your closet? Or is there a piece you’re excited to add to your wardrobe this season? I’d love to hear!

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