Back Patio Makeover

For just over a year, our back patio has sat unused. When we moved in, there was a large pergola covering the patio that was charming, but not quite right. Besides being bulky and causing the patio to sink in the corners, it also blocked a lot of light into the house. Since we’re surrounded by lush trees and already struggle with natural light, taking the pergola down was an easy choice.

But once we took the pergola down, we were left with a plain patio with nothing on it. And therefore, it sat unused and a bit tired looking. Most of all, it felt like such a bummer to not sit out there with such a pretty yard to enjoy.

Well, all that changed when Ryan bought me an outdoor table set for Mother’s Day and Article partnered with us to give us the perfect furniture to turn our blank patio into a welcoming retreat.

I’m seriously so happy to now step out the french doors off the kitchen and see a cozy place to sit, to dine, to relax and be outdoors.

Here’s a pulled back shot of the back of the house to help make sense of the space:

The french doors on the left lead to the kitchen, that set of three windows sits above the kitchen sink and to the right is the dining room.

Eventually, we’d like to build a deck or extend the patio across the whole back of the house to connect the two spaces and give us more outdoor living area, but (as with just about every house project at this point) we’re waiting until we’re sure on the future kitchen layout before making any updates. We’ve considered removing the french doors into the kitchen and putting a long bank of windows across the back. We’ve talked about putting three sets of french doors along the back. We’ve thought about pushing out the dining room and using that unused porch for more interior square footage. We’re just not sure.

So until then, we’re using the patio as is and wanted to make it more attractive and usable in the meantime.

Even though we were outfitting an in-the-meantime patio, we still wanted to choose furniture that would work in the future when we do build a deck or expand the patio.

We started with a simple metal dining table and chair set from Target (unfortunately no longer available).

I searched and searched for the right outdoor furniture (sofa + chairs? sectional? wood? metal? woven?) and when I saw these teak chairs from Article, I knew they would be perfect.

At first I thought about getting the matching sofa and pairing two chairs with it, but then Ryan suggested a grouping of four chairs and it all came together.

The chairs are classic, clean-lined, well-made, and durable. And – BONUS! – the seats are wide and super comfortable. They are made of solid teak which means they are heavy and substantial and also weather-resistant (a must for our Pacific Northwest weather). Just to preserve the furniture for as long as possible, I do put covers over them each night and we’ll store them indoors during the winter.

We layered the seating area over an eco-friendly outdoor rug also from Article. It is made from hand woven strips of recycled bike tubes (you can see the rubber along the perimeter) which makes it both cushy and good for outdoor use. Again, we’ll roll it up during our wet months to keep it looking good.

How handsome is our Atlas pup?!

The chairs are arranged around a new propane fire pit that I altered to give it a more modern look (tutorial coming soon!).

Of course, I couldn’t resist adding a few new pillows to my pillow collection and these woven ones were a lucky find at Home Goods.

I love the combination of the durable rug, the modern, straight-lines of the chairs with the concrete on the fire pit, woven side table (also from Home Goods), cozy textiles and lots of greenery.

I’m so happy that now the back patio feels like an inviting spot to curl up with a book, eat meals, and gather around the fire.

If you are on the hunt for outdoor furniture, be sure to take a look at all of the Article offerings. The quality is excellent, prices are great and shipping is only $49. They also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee which makes ordering online a little less intimidating.

Article sent the chairs and rug to me in exchange for sharing with you which I’m so grateful for. But I also want you to know that I am truly impressed with the furniture and customer service and my experience working with them. It is a company I will support again in the future!


chairs| Arca Vintage Brown from Article

rug | Velo White Rug from Article

dining table + chairs | Target, no longer available but here’s a bistro set

fire table | Rocksprings Fire Table from Target, modified by me (tutorial coming)

woven side table + pillows | Home Goods

patio lights | String Lights from Costco

hanging chair | Swingasan chair from Pier One

Any other source questions or thoughts on the makeover? I’m happy to answer in the comments!

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