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Enter below for your chance to win this collection of favorite things:

q&a a day // walk in love art print // striped twist ties // dish towel // flower pin // starbucks gift card


2,803 thoughts on “giveaway”

  1. I recently discovered your blog and am in love….I see new potential with every wall in my home now. Thank you!

  2. Umm – I like the tea towel, but then the nesting bowls would sure be handy – or maybe I need the rubber gloves to wash the nesting bowls and then I could dry them on the tea towel – What great fun

  3. What lovely items! Just the thing to make us smile at the end of winter and at the beginning of “mud season”! :-)

  4. Love your blog! Making the Martha Steak tacos as we speak! Love the I can not do it all poster… hope I win it!

  5. yellow yellow, my favorite fellow!!!!!!! so sunny & bright makes everything right. (just wrote that on the fly!)

  6. LOVE all the fun things you put together…especially the placemats! I ran to Target to find them but to no avail…so I’m extra hoping I get picked to win them :)

  7. becky katsaropoulos

    oh… and we loved Legoland too. We took 4 of our 5 children ages 5 to 15 at the time. They all enjoyed it for one day.

  8. I love all the yellow! How perfect! We’ve still got snow galore here in Minnesota, but I’m hoping for a good thaw soon!

  9. What a great giveaway. So much beautiful spring in one place. I’d love to win. There is enough here to share with someone special. Thanks.

  10. I just started following your blog and it is WONDERFUL. Thank you for putting time and effort into your post so that we can see all your creativity.

    P.S. I love the gloves in this givaway : )

  11. So LOVE your giveaway!!!!!! Loving how this happy cheerful package makes me feel on this very windy-rainy day !! :)

  12. I love, love LOVE your blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed all your posts and other links….thank you!! I would really enjoy the giveaway;esp the ruffled gloves, color and really everything!;) Thank you for your honesty…I love to hear how God is working in all of our lives. Blessings!!

  13. My husband and I just finished renovating our first home and these are the colors of our kitchen. What a fabulous giveaway! Also, I just spread the word on facebook and to my boss (interior designer!) You site is excellent!

  14. Yellow is my favorite color so this giveaway speaks too me. It would also put a little sunshine in my gray and rainy day.

  15. hello Emily – I am a fellow momma of 4 with 3 ladies and 1 gent, your opposite :D I am a great fan of your blog, your style, your heart and your love of the Lord. Thank-you for giveaway chance!

  16. I LOVE your artwork. I have already bought several pieces and this was one I debated on but couldn’t buy it all. I love yellow and love your blog. Would love to win this!

  17. Love it all but the gloves make the mundane look absolutely glamorous. I can see this will definitely be a prize the whole family can share (whether I want to or not:))

  18. Love the yellow this month…even as it snowed four inches last night I still feel happy knowing that this month you are thinking spring!

  19. These are SO happy! The perfect injection of sunshine into these gloomy rainy days :) I’m keeping my fingers & toes crossed!!

  20. Love reading your blog and looking at all of your wonderful ideas! Love the colors in your giveaway package- great for Spring!

  21. Love your color choices, puts me in a bright mood on this dark and rainy day… I know April showers bring May flowers, but what is to be said about March? :)

  22. I don’t have a dishwasher. Those gloves are calling my name!
    p.s. Your blog is a recent discovery and I can’t get enough! xoxo

  23. We are moving in a couple of months and I think the towels and place mats could be my inspiration for my kitchen decor!

  24. Love, love your creative ideas! There is something about being able to take time to be a little crafty. Just as rewarding to finish the craft with some success.

  25. I love the items you collected. They are beautiful individually but just gorgeous when combined together.

  26. Thanks for the giveaway! I posted on facebook so my east coast friends could see how awesome your style is!

  27. Love everything you make and your style. The funny thing about this giveaway is that even though I usually don’t like the color yellow, I really like everything in this giveaway!

  28. I love your blog. Thank you for all of you tutorials. I ordered two of your name prints for gifts and loved them!

  29. Fabulous giveaway! So happy to find it and meet you! Fantastic blog! I’ll be back for sure!
    I also have a monthly giveaway! If youl´d love to win a Faery Wind Chain visit my blog and participate! Blessings!

  30. I love your blog it is one I look forward to everyday. You have amazing taste and a lot of good advice as well…I would love to win this giveaway =)

  31. Love your blog!! Just discovered you and your fabulousness!! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and projects… can’t wait to have time to make a fun wreath!!!

  32. Everything you do is so beautiful & your blog is so encouraging! I’m aching to put a ruffle on some gardening gloves ;)

  33. love your blog as always and just posted this to facebook: i should be sleeping…but instead i am catching up on all my favorite blogs…check out this giveaway…and this blog…so fun! *laura*

  34. Just had my girlfriend introduce me to your site and my mom sent me your link in the same week! You are getting quite a word of mouth buzz around here in the NW! LOVED looking through your tutorials and am looking to purchase a few of your prints. My sister in law just ordered one of the Seed Worship cds for my son based on your reccommendation, thanks for putting the word out! I also found through Sovereign Grace Ministries (CJ Mahaney’s church) a few kids worship cds that are awesome- one is called To Be Like Jesus and the other is Walking with the Wise. FYI. :)

  35. What a cheery giveaway– thank you! I’ll cross my fingers. I’ve done several of your tutorials and they have all turned out great! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents!

  36. WOW again I am amazed at your creativity, such a nice giveaway to start spring. would really love to win. I would also like info about what items you have for sale. Tks Theresa Denton

  37. your blog is such a little treat in my day… truly, sometimes as soon as i hop up, i pour a cup a coffee and read your latest, and other times, i let it be a little something to look forward to after a long day. just love your creativity, your thoughts on family and motherhood, and your obvious love for the Lord. grateful that you have chosen to share all of this.

  38. Love,love your blog! I’m always so inspired whenever I read it. I’ve already borrowed your wallpaper stencil, and did one wall in our study.(yellow walls and used a pearly white paint for the pattern) Thank you for sharing!!

  39. So happy someone shared this website with me on FB….. so I sent on the favor, too. What a feel good place to visit!

  40. You make me feel that I will never be too old to wear darling flower headbands and twirl before my Sweet Father in Heaven, thanks for that and for your gorgeous creativity….love it all.

  41. I’d love to add these treats to my happy home! The gloves are super cute. And, my dry hands could use the break.

    Thanks for putting this collection together!

  42. January, February, March! What Fun! this is definitely the BEST giveaway you’ve assembled. :D perhaps it has something to do with yellow — being my favorite color! Yesterday I was even raving over some yellow nesting bowls that I’d never even seen! My mother described them to me and i just feel inlove with them! O the anxiety that will hang over me until March! Already 99 pages! *whew*
    Thank you!

  43. Love the cheery yellow as it’s gray outside here most of the time lately. Plus, March is my birthday month! This would be perfect….

  44. I HEART your creative ideas! This gives all of us girls fabulous ways to utilize things around the house to do projects :) Thank you!

  45. Just found your blog a week and I love it. I also love your prints and that scripture is incorporated into them. I will be ordering one as soon as I can decide which ones I like best. Thanks for your testimony.

  46. You have amazing ideas and I’m so grateful you share your tips for those of us who are not as creative! Thank you so much! I love the giveaway items!

  47. What a beautiful giveaway this month. I am so feeling that sign today, as I am feeling overwhelmed. I need a few of those all scattered about my home. ;)

  48. I love the ruffled gloves (and everything else) – so beautiful the way you put it all together!

  49. I tweeted about this earlier, but forgot to post a comment. I am going to tweet about it again because I think it’s a great giveaway, and a wonderful blog!

  50. Would be a perfect drawing board for designing my new kitchen. Building a house and need somewhere to start….

  51. I am just in love with yellow right now! Such cute stuff! Perfect for days like today when I’m ready for spring!

  52. I am really great at following directions. just spread the word on FB. I followed your directions on how to make a book page wreath and I LOVE IT.

  53. Love your blog. you inspire me to work harder at providing a “prettier” surrounding for my family:)

  54. Found you from a facebook friend. Love it! I’ve now shared the link on facebook so others can “find” you!

  55. Shared on facebook :) If this site caught my interest on FB I’m sure the chain will continue. Thank you emily for sharing your ideas and the ideas of others with all of us!

  56. Word of the Jones Design Company came to me via Facebook. I look forward to the email updates and the amazingly fun tutorials.

  57. Great giveaway! My kitchen is a nice sunny yellow mixed with turquoise and red. Makes me happy!

  58. Love all the yellow and the ruffle gloves would def. help motivate me to do some Spring cleaning! :)

  59. Just found your blog and signed up! What beautiful things you have on here can’t wait to start some of my projects now with your inspiration!!

  60. I am a currently a subscriber to your site and have to agree with Lyss that each month you outdo yourself with these giveaways.

  61. I LOVE that book wall. I’ve been meaning to email you about it for a few days now. You just used tape? Now I need to try it… :)

  62. I just changed my guest bath to gray walls, with white, yellow and touches of black!!! So this giveaway would go perfectly with my new decor!!!
    Oh, I hope this is my lucky month!!!

  63. I usually delete things that are forwarded to me but I got lucky and opened your site up. I actually just sent a thank you to my friend who sent you to me. Thanks for the continued inspiration to create a serene home life.

  64. After a long dreary winter, all that yellow is just what I need to put some spring in my step! And I totally wear rubber gloves to do my dishes!

  65. by the way…I love Noonday Collection. Jessica is my friend and neighbor, such a fantastic idea for helping to place orphans. Love it!

  66. I love the colors! Your blog is awesome too. Glad I found your page which has inspired my creative side. :)

  67. I’m so in love with it all. I heart those colors. Your magic with the photos is amazing. You have such an eye for things! Crossing my fingers ♥

  68. Love love love your design style. Perfect blend of modern with the warmth of a cottage. Would love to win this giveaway!

  69. Ahhh! Love this giveaway! Yellow is by far my favorite color. And I have to tell you, with your post today about color… we have Marine Magic on the project wall in my kitchen. It’s a G R E A T color, and compliments the pale apple green of the other walls. You’ll love it!

  70. i just signed up for emails. i love your site and am getting ready to order a name sign from you! beautiful STUFF!!

  71. Fabulous giveaway!!! The rubber glove tutorial was awesome and something that could be used as a great bridal shower gift! I hope I win this month. Have a great day and thank you.

  72. Wow! I came here through a link another blog had posted about your tutorial on silk flowers. They are sooo cute!! Now, I see this giveaway… in LOVE!! Love the sign and the ruffled gloves.. sooo adorable!

  73. I simply MUST MUST MUST have that “Can’t Do It All” print! Everything else is to die for as well, but that print is something I need to read and ponder every single day as I try to have my hands in too many things. Crossing my fingers!!

  74. I’m hoping to be the lucky winner!!! I love the gloves and I’m no good at sewing. Winning them is my only hope to own some! The Lord knows I need some incentive to do dishes!

  75. Such a cozy place to visit each day. Love your work, family & home. Thanks for the tutorials, too. (**)

  76. Christine Welches

    I feel so inspired to be creative, I went out and bought everything to make a coffee filter wreath.

  77. Christine Welches

    I love your style and give aways! This one would be perfect for me because I have a black, white and yellow kitchen. Pick me! :)

  78. I posted on my facebook page, I hope to win and I hope I help to spread the word of your wonderful website!

  79. I love the gloves, they are adorable! And I love all the bright spring colors! Your blog is my favorite!!!!

  80. So I am not sure if I am the only guy on here commenting or not but all to say…. I am not doing this for me but for my fiance. We are getting married with 79 days and everything about this package screams Shelby. She loves the color yellow, and most of the colors that are in these different items are actually the colors for our wedding.

    I know the chances of winning are getting slimmer with each entry but I would love the opportunity to win this giveaway so that I can in turn give it to my beautiful soon to be bride.


  81. I am just drooling over that tea towel! What a coincidence that the palette I have chosen for our new kitchen is yellow and blue!

  82. posted to facebook! also thanks for posted the tutorial on the barrettes. they’re easy to make, are great gifts and will look adorable on my daughter when she arrives in July!

  83. I just found your blog and I love it. We’re moving soon and I can’t wait to use some of your ideas to decorate my new house. And I LOVE yellow!

  84. Even ruffled cleaning gloves cannot get me excited about doing dishes . . . but they’re really cute!

  85. Learned about this from a friend on Facebook… now I’ve shared on there as well! So glad to know about this site! It is just my style!!!

  86. Love the placemats!!!!! I can’t find any cork ones here in Canada and I have a beautiful pine farm table in my kitchen that needs them!!!!! Would love to win this one!!!!

  87. Amber Ronningen Needham

    I also posted on FB!! Love that I found your site via a friend’s post and am happy to spread the word!!

  88. I am currently a design student aspiring to become a successful designer. I discovered your blog through a friend’s. I love following your posts and have already used several of your cute and creative tutorials, such as the coffee filter balls of fluff and the plolysatin flowers. I am absolutely in love with old book pages now and this monthly giveaway. Thanks for all of your inspiring ideas, you should know I have passed your blog on to several friends!!

  89. So, now that I shared on facebook I am back. You should know I just got back from West Africa where I was working in a village. I should not be spending money BUT I could not resist some other lovely items on noonday. Discovering the two of you has become quite dangerous for this missionary. I love your hearts and I love your creativity.

  90. love the gloves! I have seen some like that in a shop near my house in Snohomish, but yours are much cuter!

  91. Amazingly cute things! Our kitchen is finally getting complete and we went with yellow, white, black, and maybe some red/yellow/green plaid so all of this would be great additions. Love your site!

  92. Kathy in Mukilteo, WA

    I’ve always had a yellow kitchen–my idea of a great American kitchen. I especially desire the sign.

  93. I have a yellow kitchen, and these items would be perfect in it! Favorite giveaway so far. Love your blog!

  94. Found your blog today and I am so excited to have found you! Reinforces my belief that women can have it all – amazing (and flourishing) business, beautiful family and time for self care! You’re inspiring!

  95. Love your blog-my friend shared it with me yesterday. My husband and I just purchased our first home together and are excited to paint & your giveaway is so fun!

  96. This makes me feel like spring is just around the corner! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

  97. I just found you from Jennifer at Dear Lillie and I love your blog. And yellow is my all time favorite color!

  98. So glad to find your blog with all the great inspiration! The colors make me smile as I anticipate spring! Visit Gracious Spaces on FB or on the web. Thanks again!

  99. I love this collection!!! Posting on FB about this great give-away!!! Can’t wait to see who wins!!

  100. I love all this stuff! It’s totally going to help me get things done AND remind myself that I can’t do it all! :) Love your blog!

  101. I tweeted about your giveaway .. My daughter is newly engaged .. I will be checking all the deals out regularly. =)

  102. This whole set up makes me adore yellow. Maybe I should make something yellow for my daughter.. hmmm. :)

  103. Just wanted to say that I have been super inspired by your site!! This weekend I went crazy with your tutorials!! I made fabric flowers, I used your letter transferring technic for a small painting and I made a wall hanging from some old sheet music for our guest bedroom! It was SO much fun! Thanks for the inspiration to make my home uniquely mine.

  104. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your blog and design help! i painted my kitchen green and hated it…..just repainted it texas leather and now i am in love!! so, thank you :)

  105. This is such a fun giveaway. It’s so happy. I love yellow! I would not mind washing dishes with those ruffles rubber goves!

  106. I just shared your beautiful painted wall paper idea on my facebook page. It has inspired me to bring pattern into my house!!! Hoping to gain the COURAGE to attempt it as well!!! thank you!

  107. BEAUTIFUL i love~ The Bright Springy colors:) and all the wonderful gifts! I hope i win:) Im leaving my 2nd comment:)

  108. Can I just say how much I love your blog?!??! I stumbled upon it by pure magnificent chance and have attempted to recreate the foofs (I wish I had a dollar for every compliment I got), bookpage wreath, and hair clips (my sister doesn’t have to buy my niece a clip ever again!) Next up…the flowers! My stuff doesn’t look nearly as good as yours but I keep trying. Thanks for all the wonderful crafts to do!

    p.s. my favorite color is yellow :)

  109. Your give a ways are the BEST! I love your spin on grouping like items/colors together. You should consider selling your give a ways to all the rest of us that did not win. I’d treat myself every month to all your beauties.

  110. we are getting ready to move into yet another rental. we are hoping that this is the last before we can buy again. this site gives me fabulous ways to make it feel like our home even though it is temporary and not *ours*. I want to especially make my kids feel at home and there are GREAT ideas for the kids’ rooms on here. Thank you!

  111. I just love everything you do. From your house, to your work, to your weekly outfits! So fun!! Plus, your love for God is always inpiring to me!

  112. Such cute stuff – it really gets me in the mood for spring! I also really need the Can NOT do it all picture for my office!!

  113. I really enjoy visiting your site and see what you have to share. You are truly inspiring! Keep doing what you’re doing!

  114. this might make me want to do some handwashing! you do such a good job to make each item in your giveaway special.

  115. Dear Emily, What a fresh breath of Spring-like sunshine. My kitchen and I would be delighted to win! Thanks for the opportunity and here’s hoping :) Blessings!

  116. I really like the Can Not art print and it would be a great reminder to me to cut myself some slack and ask for help! I tweeted about your blog and commented on my facebook page last Friday, but I could never post. So, I’m doing it today. Thanks!

  117. PS- Love all the yellow in your giveaway! I’m absolutely smitten with yellow lately and keep adding it in little ways to my house. Great giveaway … everyone deserves to wear ruffled gloves!

  118. I tried to leave a comment the other day and the page wouldn’t work! I was so jealous that you and Holly were hanging out together with Jesus and shopping and playing and having a mini-vacation. And now you’ve both posted about the weekend and I am still jealous. : )

  119. I love your blog! You are so creative and pay such close attention to detail! Thanks for a great escape during the work day :)! Just joined and shared your link on Twitter!

  120. Such great stuff! Loving the yellow too… I just redecorated my bathroom with yellow and chocolate brown… cozy!

  121. After a long Minnesota winter, I love the refreshing colors you selected for the March palette. :) The cheery colors beckon any of us onward. I love your ideas and site, btw.

  122. I can’t get enough of yellow this time of year–it’s just so sun-shine cheery!! What a gorgeous collection of items.

  123. Another great monthly give away! Hope you and Holly had a great weekend together. Follow her blog also. You both do a wonderful job!

  124. There are so many things about to love about this giveaway! This is the most “ME!” of any I’ve seen- great job as always!

  125. I’m loving yellow right now and can’t wait to start planting outside! This is a fabulous giveaway Emily and of course your photo presentation makes it all the more enticing. Thanks for the chance.

  126. I love how springy and light this collection is!

    Do you sew your elastic headbands yourself as well, or do you buy them somewhere and attach the flowers and ruffles? I’m having a hard time finding the right kind of headband in a store.

  127. love the yellow! it’s such a hot color right now that I’d love to work into my interiors. The kitchen is the perfect place. You have your finger on the pulse, my friend!!!!

  128. I have a serious case of the winter blues (I live in Wisconsin) and that made me cheer right up just looking at it. What a beautiful collection of goodies!

  129. ooooo, i love how bright and cheery it is! Just the reminder we need of the now/not yet of His Kingdom Come and Spring too (we still have feet of snow in minnesota;). Also, thanks for the intro to Noonday–loving their goodies and goodness!!!

  130. I just recently found your blog. I am in love. I LOVE your tutorials and am going to try to Nonna wreath this week. thanks for all of your great ideas! i shared you will all my FB friends!

  131. I’m happy to have found your design blog! Your blog contains is a plethora source of inspiration. I look forward to visiting your site daily. Thanks for the giveaway offer too… ♡

  132. I have been in love with the color yellow since I let my hair go back to its natural color (rich brown) three years ago, after years of highlighting/dying…I just love this giveaway!!

  133. Oh goodness I’ve love all your collections, but for my taste this one gets me really excited. Maybe I just need a little yellow right now :)

  134. I normally don’t subscribe to things to enter giveaways, but wow, this is a beautiful giveaway, and your blog is lovely too. Not a bad thing to subscribe to.

  135. Here is step 2 comment and I would love to win this giveaway! We just moved into our new house 2 months could be passing along a housewarming gift! ha

  136. Your giveaways always look so delightful! I would be so thrilled to win something like this and receive a fun package in the mail!! Thanks for your generosity! :)

  137. I moved to Boston from NC last August, and I’m now really missing home considering it snowed here last night but is almost 80 degrees down there. This giveaway would add a much needed burst of color and spring cheer to my kitchen…I LOVE IT!

  138. I’m so excited about this month’s giveaway. So pretty! I Love YELLOW! Thanks you so much for blessing everyone everyday!

  139. Your site is inspiring. I made a bunch of the flowers from your tutitorial and attatched them to my daughters skirt. She loves it:)