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Spring Things

    Spring is in full swing around here. We’re deep into track season, the trees and shrubs are leafed out, everything is so lush and green and purple and white lilacs are dripping from trees. Every time I pass a lilac tree I have to force… Continue Reading…Spring Things

    Lesson learned.

      Confession: I restarted one of my daily sketches. I told myself I wouldn’t start over. If the shading was weird or proportions not quite right I just wouldn’t worry about it and remember that this daily practice is for PRACTICE. Up until this sketch, there has… Continue Reading…Lesson learned.

      snow days

        I have tried to write this blog post all week and every day there has been some sort of distraction that has kept me away from this little space on the internet. First, it was the pure joy of watching the snow fall outside. Then… Continue Reading…snow days


          Sometimes I like taking note of what’s happening in my life in a little blog game called CURRENTLY. It doesn’t have to happen on a blog, though. I think this could be equally enjoyable and valuable as a conversation with a friend or in a… Continue Reading…Currently

          Five Things Friday

            This little series called Five Things Friday is something I’ve been doing every once in a while over on Instagram. Just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week or caught my attention or that I feel like sharing. I’ve been thinking a… Continue Reading…Five Things Friday