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rwanda one month later

    One month ago today, I was on my way to the beautiful country of Rwanda.


    I miss it so much.

    Since returning I’ve been asked many times, “how was your trip?” “what did you learn?” “how has it changed you?” “what was the best part?”.  I don’t know how to answer any of them except just to say I miss it.Continue Reading…rwanda one month later

    twirling in Africa

      My best friend prayed for me before I left for Rwanda. She prayed that as I rode on the rollercoaster that the trip would be, I would always hold fast to God’s promise that he loves all of His children and wants to do His… Continue Reading…twirling in Africa


        It all started while on a walk last summer. I was thinking/praying through some issue that felt large and looming at the time and had an overwhelming sense that I just needed to get outside of myself. That maybe if my eyes could see my… Continue Reading…RWANDA!!!