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yummy chocolate chip pumpkin bread

It’s fall, y’all. And that means I’m all about baking things like chocolate chip pumpkin bread. This version is so moist and muffin-like and the big chocolate chips sweetens it up just the right amount. My family gobbled these two loaves up in no time. CHOCOLATE CHIP PUMPKIN BREAD makes two loaves 3 cups flour 2 […]

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a naked birthday cake

Sounds like a bit of a risque title, yes?! No, none of that here. Just a gorgeously rustic, very delicious carrot cake. Have you seen this trend of naked cakes (basically a cake that is not covered in frosting)? I find them to be so pretty and wanted to give it a try for my birthday […]

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my new (easy!) approach to meal planning

You know what time is not typically the high-point of my day? 4 o’clock. The kids are home from school, my work day is over (at least until bedtime), and the next big thing on my task list is dinner. Ugh. It’s not the actual cooking that is problematic and not the eating or even […]

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let’s make sea salt caramels

Growing up, we could always count on my grandpa to make two things for our family christmas: rich, chocolaty fudge and creamy, chewy caramels. Both were delicious and have become seasonal favorites in my family now. Yesterday I made both of these treats. Edie has an easy and oh so yummy fudge recipe {right here} […]

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the perfect treat for your weekend

Years ago {like probably 25}, my mom worked with a woman who made these little pastries and they became instant favorites.  They are small, buttery, easy to make and have remained a favorite go-to breakfast treat. I made them for our back-to-school brunch last month and they disappeared quickly. Always a good sign. Today, I […]

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the next big thing in desserts

I was informed yesterday by my father-in-law that the trendy cupcake is so out and the next big thing in the dessert world is … wait for it … the mug cake. Maybe it’s not that new … but it’s new to me. You bake a cake in a mug. In the microwave. And it […]

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4 steps to the perfect {make at home} latte

For our anniversary, Ryan gave me the milk frother I had been wanting. Romantic? Maybe not. But I was thrilled. Each afternoon, I long for a sweet coffee treat and our new set up has not only indulged that craving but has also saved us lots of trips and money spent at our local starbucks. […]

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the perfect in-between meal for holiday guests

Between a fancy brunch spread one day and a traditional Christmas dinner the next, sometimes you just need a light {but tasty} go-to recipe for those in-between meals. This one is my very favorite. We make this all year long for both lunch and dinner and it is always a crowd pleaser. What’s not to […]

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raspberry jam + printable labels {oldie but goodie}

{originally posted 07.11.11 but a good one to revisit} I’ve been wanting to make homemade jam for a few years, but was intimidated by the intense process of preparing the jars, boiling the liquid, timing everything just right. But last weekend my Aunt Laura eased my fears and clued me in to the quick and […]

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we’re making crepes

Saturday morning breakfasts are a tradition in our household and our most favorite of all breakfast treats are crepes {or swedish pancakes}. Thin, buttery and easy to make. FYI: I just looked up the difference between crepes and swedish pancakes and it turns out there is a difference.  Crepes are thinner and can be sweet […]

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the tastes of maui

You know you are getting old when the food you ate is one of the highlights of your trip.  Oh, but it was. It was all so delicious … fresh, local, great flavor … and we indulged. One of my friends commented that it was nice to see everyone eating again after months of getting […]

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I’m having my cake

Today is my birthday. And according to Wikipedia, it is the birthday of 698,999 other Americans too. October 5th {the most common birthdate} happens to fall 40 weeks after New Years Eve, so I guess it makes sense that all that lovin’ on New Years turns into babes 10 months later.  I don’t really like […]

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school lunches

The first day of school is in just a few days, which means earlier mornings, the school bus and packing lunches. I don’t know what it is, but by week two, I run out of creative ideas for the lunchbox. #1 ate pb&j, baby carrots, apple slices and a fruit leather pretty much every single […]

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kevin’s salsa

My uncle Kevin was a chef for much of his adulthood. He specialized in things like gran marnier injected chocolate-dipped strawberries {pure heaven} and the best parmesan chicken you’ve ever tasted. But his most beloved recipe of all {at least in our family} is his salsa. Uncle Kevin was diagnosed with ALS {also known as […]

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raspberry jam {tutorial + printable labels}

I’ve been wanting to make homemade jam for a few years, but was intimidated by the intense process of preparing the jars, boiling the liquid, timing everything just right. But last weekend my Aunt Laura eased my fears and clued me in to the quick and easy way to make berry jam : freezer jam. […]

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