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We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Christmas cards are sent, packages are wrapped, the menu is planned, it just starting snowing (!), grandparents are here and the house is as clean as it’s been in a long while. We are having a big crew here for Christmas day (nothing gets you motivated to finish projects and clean the house like hosting!) […]

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5 games I actually enjoy playing with the kids

I’m so sorry; that title sounds terrible. I like my kids. And I like playing with them. But when it comes to playing board games together as a family, there are some that are just brutal. Take Monopoly, for example. Or Sorry. I played both games for hours with my sister and cousins when we […]

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Tips on choosing outfits for your family photos

Every year, like many of you, we have family photos taken. And every year, like many of you, I obsess over what to dress my family in for said photos. Okay, maybe obsess is too strong a word, but I do think about it for a while. Choosing clothes that coordinate and allow personalities to show and […]

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sending him into the world

This is my baby. He’s almost 12 years old, is kind and witty, loves reading and digging, playing with friends and will probably invent some crazy contraption when he grows up because he’s always coming up with ingenious ideas.  He wants to be a teacher or a chef or a professional lego builder. He likes […]

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Exploring Mt Rainier / jones design company

a day trip to mt rainier

Ryan and I took the boys on a day trip to Mount Rainier this weekend. You know how it is when you live somewhere and take certain places for granted and skip out on doing the ‘touristy’ things because you aren’t a tourist? This was one of those things. But Ryan has summitted the mountain twice […]

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from our family to yours

Our cards are sent (we chose this one from minted this year), the kids are done with school and the finishing touches are being put on our plans and menus and tables and (hopefully) hearts. How did this Christmas season fly by so quickly?! A new favorite tradition is having our family photos taken – […]

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what we’re wearing (family photos 2014)

Tis the season for family photos. If I could, I would have photos taken every couple of months. But, alas, I live in reality and not only could I not afford it, my kids would probably go crazy if I forced them into outfits and made them smile real smiles more than once per year. […]

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june insta wrap-up

The best thing about instagram is the way it helps me document our every days. Outings, around our house, pretty things that catch my eye, moments I want to remember. I love documenting for me, but I also find sharing and interacting to be so enjoyable. It is fun to see how other ladies live, […]

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It gets easier

There’s a super cute mom at preschool pickup who reminds me so much of me just a few years ago. She has an almost four-year old who holds her almost two-year old’s hand to cross the parking lot, while she awkwardly carries her newborn in a cumbersome baby carseat carrier to pick up her just […]

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tiny dancer photoshoot with my baby girl

When Paige was here this past fall, we set out one very chilly morning for a girly photoshoot at this gorgeously dilapidated old farmhouse nearby. Paige styled the whole thing – choosing our outfits and bossing us around with how to do our hair (kidding. She’s not bossy. But she did have a vision and […]

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dear february

Dear February, I wonder if you ever get tired of being called ‘the month of love’. Do you kinda want to be known for more than just chalky conversation hearts and a little man-baby called cupid? I mean, look at you. You’re the shortest month, but full of all kinds of goodness like superbowl sunday […]

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getting personal

First of all,  G O   S E A H A W K S ! The excitement in this city, this household, this girl is out of control.  We love our Superbowl-bound football team! . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ryan added a new feature to the blog last […]

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family photos 2014

A few weeks ago, the super talented, very wise, fashionable, kind and sweetly southern Paige came for a visit and photographed our family. I’ve long admired her talent and was so thankful to have her capture our family just being us {a coordinated-outfit version of us, at least}. The photos – every single one – […]

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how we do christmas gifts in our family

Last year we tried something different with our gift-giving. Usually, we call Christmas an excuse to buy our kids a whole load of things they want and things we want them to have. We don’t go completely overboard, but with four kids and a handful of gifts each, our tree is usually overflowing with festively-wrapped […]

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what we’ll wear for family photos

We’re having family photos taken this week for the first time in way too long. We’ll use one for our Christmas card, but we also just hope to capture us being us during this slightly chaotic, but also really fun time in our family’s life. What it means for me is that I get to […]

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what we’ve been up to

I needed a break. I needed to let my mind rest. I needed to be present with my kids and turn off creativity for a bit {and stay out of my office}. And so we did the 20 days of giveaways. I wasn’t sure how it would be received … is it annoying to just […]

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what we ate in disneyland

Since we generally care about what we eat and what we feed our children, I was a little concerned with what our food options would be in Disneyland. I mean, we all know they sell delicious treats {frozen lemonade! dole whips! macaroons!} and don’t get me wrong, I could live off of such goodness. But […]

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the happiest place on earth

They claim it’s the happiest place on earth. They are so right. Our family plus my mom & sugar-daddy {that’s code for the best stepdad ever} spent a few days in disneyland two weeks ago. I just love everything about disneyland and could not wait to experience it through the eyes of my own children. […]

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