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get your free set of valentine note cards + envelopes

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share a few freebie love note designs.

What’s not to LOVE about watercolor hearts, arrows, rain clouds raining down hearts?

My illustrations were scanned and formatted into sweet little note cards with matching diy envelopes. Keep reading for the how-to and to download the files!

To make the envelopes, here’s what you’ll need:

free-valentine-and-envelopes templates printed on thick white paper / scissors / adhesive (like this) / washi tape (here’s my favorite source)

STEP ONE / cut template on dashed lines


cut-out-envelope-template STEP TWO / fold in sides, press firmly to crease

fold-in-sides STEP THREE / fold up bottom, press firmly to crease

fold-up-bottom-flap STEP FOUR / use glue dots (or other adhesive) to attach bottom flap to sides

glue-dots-on-envelope STEP FIVE / write a love note and slip it in

card-in-envelope STEP SIX / fold down top flap and seal with washi tape

plus-envelope-taped Add a name to the front and send to your valentine!



plus-envelope There are four designs with matching note cards + envelopes, but feel free to mix & match!

These cards and envelopes can be found in THE ARCHIVE along with all of our best free prints, templates and fonts.  If you are not an Archive member, simply add your email to the list and you’re in!



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Coffee Chat Episode 16 | How we celebrated our 13 year old’s birthday

Welcome to the newest edition of Coffee Chat.

I like to think of us as friends and even though we may never get to sit down with a cup of coffee together and talk about life, this is my attempt to bring that conversation to the blog.

Before we get into today’s episode, can I be honest for a second?

I love doing coffee chats, but I just haven’t been able to record these past few weeks. Sometimes life is just hard and putting on a peppy face and talking about the little things in life has not been where my heart is. Of course there is good mixed in with the hard, and I always want to be a person who can find beauty and joy in all circumstances. But I also need to honor the times in life when peppiness is not genuine. So that’s why it’s been a few weeks since our last chat …

But today I’m back.

We celebrated our oldest son’s 13th birthday last night and it was so meaningful and special that I just had to share.

So today’s episode is about why and how and a few of the wise words that were spoken as we celebrated our sweet teenager.


  • Studio progress is slow, but soon I’ll get it put together.
  • We picked a carpet! Now the hard work of removing all the furniture, taking off the trim and pulling out the old carpet …
  • For more on the Bat and Bar Mitzvah traditions.
  • Paige Knudsen is so wise and loving. Check out her blog for gorgeous images and sweet words about motherhood.
  • BeautyCounter is a skincare and makeup company with the amazing mission to get safe products for our skin into the marketplace. I have used many items and love them all. Right now I’m especially into the lipgloss in peony.

Thanks for watching, my friends!

As always, please leave any questions, thoughts or future coffee chat topics you would like to discuss in the comments.

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A Family Fourth At The Nation’s Capitol

Happy Fourth of July!


My parents flew in to meet us (and surprise the kids!) in Washington D.C. this weekend and we’ve been taking in all that we can of this great city.

washington monument and american flag

After literally traveling from Sea to Shining Sea, this Independence Day feels somehow more meaningful to our family. And spending it in our nation’s capitol? We’re pretty excited about that.

America is beautiful, indeed, and we stand in awe of her vastness, diversity, and the ingenuity and relentless pursuit of innovation that makes up her people.

God Bless America!

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The Best of JDC in 2015

With the start of a new year, it gives us a chance to look back at the previous 365 days.

I love going through old posts and remembering what happened throughout the year.  So here are the highlights and favorite posts from 2015:


The year started off with an introduction of sorts. I forget that many of you are new readers, so it was fun to fill you in on who I am, in bullet points.

A house down the street identical to ours went up for sale, so I compared the two. Before + Afters are always great.

Kitchen Before + After / jones design company


We organized our phones:

How to Organize your Iphone Home Screen / jones design company

Mounted an ipad in our kitchen:

How to Mount an Ipad / jones design company

And then we chatted about doing our thing:


If we were to redo our master bathroom (which we’re not, but it’s fun to dream):

Master Bathroom Design Board / jones design company

We learned a new trick to keep hydrangeas from wilting (it really works!):

How To Keep Hydrangeas from Wilting / jones design company

I made a quick video showing how to do your hair in a messy side bun:

Video: How to do your hair in a messy side bun / jones design company


A good list of books. Always a favorite.

9 Books Worth Reading / jones design company

 If you need a chocolate chip cookie to snack on while you’re reading …

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies / jones design company

My never-ending collection keeps growing:


A very simple keychain diy:

Stamped Leather Keychain / jones design company

I made these numbers on a whim. They turned out so cute I had to share:

And summer begins! Our house looked so fresh and calm for the summer tour:


Things slow down in blog-world in the summer and I am so thankful for it.

I did a podcast with Jamie Ivey (so.much.fun):

Threw a party for my sister-in-law:

Then we talked summer fashion (northwest style):

Summer Outfits for the casual mom-type / jones design company


I waited for months before sharing the dinner solution that changed my life just to make sure it really did change my life (hint: it did – and still does):

I finally put up artwork in Audrey’s room:


My go-to paint color if you’re looking for a neutral warm gray:

Revere Pewter / jones design company


With summer over and the kids back in school, I was back at it. First up, sharing about the struggle to find good, simple metal frames (and how I solved the problem):

House Tour, Fall Edition (the #4 most viewed posts!):

My Favorite Fall Outfits:

Favorite Fall Outfits / jones design company


My friend let me help her brighten up the entry:

This little trick makes the cheapest grocery store flowers look elegant:


Our house was featured in a magazine:

We launched a new site called Maker + Ink (scripture + style):


A new free print!:

The stag got a diy pom wreath for the holidays:


Our house looked so pretty simply decorated for Christmas:

And that was it.

What a year.

Thanks for joining me! Cheers to a new year filled with inspiration and beauty.

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Wishing You A Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


I always find it hard to know just what to say on a christmas card. Do we share our highs? Our lows? Of course I want our photo to be our best with smiling faces and coordinating outfits. But I also want honesty and that doesn’t always look like smiling faces and coordinating outfits :).

As I was praying through what message to share, this verse popped out:


“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine … to him be the glory for ever and ever! Amen!” Ephesians 3:20-21

We are thankful for the ways God continues to grow us, work in our hearts, bless us, give us the faith to trust in Him through each life circumstance. It is our family’s deepest desire that we give glory to God in all circumstances, that we remain faithful and grateful and full of kindness, generosity and joy.

We pray for you this Christmas season that you will find Hope in Jesus no matter where life has you … because he is able to do immeasurably more than all we can imagine.

Blessings to you from all of us!

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