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Welcome to our home tour.

I love decorating, fluffing, re-arranging and making our home an inviting and enjoyable space. As I post about rooms I will continue to add to this tour. Please click on the image to go to the post with more images for each room.




boys room


48 thoughts on “our house”

  1. Emily, I love your house, but I know you have rearranged many times. I’m wondering if you will post an updated house tour sometime soon? Best, Jadie

  2. Emily, your home is just so beautiful! I’ve always had trouble doing bedrooms (I’ve never properly done one in my adult life because I’m always so focused on the rooms people see when they visit!). I’m curious to see how you’ve decorated yours…if it’s not too imposing would you mind posting some pics for inspiration?

  3. Every room is just stunning, I can’t stop looking! Great ideas and simple beautiful touches and colors! Thank-you for sharing your home decor!

  4. Hi, It looks like you’re no longer posting your ‘what I wore’ column (unless I’m missing it which is highly possible). I’m so sad. I am built a lot like you and love your style. Your art carries over into your fashion. And I am totally not an artist so I need your inspiration!! Bring it back! :)

  5. I love your house. It’s an inspiration as to what you can do to a newer house. I love old houses for the character, but love how you’ve ADDED character. Now you’ve shown the back yard, so the front is all that’s left. Can we see that too?? :)

  6. I like that you use muted colors in your home. I prefer Sherwin Williams as far as paint color inspiration because everything is shaded, rather than being pure colors. But what you have done is take the neutral and/or muted colors and you make them so sophisticated, yet still warm and homey, especially with your use of patterns in your office, the boys room, and Audrey’s room. Very inspirational.

  7. I just wanted to tell how greatful I am for your website. Very inspirational. I really enjoy interior design and my husband who is lagally blind builds some of our furniture so soon I will have to send you a post and pic

  8. incredible!! can’t wait to decorate my house someday like this style!!! so glad i was introduced to this website from a friend on facebook : )

  9. I just found your blog, very cute! And I love that you are a christian, I have had to stop reading so many blogs because they promoted too many secular ideas/products. Just wondering about those stars in the living room, did you make those? If so how?

  10. I was wondering if you have any pictures of your playroom? I love your style and from what I have read on your blog we seem to be very similar. I am in the process of putting a playroom together from scratch for my three kiddos (2girls and a boy 4,2&6 months) thanks!!

  11. Hi! I love everything about your gorgeous home. But – it seems like the link for your living room isn’t linking – I’m excited to see all you’ve done in that room, too!

  12. Just found your blog for the first time via the Nester. I am in love with your beautiful style and obsessed with your lovely home. You are so inspiring! And the story about the bible quote above your daughter’s crib is truly inspiring–thanks for sharing!

  13. Stunning! You have such a great eye! I just want to say you go girl;) Being a Christian in our world and showing your faith as you do, simply amazing! And I just have to say with four kids how does your house look so clean!!!! Much love!

  14. Em, you are simply amazing. I want to enjoy the pictures of your home like they were a great big bowl of homemade icecream! Every room is pure beauty. Congrats on your business, it is totally and completely YOU! Miss your sweet face. xoxo

  15. LOVE everything. I’ve been stalking your blog ever since I discovered it in December. A few things, maybe it is just my computer, but when I click on “Office Rearranged”, it brings me to the boys’ room. Also, I can’t see the living room? Maybe it’s just me…

  16. I love your kitchen! I have a kitchen remodel coming up in my future. I just wanted to know if you ever regret having open shelving instead of upper cabinets. I love how open and airy it looks. I love the idea but I’m not sure if it makes more sense for me to do that or keep and paint the uppers we have.

  17. You amaze me!! I have so enjoyed looking at your blog so often and the creative ways you make your home so great! You really are using those God given gifts we knew you had in college:) You are a blessing!

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