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my office

    When you walk in the front of our home, to the right is this room.  It started as my office, then we switched it to be Ryan’s office, then a sitting room and now back to my office {can you tell we’re a little fickle about decorating?}

    Anyway, here is the room when we first moved into our home.

    office before

    And, after hours of painting and a little fluffing, here it is now.


    I wrote about the start of the project here & about the chalkboard wall here.









    closetleft closetyourotherleft


    paperrolls IMG_4454

    The self-induced motivation seemed to do the trick {albeit a few hours late}.

    I’m working on a tutorial for the painted ‘wallpaper’ so stay tuned for that.

    Anything you want more details on? I’d love to share : ask away and I’ll post answers this week.

    {I’ve linked with Centsational Girl’s “where do you blog party”}

    104 thoughts on “my office”

    1. WOW. I have been looking at the cost of stencils and they are crazy expensive. I love this idea and it is so easy to do. I am going home and starting to stencil!

    2. I just came across your blog via Simply Seleta. I love everything you do! I just got done looking at your shop and I will be ordering prints soon :)

      Do you do customized orders? I love the wording you have on the chalkboard in your office and I would love to order a print that says that!

    3. Saw all of your great dressers, do you use those for scrapbook supplies. Looking or something great to put all that stuff in that’s not plastic……would love to hear your thoughts.

    4. So beautiful! I was wondering what color you used on the dresser in your office? I have an old bookcase I would like to paint the same color. Thanks for sharing!

    5. I am in love with your office! So beautiful, so fresh, so unique & creative…the list of words can go on & on. Thank you for making my Wednesday a little bit brighter!!

    6. Seriously the most inspiring design I have seen for an office space! I have been looking for some ideas for planning my own office/crafting space and I am so excited to come upon yours. I love the painted wallpaper design and the chalkboard wall. thank you so much!

    7. I love that little collection of wrapping paper tied with ribbon. It completely elevates and displays what would be an eyesore. I can see adding them to a brushed aluminum or white galvanized steel bucket. Cute!

    8. What amazing inspiration this office is! My husband, Ryan (so weird that my name is Emily and my Hubby’s name is Ryan just like y’all), and I just bought a new house and we each got a room to make into whatever we want…I have been struggling with a vision for mine…Ryan, not so much…it’s all things MAN! I never enter his man cave out of sheer fear. I’m really gonna try to tackle my office this weekend with my new found inspiration! Thanks!!

    9. i am DYING over your office. i can’t wait to look around your blog more…i found you via younghouselove, then bower power, then, and now i am in love. I MUST see more. :) I sell Stella & Dot jewelry and work from home. We close on our house tomorrow and I’ve been looking everywhere for office inspiration. that’s the highest priority room for us, since i need a pretty & functional space to make my business work best.

    10. LOVE the chalkboard wall with the great scripture verse at the top! I also love your box of tags with ribbons. You’re inspiring me to go down to my “dungeon” and work on the craft room/office in the house we just moved into.

    11. Thank you for showing us this inspiring space! I’m in love with so many aspects of your room from the little blue tool box to the FUN FUN FUN chalkboard wall and everything in between!

    12. OH. MY! I am so incredibly in LOVE with your space! I adore the color with the POPS of black, the chalkboard wall the chest with the goodies on it and the way it draws your eye up to the lamp and art then the fab little shelf! It’s just all PERFECTION!

    13. I have been admiring your office from a distance and am just going to come out and say it…I want it all! Seriously, everything about this space is wonderful. Love.


    14. I am so in love with this space ! I saw Ms. Limestone featured your wall last week, and I’ve been meaning to pop over and tell you how FANTASTIC you are !!!

      Such an incredible space! I swoon !!

    15. I just found your blog- incredible! A new favorite of mine! I LOVE your room- the chalkboard wall is amazing! Can’t wait to see more from you- you are so inspiring!

    16. Wow! This turned out fabulous, really gorgeous. I can’t wait for you to post the tutorial on the wallpaper. I’m so doing this in my master bedroom. So pretty! Thank you!

    17. Oh, WOW! This is amazing! The whole room is just yummy, but I can’t get over that you painted the wallpaper! Fabulous! I’ll be off to peek at your other great transformations. Thanks so much for sharing!


    18. K this room has to be the coolest office I’ve ever seen. Seriously, I see them online and there are cute ones but I could not picture them being mine. Yours is Amazing !!! If I ever get my own office I am totally going to copy: ) hope you don’t mind. I promise u would get all the credit. Also your painted/stenciled/wallpaper walls are by far my favorite design yet. I’ve seen tons thru blogs and want to do some walls in my home but haven’t found a pattern I just love. Yours rocks!! I could so see That in my home. Can’t wait to see how to’s.

    19. This room is amazing. I love all the little details. I’m hosting We’re Organized Wednesday and would love for you to join the party. There’s a giveaway too. Hope to see you there.

    20. Really darling!! I have just begun to create a writing office for myself… I’m full of ideas now. Though my definite style is a rather booky old British look, I am enchanted by (and may use) your spontaneous wall writings and neat paper organizer/magazine rack. Useful and pretty! Plus, I LOVE that desk and have been perusing craigslist for one similar since April! Did you refinish it yourself?

      Thanks for sharing!

    21. * W O W !!!! *
      Those are THE BEST before and after shots … EVERRRRR! Absolutely stunning, warm, inviting, simply fabulous! Love, love, LOVE the chalkboard wall. Outstanding and inspiring! What else can I say? What’s not to like about this room? Great job! Kudos!

    22. ummm…..Can I work there? I LOVE it Emily! I have been thinking about a home office now that the kids are slowly leaving! Ugh!

      Great Job!

    23. Emily you did a fabulous job with this room, I love all of the little touches and how functional it is for your to work…the colors are so calming and pretty and so organized!! Great job, amazing!!!

    24. How beautiful! I’m so impressed at your creativity. I LOVE the painted “wallpaper.” I definitely want to learn how to do that (although it looks a little advanced for me). I’m so glad that Reagan showed me your site.

    25. What a lovely workspace you’ve created ~ the perfect balance of classy sophistication and creative whimsy! My favorite part is the lightswitch (love those small details best). Now where did I put my can of chalkboard paint…?

    26. Emily this room is gorgeous! So inviting, must make for great creative sessions! What font did you use for the “Before” and “After”, I love it. Am about to paint my daughter’s name on a painting and would love to use that font.

    27. Wow…this office space is just gorgeous and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it. And I adore the chalkboard wall! I desire to have one in my office someday!

    28. Stunning…I would love to know about the sconces on the cb wall?..Were they hard to install? And I would love to know more about what you have stashed in the closet…weird I know, I just love to see all the little things, ribbons, buttons, glitz, etc…so fun!

    29. Amazing! I also want to know about the difficulty wiring the sconces on the wall and where you got the “pray continually…” lettering at the top of the chalkboard wall. You are so talented – can I come and hang out with you and learn everything you know? :)

    30. Hello! I am a big fan of your page! I have gotten so many ideas to play around with in my new house. Thank you so much for your inspiration. I was wondering what you have in the black magazine/book holder. I have one for my classroom that I’m not using and what you’re using it for looks interesting. Do tell! :)

      Thanks! ~Jessi

    31. This took. my. breath. away!!!! You are so talented. Oh, love this room. When I saw the picture taken from the angle looking out into the rest of your house, I thought, “If I was walking through this house with a realtor, I would put an offer in IMMEDIATELY!” You’ve done an incredible job. Wow!

    32. It turned out Fabulously!!! You really inspired me to do this in my dining room and last week I finished…just the wall, not the whole room. I linked over to your original post so everyone could see. I would love any feedback…if you have time. Thanks!

    33. Lovely!!
      Could you please share the paint colors for room and dresser?
      Also, I love the tan comfy chair, where did you find it?
      Thanks for sharing.

    34. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me how you did those walls! Did you use a stencil? I love it all but seriously, the design on the wall is breathtaking!

    35. Standing and clapping for mother of 4 who completed a project! It gives me great hope!

      Glorious! May God bless you as you use your gifts in this lovely space, for your family and friends!

    36. Your space turned out A-mazing!! I love all the details from the painted walls, to the little messages on the chalkboard wall. If that was my office I would just sit and stair at it’s prettyness all day! :) Great job Emily!

    37. WOW! It looks like a place that would be absolutely beautiful to work in! Good job and what a great feeling it must be to be done! I love your ways of mixing and matching!!

    38. I have to admit, I waited all day for the reveal! It is WONDERFUL! Can you share the paint color on the wall and on the chest?


    39. Wow your self induced pressure sure did the trick – this looks awesome. I can only imagine having such a wonderful space in my home.

      Congratulations on a wonderful job!

    40. Yum. I absolutely love it. Was it a big job to install the wall sconces (the ones on the chalkboard)? I’ve always wanted to do sconces and other lighting than overhead, and am always too chicken about the wiring. Is it as hard as it seems?

    41. this office has to be hands-down, just like it was plucked from my dreams, exactly, precisely, ridiculously!, my most favorite ever.

      listen. can we be friends? :)

    42. WOW!! what a great room. must have taken forever to do the walls. love the chalkboard wall and the saying at the top. great idea above a desk. also love the rack for project folders. great idea. so many great ideas. very talented!

    43. My favorite room you’ve posted so far. Love it!! Love it!! Those sconces add so much charm on the chalkboard wall! Wondering about the paint color of the dresser? Thanks! :)

    44. This is absolutely stunning! LOVE EVERYTHING! My question, would you pretty please, with a cherry on top, come decorate my house?

      Love the chalkboard wall – is that vinyl lettering? Your painted wallpaper is super cool – I can’t imagine how long that really took you! Your style is beautiful!

    45. I love reading your blog! The chalkboard wall is my fav. I’m trying to figure out a place in my house that I can do that. I’m thinking of trying the stairwell but not sure if that would make it too dark.

    46. I love this room! Not sure how much work I would get done… I would be sitting in that comfy chair starring at all the details! You did a wonderful job! Did you make the desk yourself? I would love to do a wall treatment like that in my craft room but we rent so I don’t think it’s possible at the moment! So gorgeous!


    47. Gorgeous… just gorgeous! You should be bursting with a sense of accomplishment! So many great touches! I am anxious to see your tutorial on the painted “wallpaper”! Thank you for inspiring us… decorating, fashion, and especially your love for Christ that shines through.

      Questions… Have you shared your wall color? And do tell about that great light fixture!

    48. SO. SIMPLY. AMAZING. Well done…I know alot of hours went into it! Can’t wait to see the tutorial on the painting…….I think I need to go redecorate!

    49. This is absolutely beautiful! I loved the painted wall from your post earlier, but seeing it all together is so inspiring. I came to your blog not that long ago from The Nester and it has quickly become one of my very favorites! I love your style and reading about your precious family and your journey of faith is an amazing bonus. Thanks for sharing everything!

    50. This is amazing! I can’t wait for the tutorial on the wall paper… I was already trying to make my own, but it didn’t come out quite right.

    51. so so beautiful. and it looks so… comfy! very inviting to me. I would love to go in and sit and sit and sit! maybe craft a thing or two… Love it! absolutely LOVE it!!! amazing job!

    52. Wow! It’s beautiful!! I can’t wait for the tutorial on the painted wallpaper. I will DEFINITELY be copying that … so, so pretty!

    53. I am so in love with your style! I love everything about your builder grade house. I found your blog a while ago and cannot get enough of it! I am sitting in my office thinking blah… I need to get motivated to get it done. Maybe you have pushed me in the right direction! XO

    54. Wow, talk about a place to be inspired – and hopefully get a lot of work done! Though I really think work would feel a lot more like play in a room like that. I love how you used the chalkboard wall – the Scripture is perfect. Thank you for sharing – look forward to hearing more about the details!

    55. hey friend! wow! it turned out beautiful! i knew it would! ok, my question! can you please come visit me and help me out! hehe! i hope you dont mind that i might copy everything! loooove it!

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