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our entry

    Well, hello. Welcome to our home.



    This is what you see when you walk in the front door:


    A jute rug from IKEA, an old cane back chair that desperately needs to be reupholstered and a large hanging window.

    IMG_5941 IMG_5942

    The curtains are from IKEA {of course – I think ALL of my curtains are from there} and hung from clips. We love having so many windows at the entry, but in the evenings it is nice to close the curtains for privacy {and it keeps 8pm solicitors from knocking on the door!}.


    I like having a dresser right inside the front door. Our hats, gloves, scarves are stored in the drawers. It is an old piece with authentically chippy paint and I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to paint over it.  The mirror was a funky oak piece {probably from the 70’s} found at Goodwill and then painted Rushing River by Sherwin Williams {the same color as Audrey’s bed}.  It is kind of ugly, in a pretty way.


    Looking through the window that separates the entry from the dining room.


    The lamp is from Walmart and then I recovered the lampshade using this Waverly fabric.



    I made a new print for the entry in honor of the season.

    IMG_5953 IMG_5958[4]

    Can you tell I like monograms? I really do.


    And these vintage word cards make me happy.


    Looking from the entry into my office {and a little sneak peek at the changes in there – I know, I just finished the office and I’ve already rearranged it : welcome to my life}.


    Ryan bought me this photo carousel {from Potterybarn} a few years ago and it works perfectly for holding stationery. Kind of random that we have a display of notecards in our entryway.

    Some updates I’d like to do someday:

    1. Add a real exterior doorknob to the front door.


    2. From the day we moved in, I’ve wanted to wallpaper the space in this amazing wallpaper from Farrow & Ball.


    But we need to have moulding installed around the doorways and on the posts before I can wallpaper, so most likely, this is not a project that will happen any day soon {unless our friend Courtney comes to our assistance – hi Courtney!}

    3. I love this light fixture.


    taking inspiration from this amazing entry:

    via inspired room

    {via cottage living, I think}

    4. I think a fun rug would be : well : fun.

    One like this one {in brown}:


    or this:


    I like that these first two are indoor/outdoor as this spot gets lots of wear.

    Now this one is a totally impractical choice as it is white and expensive, but it is fun:


    And maybe I should stretch a little and choose something less neutral. I really love this rug and someday when I have an extra $1098, I would like very much to have this in our living room.


    I wish you could come over for real, but thanks for visiting via photos!

    Hope you enjoyed your stay

    88 thoughts on “our entry”

    1. I really like your style of decorating. Do you remember where you got the border collie door stop? We have our second border collie and I would like to have a door stop like the one you have.

      Thank you and please continue to post your lovely decorating ideas.

    2. Emily, thank you for sharing your home with us. I just finished my sidelight curtains this week and I love the warmth it adds. Still need to get some tiebacks but they’re up! I used a dropcloth for the panels which I plan to stencil. Instead of a rod I used drawer knobs retro fitted with hanger bolts and hung the panels on them using clip rings. Looks great!

    3. Absolutely love the wall color you’ve chosen. I am in the process of purchasing a home with the same color hardwood floors and have been struggling with what color to paint the walls. What color is that exactly?

    4. Your front entry inspired me and have painted my door black, put up side curtains and put down a large tapestry rung in the entryway. LOVE IT Would really like to know how you made the wreath on the front of your door with the book pages.

    5. I like all your stylish ideas (no matter they are simple and easy to copy!)….i am a retired Interior Designer, and now with cost of life by the skies, we have to use our creativity using what is around….My idea about decorating means re-decoration , improving things you already paid for…with a nice combination of colors you can renew any corner of your house and feel the difference, with very little inversion….thanks for your nice pictures and explanation….i love each one… Petrin from Puerto Rico.

    6. Okay first of all…. I love LOVE love your house…. and second how did you make the beautiful paper flower on your front door?


    7. I love your idea of hanging curtains by your front door / sidelight windows! I’ve been trying to come up with something & you just hit the nail on the head for me! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas & inspiration!

    8. We have a dresser in our foyer ~had it for years~ and we have referred to it as “the hat box”. I’m not sure how that name came about, however … it holds hats! and mittens, and scarves, and the bottom drawer has the puppies coats and misc outerwear… but the “hat box” is wonderful and it wouldn’t be home without it.

    9. hi! i am new to you blog. i really enjoy it!!!! i just finished the book page wreath for my kitchen. i LOVE it so much. it is just what i was looking for. thank you so much for posting your projects.

      you are inspirational.

    10. the window separation is really, really amazing. do you have a another post about how this came to be part of your home? i’d like to know more… love, love, love it!

    11. Just love your home. You may already know this but they have the round brown rug available at overstock. I actually got it for my kitchen about a year ago and its held up wonderfully. It comes in two sizes.

    12. I don’t think there is much not to love about your entry as is. Its something I would strive to achieve. Anyway, where is that beautiful door knob from. That glass know if soo pretty.

    13. Ooooo… I’m in love!!! I’ve been itching to see more pictures of your house, thanks so much for posting. We too have windows on either side of our front door and I’ve been unhappy with our solution (frosted looking window film). But, the way you have hung those long curtains over the door with a rod is gorgeous, and I would never have thought of that! I’m so looking forward to looking out of my windows again :D

    14. Well in the BC days (Before Children) I would NEVER have considered traveling alone. But the 3 small children I now CRAVE being alone! And Napa does sound awesome. or somewhere along the West Coast where the leaves are changing colors and the antique shops are full of goodies. Oh how fun it would be to sleep in, have a quiet breakfast with a warm cup of tea, then a day at the shops-thrift stores & antique shops & outlet malls-oh-my!!! Lunch would be at some quaint little deli, and dinner would be room service and a good chic flick!! ahhhhhhhhh -p.s-can I go now? p.s.s. – can you send this to my husband for a hint? LOL

    15. #1. I love entryways. I’ve never had one but if I ever do I’m putting a dresser in it. I’ve always liked that idea and I love yours.
      #2. How in the world are you able to get away with having that great, big, gorgeous window hanging from your ceiling? It would be a safety hazard in my home of 4 kids. I’m just really impressed that your home is so lovely and yet you have small kids. How do you manage that? Your kids must be little angels ;)

    16. I just discovered your blog and I AM IN LOVE. Love love love. And your monthly giveaway is genius. It really makes me want to start doing one (I would of course credit your awesomeness).

      If you don’t mind, I may be featuring your blog on mine next week. I just love it! Have a great weekend.

    17. hey emily! love it! i am a lover of monograms too! i have a framed monogram (like yours), a huge 5’x3′ monogram on the wall of our entry, a couple hanging from our lamps and one on the front door! no one will forget our initial after visiting us! ha! i do love your front door! did it come like that or did you have someone install the long pieces of glass? i have always wanted a glass door but the way our house is configured i was chicken! yours is the best of both worlds and to close the curtains at night! perfect! and i have been debating for a while about painting the inside of our door black! i love it when i see it but still wondering! thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

    18. Ohhh beautiful! I love your ideas for finishing touches as well. Those rugs, the wallpaper; very nice! I actually *just* posted our finished entryway; I completed it this week. I striped it; one of your posts on stripes encouraged me to go for it, and it turned out really well! So thanks for the nudge. :)

    19. oh, and btw, i adapted your burlap wreath in a way that i didn’t have to sew anything. ; ) i still like yours the best, but it was fun to finally get something over the wreath ring that’s been hiding in my closet. come by and check it out!

    20. Ok, you’ve inspired me again! I love the curtains in the sidelights. I wonder how it would look on more narrow windows. Guess I will have to give it a try! You’re house is just so classic. I keep wondering how you manage your home with the kiddos. My 11 month old tears through here like a crazy man! Have you ever posted what your daily schedule looks like :)

    21. I really enjoy your blog and what you create! Your home is absolutely darling. I was wondering where you find your frames? Do you refinish them ever? Just looking for cheap but reusable frames. Thanks!

    22. I love it!!! I’ve just been staring at your house realizing there are a lot of similarities to my house. I think we might have a very similar paint color on our wall, our wood floors are similar, even the style of the molding around the doors, the black front door with the sidelights…a similar rug, oh, and I have a similar wallpaper in my shop that I’ve been dying to use, and that Country Living is MY FAVORITE, I adore that photo! I think we might be twins in many ways. How funny, I never realized that.

      Not everything is similar but in that room it really struck me! No wonder I like you :-) You’ve inspired me too with a few ideas for issues I have at my own house. And to top off my rambling, my first two posts for 31 days of Autumn Bliss which start tomorrow are referring to entry ways, so I’m totally inspired by this topic right now!

      Ok. I’m done. :-)

    23. So fun to look at your unique finds and the arrangements you come up with. Something as simple as the curtains you hung over your door looks so cozy and has given me an idea for a privacy issue in my loft. You are one talented lady. Keep moving your furniture around – your photos always give me ideas for my own home :)

    24. I know it is super simple, but I love the “L” with the frame around it. Such a great look for practically nothing. THAT is why I love your blog! Great inspiration :)

    25. Love it that you share your house! It’s so personal – thanks for sharing! The dining room divider is really great! Sometimes you love a space, take a picture of it, think – does it really look like that?! – yours photographs beautifully which means it’s better in person!

    26. Two questions: Where did you get the wall mounted clock? I need a clock in my living room and that might be perfect! Also, how is the Ikea jute rug? I’ve considered getting it, and I’m wondering how soft it is underfoot? Sometimes they are scratchy, but sometimes they soften with time.
      Love, love, love your space! (Also…I’m the one that is going to paint my bedroom like your office…I’ve been a little under the weather so I’m behind but I hope to start painting this weekend!)

    27. Pamela @ Atmosphere ID

      I love that you have curtains for your front door. I’ve never been a fan of sidelights or glass doors becuase I really like my privacy (even though the glass is gorgeous) but curtains is a great solution. Plus it adds some softness to a space that is usually full of hard surfaces.

    28. Thank you for sharing. I love your entry way set up! It makes me wish I had an entry way! Our front door literally opens up into our living room and is part of the main living room wall. Any suggestions on how to make this area a welcoming entrance?

      1. Dawn: to create an entry space, perhaps you could arrange your furniture so that there is a separation? I’m picturing a sofa parallel with the front door and then a sofa table behind it that can act like an entry table. I have no idea if this would work in your space, but maybe moving some furniture around away from the walls would help.

    29. Love it! So classy :)
      By the way, last week I made one of your “book page canvas'” from an old editon of “Evangeline” that my Grandmother gave me… It turned out beautiful and is hanging on my fall mantle :) Thanks for the idea!

    30. Thank you so much for bringing us into your home…even if it is via internet :) I love all of the little touches you put everywhere. Thank you for keeping me inspired!

    31. I wish that you were my IRL friend, so that you could HELP ME!!!! Your house is so beautiful and well-put-together. I keep TRYING, but I haven’t figured this whole decorating thing out yet!

    32. I am in love with your home! So many good ideas I don’t even know where to start. I think my favorite was the be thankful frame! So simple, and yet I love that idea. Great job on everything.

    33. Where are the first 2 rugs from? The one that comes in multiple colors and the brown and white one? Love them and we are looking for an entryway rug.

    34. Emily…A beautiful welcome home for your family and friends! Your talent and attention to detail is stunning! What perfect timing for further inspiration from you as I am currently redecorating our “inside” entry. Our front door is an ugly, flat metal door. Last Saturday, on a whim, I painted it with chalkboard paint…The matte black finish looks wonderful and will be the perfect background for a bookpage wreath, love notes, quotes, blessings and reminders.

    35. Love the curtains by the door. I just bought a linen/cotton pair from Pottery Barn in ivory to hang on the sides of our front door. My doors are glass as well, so you can see in from the outside at night. We want to be able to open/close them often, so I got a grommeted style. Do you ever close yours or are they purely decorative? What do you think of the grommeted option vs. clips?

      Thanks for the tour! I love how inviting your home is!

    36. You gave me some good ideas! I like the idea of placing a wooden painted letter inside a picture frame on the wall and how you hung drapes around your sidelights to soften the door area. Also love your window divider! That really makes your entry cozy and makes you want to see whats beyond it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful foyer!

    37. I have been looking for a creative way to cover up our side window on our front door. Right now we have one of those scrunchy panels that is attached at top and bottom from the previous owners. yuck. I love, love, love the drapes thing and can’t wait to try it out! And, I’m glad to see you use monograms more than once in the same room, I love them but didn’t know if that was ok, now it know it is : )

    38. gorgeous…and the half stair wall with the book pages is opposite the dresser??? i love that vignette! love the notecard rack..and i love that your backdoor is painted black (I mentioned the door thing on my blog today) and the drapes around the door..that is a unique way to do it..are the drapes from ikea, linen????

      great job pretty the way it looks in to the dining room..yall have a lovely home!

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