stylish and functional paper goods + cute wrapping for giftcards

Because we all need a little motivation to keep organized and simple ways to be creative, each month I design a stylish collection of printable papergoods for JDC | monthly members.

envelopes-for-cash-and-gift-cards       scripture-and-shopping

The month of June has a subtle vintage feel with banners, silhouettes and a mix of patterns.


Having a cohesive suite of calendars/lists/note cards helps keep life organized in a stylish way.

As always, here’s what’s included:

* monthly calendar
* weekly calendar
* menu calendars
* chore charts
* shopping list
* grocery lists
* note cards
* scripture memory cards
* art print
* a project tutorial with printable templates

You simply download the pdf, print on your favorite paper and fill in the details.


Summertime means slowing down, less scheduling, a more laid back day-to-day.  Even still, our calendar is essential to keep things straight in our household. While we don’t have regular school and sports and lessons, we do have vacations, swim, playdates with friends, neighborhood BBQ’s. Our days are more laid back, yes, but certainly just as full.

Our project for this month are these cute envelopes.


With all of the graduations, baby showers, parties this time of year {plus Father’s Day!} you may find yourself gifting cash or gift cards. While the gift itself may not be super original, you can always present it in a pretty way. There are two different templates for creating these envelopes and all six patterns. Simply fold and glue the envelope, insert the cash or gift card {who doesn’t love this gift!} and embellish. Oh, so easy and also cute.

And, as with every month, I design a special art print to fit the theme.

This time around it’s a summer list – a fun way to jot down 20 things you want to do this summer with your family. Post it somewhere visible and check them off as you make memories.


I would love for you to be part of JDC | Monthly and enjoy all of these goodies! The cost is $9.99 per month and your first month is free. You are welcome to give it a try. If it’s not the right fit, you can cancel at any time.

Plus, all JDC | Monthly members receive 50% off all printables in the shop.


Make your month organized and become a JDC | Monthly member!


When you sign up you will be directed to the current month’s link immediately. Billing is done on a 30 day cycle {so if you join on the 15th, you will be billed the following month on the 15th}. On the 22nd of each month, you will receive an email with the link to download the collection of pdfs, as well as the project tutorial.


start your month off in style and sign up today!

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solution to kitchen counter clutter

No matter how hard I try, the kitchen counter just seems to collect clutter.


Paperwork, receipts, mail, sunglasses, random toys, cords, ipads, phones … it all accumulates right here.


Ryan suggested that we find some sort of organizer to sort this mess.

Then he went to the thrift store and found this beauty:


He totally inherited his mom’s knack for finding good things in the midst of junk.

The 70′s wood grain side panels were a bit much, so I took it outside and sprayed the whole thing green – partially because it is a fun color, partially because it was all we had.



I’m not always a great spraypainter, but this one actually turned out great. The key is making sure there is no dust or dirt on the item, shaking the can for a long time, then spraying one pass at a time, releasing the spray nozzle each time. I did several light coats {letting each one dry for a few minutes} and it came out smooth and without major drip marks.

Now here it sits on the kitchen counter, organizing all of that kitchen counter clutter.


I’m not sure if that basket will stay, and I will probably tire of the green and spray it white, but for now it serves its purpose of corralling the clutter.


The random paperwork, receipts, cords, sunglasses are all still there, they’re just a bit more organized.


If you can’t find a funky 70′s metal organizer with faux wood stickers on the sides at your local thrift store, I have found a few great options available online:


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Here’s to practical solutions for the inevitable clutter.

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diy tote bag

Here’s an easy project to do:

customize an inexpensive canvas tote bag with a design of your choice.


You just need a few supplies:


:: canvas tote bag {like these}
:: printable fabric transfer sheet {like these}
:: computer & ink jet printer
:: iron
:: scissors

STEP ONE: design what you want on your bag


I made these simple banners with each of my children’s numbers, but you could do anything you like. An initial would be cute, favorite quote or word, clipart you love … anything you like. Just design in whatever program you are comfortable with { is a good free one} formatted on an 8.5 x 11 document.

STEP TWO: print onto transfer sheet


Make sure you print in reverse {your print out will look like a mirror image of what you designed}. Your program may have an option for t-shirt transfer for the media type and it will reverse automatically. If not, you can reverse the image before you print. Not sure how? Google “reverse image in ___ ” and fill in whatever design software you are using.  You should be able to find an easy solution.

STEP THREE: cut out design, leaving a small border of white


STEP FOUR – SEVEN: follow the directions on the transfer paper packaging


put your design face down on your bag . press iron firmly for about 30 seconds, moving slowly across paper . let cool . peel off paper backing

You end up with a custom bag that is super versatile, and pretty darling, too.


We’ll use ours this summer for swim lessons.


But they also work great for overnight stays, dance class, piano lessons, trick-or-treating, easter egg hunting, library book toting. My kids received monogrammed bags as a party favor a few years ago and we’ve used them for everything. They wash up well for the first few washes, but the transfers will probably start to fade or peel over time.  But, really, by that point, you’ll probably want a new design anyway so go ahead and replace them when the time comes.

Multi-purpose, inexpensive, cute and simple to make: pretty much the perfect project!

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