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my office

    When you walk in the front of our home, to the right is this room.  It started as my office, then we switched it to be Ryan’s office, then a sitting room and now back to my office {can you tell we’re a little fickle… Continue Reading…my office

    the boys’ room

      Have you noticed that new category up there called ‘our house’? Don’t click on it, because there is nothing there. But I’m working on it. And by working on it, I mean cleaning one room of the house at a time, while the kids destroy… Continue Reading…the boys’ room

      Things I like: hooks

        When I’m looking through the million blogs I read I save the photos that most catch my eye {as I’m sure many of you do}.  I call mine the ‘things I like’ folder.   It is fun to glance at the inspiring images and remember a… Continue Reading…Things I like: hooks

        the dining room

          The first room you see when you walk in our front door is the dining room. While we don’t use it often, it is such a luxury to have when we’re hosting a big party or holiday meal {in fact, my mom got engaged around… Continue Reading…the dining room

          The Summer Boutique

            The day before the boutique my sister called to say that many of her friends were interested in coming but they didn’t really know what it was.  Ryan and I had a vision for what we wanted it to be, but explaining it was a… Continue Reading…The Summer Boutique

            office primping

              We are notorious for moving things around in our house. Even switching entire rooms around. Like this room in the front of our home. When we first moved in, it was my office. Then it became my husband’s when we built out an office for… Continue Reading…office primping

              keeping up the house

                I received a question the other day from a reader {and another one the same day from a real life friend} about how I keep my house clean. Now, let me clarify for just a second: my house is not necessarily clean, just picked up. … Continue Reading…keeping up the house